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For pity's sake: DON'T MOVE to the COUNTRY if you want to live

ted frater

Living in the sticks

Thats us, miles from anywhere, only link is the phone. Nearest other homestead 1 mile away.

We like it, and, realise the buck for everything stops with us, and our farm machinery included.

so we run our lives accordingly.

I cant recall the last time we had an incident here caused by our own lack of care.

I find it more stressful in our local town Poole some 17 miles away.

Anyway I dont really want to know what the us is up to. More useful to all if the article was about the UK.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

ted frater

What about historical fine art?

So I earn my living as a metal artist. I am currently making some plaques that have naked children on them, yes there with the permission of the ~Thorwaldsen museum in copenhagen. The originals were made in 1830. they feature night and day . they have winged cherubs ie children!! in the images.

Am I also prevented from looking at the cherubs on the Sistine chapel ceiling painted by Michaelangelo?

Also I have a print that my father who bought it in Prague in 1930 of a classical photo by a famous artist of a naked lady..

And what about the pictures my mother and father took of me when I was 9 months old in a cot with no clothers on?

What about Rhodin's kiss? and the Rokeby venus? and all the other classical naked images male and female. The 3 graces by Canova?

So where is the line drawn to say beyond this is porn and before it its not?

If the gvmt want people to accept this censorship they will have to define it first. Accurately.

I dont think it can be done.

I will be opting out of this regulation as I need to look up classical art on the net for my vocation.

UK gov's smart meter dream unplugged: A 'colossal waste of cash'

ted frater

being off grid

It was some 43 yrs ago i had the choice of sticking in an urban area ie with all main services OR going totally off grid, ie independent for everything a long way out in the UK sticks..

glad i did as theres no point in any meter wether smart or not if there aint any local grid supply to fit it to.

nice being independent.

As to generating power, no problem up to 25kva 240 V and 11kva 3 phase.

The facts on Trident 'cuts': What the Lib Dems want is disarmament

ted frater

To put it simply,

if this article is good enough for the front page of the Register, then the comments should be as well.

Comments on the register are as important as the articles, because theres a lot of old fashioned British common sense out there without which the register in my opinion ,wouldnt be worth going to on a daily basis.

There, ive sorted it for you. Get it right next time. OK?

Boeing batteries back under spotlight as 787 burns at Heathrow

ted frater

the last ting I had to do on shutting down my aircraft ,was to throw the ground /flight switch to ground ,and disconnect the ground acc trolley.

Then reverse the process the next time i was due to fly.

When everything was up and running, throw the g/f switch to flight and all was ready to go.

some time ago mind you,4 bigRolls Royce griffons with contra props were always a joy to start up , do the mag drop test to keep the pilot happy.

14 hr sorties over the water wernt funny. My job was to get us there and back.

Dont modern a/liners have g/f switches? seems a common sense thing to do.

BlackBerry BB10 devices refuse to leap off shelves

ted frater

Classic keyboard?

Im sorry, but Im going to disagree with your statement in para 4 A classic keyboard.

Its a childs keyboard for heavens sake! The last time a classic keyboard was offered was in the nokia 9210 range with properly spaced keys for proper typing for normal male hands.

also going back a bit further in time has everyone forgotten the Psion 5? again designed for functionality by engineers for professional people who are still out there waiting for a modern hand set with, I say again, a proper sized keyboard.

I know you didnt design the Q10, the problem lies with the execs at B/berry.

Huawei unwraps Ascend P6: World's slimmest smartphone

ted frater

Re: @ted frater - Very recently

Id buy one too ie, the Q10 "IF" I could use it!!. The keyboard is for kids ie 5yr old sized hands.

I wouldnt have one if it was free.

The Nokia communicator 9210i I currently use has a keyboard for LARGE hands.

Mr. Thorsten Heinz, copy that and youd sell millions. Making it as it is, your doomed to be a has been maker.

ted frater

Its too early to make a proper assessment of this phone, as theres no technical data on it in this article.

Initially it looks like just another handset where form follows fashion, which is a pity.

When is a phone maker going to have the courage to actually analyse what business users might want, like Nokia did when the defined the Communicator? A phone where form followed the percieved function of its time? If and when theres a proper assessment of this phone here on the Reg, ill write a proper post with more on this theme.


Review: Sony Xperia SP

ted frater

I couldnt agree more.

today's journalists covering the mobile industry would need to have a private income to tell it like it really is.

regrettably if they wrote what they really thought they wouldnt get any phones to write about from the manufacturers. So all articles about mobiles are really comparing like with like .

Pity really.

Half of youngsters would swap PRIVACY for... cheaper insurance

ted frater

Depends what you drive

Classic cars and trucks are cheap to insure,

my 5.5ton circa 1959 truck plus 1 ton caravan@ 30 ft long costs £95.00 pa. albeit a special vehicles classification.(that used to be showman HGV) standard car tax rate

The Zetor 1971 classic tractor for road and farm use costs £35.00 pa. no tax!!

The Suzuki 5 door 1600 petrol fully comp is £250 pa, for daily use.

The PITA is the every 3 yrs full medical for the HGV licence.@ £150.00 my GP charges.

To make you laugh, Had an arrythmia show up only at night. I argued with the DVLA, medical dept.

" I dont drive my HGV at night when im asleep" They approved my HGV licence!!

Review: BlackBerry Q10

ted frater

Re: A second attempt.

Both this reply and the one following comment whats wrong?etc.

the 1st answer is simple, I dont have experience of those nokia handsets.

2nd answer, the keys on any BB are TOO small for me to use. I cannot hit one on its own I invariably hit 2!! so i cant use it, whereas the Nokia 9210 I currently use has properly spaced keys for BIG hands.

If youve not seen one look for one on Ebay.

hope you now understand..

ted frater

A second attempt.

I posted my thoughts yesterday on this handset, it either didnt get through or has been moderated out.

so heres another go.

I dispair of BB. This handset uses the same form factor but with upgraded s/ware.

It missed an opprtunity to make form fit the function. Ill enlarge on this. Its the same as a shoe maker making just one size that has to fit all feet.

If this shoemaker wants to survive it cant go down this road. nor can BB. The problem is as Ive written many times here on the register ,is that making a handset with small querty keys means that folk with big hands cant use them. another lost sale for BB, which they really cant afford in todays competitive market.

Once upon a time Nokia looked at who would use their communicator, and designed the product to suit. From their model 9110 onwards till the 9300 they had keyboards that really worked. I still use one today despite being 10 yrs old. Why? because its the nearest to a standard pc keyboard.

My time is too valuable to spend trying to type. Its the content that matters and how easy it is to use.

Form has to fit function NOT fashion.

Fraudster gets ten years after selling fake 'ionic charge' bomb detectors

ted frater

Dowsing worked for me.

on a sunny spring day back in 1974 i had an appointment at 2.30pm at the poole registry office witha particularly fine maid.

It was a At 1pm I had a chance of a JCB for half an hour to find a well.

I took a coat hanger ,made 2 rods and walked with them out into the field in front of the house.

They crossed at a point some 10 yards from the fence. I walked the spot 2 times to confirm.

I put down a house brick and told the driver to look there.

Off I shot to poole.

On our return with my new missus, there was a well with a cap stone some 3ft below the field level.

we lifted it up and there was a lovely brick lined well of good water.

Use it still today.

Samsung vs Apple: which smartphone do Reg readers prefer?

ted frater

I thought Id read what everyone else had to say.Then put my foot in it. Well? you ask a somewhat loaded question, Because its like comparing peas out of the same pod. there to similar to really differentiate much between them.

So my answer is neither, Because for all their clever tricks and fast processors and big screens they just dont do what I need. If Ive said it once ive written it at least a dozen times.I NEED A PROPER BUTTON KEYBOARD Not a glass one.

The clever dicks who design these handsets should be made to do their design work on them. Thy use proper keyboards with proper cad s/ware on proper pc's dont they? they would soon chuck the glass screens in the bin in frustration.

So for the texting i do on my handset I still use a nokia communicator 9210i. Untill the handset makers mend their ways and get their heads out of the sand , they aint getting any of my money.

Take the Blackberry a keyboard for 3yr olds. A bloody insult to anyone else. for that kind of stupidity they deserve to go to the wall.

Form MUST follow function NOT fashion.

And I dont want to hear it costs too much. When you can get a pocket calculator from Tesco for £1.50 with a screen and proper buttons.

Psst, wanna block nuisance calls? BT'll do it... for a price

ted frater

I pick up the ringing phone, if its a live caller and a sales droid, i start to bark!!.

then in a high pitched voice tell my doggie to stop picking up the phone and answering it.

More barking! then in the high pitchedvoice I have a long conversation with my dog with him answering as tho he understands.

great fun.

BlackBerry Q10: This quirky QWERTY will keep loyalists perky

ted frater

Re: Q10 Looks Awesome!

Im with Mombasa, I too have 500 quid waiting for a handset with a PROPER hardware keyboard.

Theres less profit in this type than a software on screen k/board and form has so far in app phones followed fashion. Not function I curse the day the Iphone was invented. However!!!. probably in 2014 there will be another contender for the keyboard crown. this will be a psion5 type clamshell handset with a k/board matching the 5.

In the mean time ill still keep using my nokia 9210i communicator. The best keyboard available today, despite being made in 2002. And a good one still makes 75 quid on ebay.


Nokia: Ship's now stable, all we need is passengers

ted frater

Re: What's missing

Well, Ive some good news not yet generally known about.

There will be a business class handset within 18 months with the following spec.

It will be like the psion 5 same size and shape

with a modern high res screen

running android jelly bean so it looks like symbian on a Nokia communicator

a full size proper button properly spaced querty kboard

2 part hinged clamshell form factor

made and developed in S Africa.

Priced about the same as an Iphone. 5

The best smartphones for Christmas

ted frater

No, its not an unwillingness to learn, she doesnt have the time to devote to what might be a pointless exercise.

when she gets a text message or a phone call, she is the center of a medical hands on service where a reply has to be made right away. She has 16 staff on duty at any one time over a 20 square mile area.

Emergencies crop up , and she manages them via her mobile.

she texts so fast!! its amazing to just see her do that.

She is a medical professional of the highest quality.

hope you follow.



ted frater

I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

We had a Desire z as a possible upgrade for my wifes razr.

She sent it back on account of the way the software didnt follow what she is used to.And she texts for business many timesa day.

I found the keys too small for me to manage as well..

However, I dont think Im a lone voice in the wilderness.

Ive many friends that in their mature yrs whohave feature phones.

They havnt upgraded to smart phones and I speak for them.

Why? because most of them have been to say Car p Warehouse, to try them and cant get on with the on screen keyboards andthe android software.

They dont find it easy to do something different.

but they would love a new handset that worked like their old handset with one of the nice big screens and a decent sized keyboard. They can afford such a device if it was made.

But as you say theve been abandoned by the industry.

Shame really as there are many millions of us like that. .

ted frater

Ive said it before and I say it again, i wont buy any of these even the new Blackberry as NONE of them have a proper keyboard. What sort do I need? take a look at the Psion 5 or the nokia 9210. These are the ONLY ones I can type on.

Why's that? besause Ive big hands and I want to type just like I do on my normal pc.

I dont see why I should have to struggle with the stupid small on screen keys.

The reason all hand set makers have gone down this road is because their ist concern is to sell a product thats cheaper for them to make so more profitable!!.

And then try and bullshit the customer in believing its better!!. Well,they wont bullshit me.

Interestingly, Ive mailed John Lettice the editor of the Reg saying ill write a full article for him for free about this omission if he would take the time to read it. No reply.

Is this the sleek new BlackBerry mobe that will save RIM jobs?

ted frater

Re: A proper keyboard? @ted frater Posted Thursday 13th December 2012 04:06 GMT

But I Do know what I want.

In my 1st post I mentioned the Psion 5 and the nokia 9210i

Google for them and youll see or pics of them on Ebay.

I use the nokia now and also have the P5 here as an example of what I find is the ideal k/board.

Do let me know if you follow when you have had a look at these 2 examples.



ted frater

Re: A proper keyboard?

A hand set is just a tool to do a job.

Different folk want their handsets to do different things.

I use tools all the time and what I use has to deliver results, as I earn my living from them.

So for example my lathe is designed to turn metal its not a fashion item designed to look pretty or have street cred over what its meant to do. Its designed from the frame up to be functional.

So a handset for me has to meet my needs. these are primarily to have

1. a good clear screen,

2. a proper keyboard

3. a decent sized battery

4.a fold up design to protect the k/board and screen

5. a strong case to be strong enough to withstand knocks, wet, and being in a pocket with hardware, ie nuts bolts tools etc.

Once you have the form factor right, you then can put any software you like on it.

Wether its simple Symbian or android or QNX.

Also Ive big hands so small keys are a waste of time.

If you gave me a Blackberry for free I couldnt use it.

Ive tried the Dell Streak mini, beautiful handset, miss type all the time on the on screen k/board.

No feed back like a button k/board.

do you understand now?


ted frater

Re: A proper keyboard?

I dont do the double spacing, Im using thunderbird. mail programme in Linux.

ted frater

Re: A proper keyboard?

Theres a BIG difference between say a blackberry keyboard and a PROPER one like on the Psion 5 or nokia 9210i

Perhaps your nor aware of the difference.

There isnt a phone made with a proper keyboard.

Ive seached for it for 2 yrs!

If there was one good enough Id have found it.

Its not for the lack of trying!

hope you follow


ted frater

A proper keyboard?

Ill belive it when I see it.

Im sick to death of form following fashion.

form must follow function. ~Doesnt any hanndset maker see this?

any one recall the Psion 5? or the nokia 9210I

both had PROPER keyboards,

Why? because people that use ordinary keyboards with their PC's want the same on their handsets.

Why? again?

They want to concetrate on the content of what their typing not on how to type.

an on screen keyboard is there cos its cheaper to make, and theres more profit for the hand set makers.

I counted up the no of buttons on my 9210I theres over 70.


Its a joy to text on.

Wether RIM have the foresight to do the new one with a properly sized keyboard, well have to wait and see.

If they have the guts to buck the fashion trend Ill get one tho I somwhat doubt it.

Until a handset maker does the money will stay in my pocket.

How about a survey?

If you want a proper keyboard in a handset make your view known by writing just a YES here on this forum.


Driven by results NOT fashion.

Files aren’t property, says US government

ted frater

Re: IP

So, you say you cannot own knowledge,

Im going to disagree with you.

I certainly own knowledge,in the way that I have know how that no one else has,

until I am stupid enough to put it in the public domain.

Any Co. or organisation that develops technology that new ,that does something different to what has been done before, has knowledge they own.

Bit of a can of worms really.

Scottish islanders' wave power hopes sunk by 'massive costs'

ted frater

Re: "massive costs"

What id like to know is why suddenly the connection to the national grid has doubled.

with any project, one needs to cost the whole project on a realistic basis.

That means asking the local grid operator, which my guess is Scottish and Southern, for a proper quote.

I can say from personal experience that they will always think of the most expensive way of making grid connections.

Some 40 yrs ago I asked for a quote for an 11,000volt line single phase to deliver 5kw at 250v. over 800 yrds.

The quote in 1972 was £1000.00.

I didnt have that spare at that time so bought a 2.5kva Lister startamatic for £100.00.

And still have !! but itsno longer connected. Weve upgraded since then.

Last year I asked for a quote for the same supply but 3 phase at 10kva. The quoted £45,000 for the 800 yds.

and wanted to go underground

Now I can buy a suitable transformer for £.7,000.00 and 8 poles for £500.00.

Cable I put at £2,000.00 so doing it myself to their standards would cost me at the outside no more than £12,000.00.

I can buy a lot of gas oil for that, and a new 15kva set for £5,000.00. and im independent.

Being off grid really is cheaper than being connected in a isolated location.

Now I can buy a suitable transformer from Bonar Long for

Listen up, Nokia: Get Lumia show-offs in pubs or it's game over

ted frater

Re: Any good as a phone?

Interestingly, I do understand the market.

Thats why ive chosen to be outside of it, and,

only intereact with it when it suits ME.

Were very fortunate to be independent for everything.

So Everything in my world is based on results.

Wether in my home, business, or my personal life.

If I didnt deliver results in my work I wouldnt be asked to solve other co's engineering problems.

Results? They really are the bottom line.

So Form has to follow function in my world.

what happens in the world of fashion is only of concern when the sheeple follow the latest trend regardless of results, to the exclusion of common sense,and the market panders to them at the expense of real user requirements.

You and them there welcome to it.

ted frater

Any good as a phone?

Im getting sick and tired of so called analysts commenting about the newest and greatest killer apps from handset makers.

So ,Nokia?

Whats it like as a phone?

whats its battery life?

whats it like for texting? an onscreen keyboard its useless for folk with large hands

whats it like in overall pockets on an industrial site?

Has it a good clear screen one can see in bright sunlight?

Has it good loud speaker?

so you can hear it over machinery noise?

Given a form factor of say 100mm by 75mm clam shell type theyd be room for a decent screen and a proper querty keyboad, with the screen protected when shut.

Asfor software, a choice from the simplest to a full android experiene.

No handset maker has addressed my kind of use.

Till they do the money stays in my pocket.

I tried to talk to Samsung, couldnt get through and they didnt return my calls

I wrote to them.They couldnt be arsed to reply.

I put it to Car phone warehouse, same response.

Its the same old story.

Think outside of the envelope and one bangs one head against a wall.

Take the clockwork radio the original workmate and other items ive forgotten about.

Tere are tens of thousands of us just in the UK and millions world wide that want such a handset.

Which maker has the guts to actually ask the customer what would you like?

I know what I want and why I want it.

Ill keep using my Nokia 9300 till I find something better.

Ten... Qwerty mobiles

ted frater

Mr. Cox, the author of this piece should have called it querty for midget hands.

Along with many posters I am sick to death with the handset makers for ignoring a large sector of mobile users who have big hands.

Form should follow function NOT form following fashion.

Which as one can see, has been set by the Iphone.

Nothing wrong with that, except its become a handset makers dream.

Just a screen, a pcb and a body . And to hell with user convenience.

along with this the obsession with thinness at the expense of battery size and run time.

The last time I found a handset that suited ME was the Nokia communicator 9210i.

proper keys, well spaced, and responsive.

Id pay good money for a later handset with a bigger screen and a proper keyboadr,

till it happens the money stays in my pocket.

There are 10s of thousands of us in the UK, and millions world wide .

The handset makers are missing a trick here.

One possibility is a Samsung galaxy note in a fold case with a bluetooth keyboard along side.

Well have to see when they come on the s/h market at a reasonable price to give one a try.

till then Ill continue to use my Nokia.


ted frater

Seti and intelligent life

Looking at the numbers , Carl Sagan thought that in our own galaxy , the chances of life as we understand it , ie self replicating organisms ,was most probable .

however, it seems to me that the reason we havnt had any tangible results from all the seti analysis thats been done is,

that the leap H sapiens made that other orgasnisms here havnt is our mastery of fire.

that opened up the mastery of metals , which ultimately led to the development/understanding of electricity, and the development of radio communications.

It is still the case we happened to be in the right place at the right time in the evolution time frame here on our lovely blueworld.

Why on Earth would you build a closed Android phone?

ted frater

A step in the right direction,

OK, so ive big hands,

tired eyes

Hearing isnt so good

but like using a mobile , mainly for the odd call when im away from my land line.

when operating machinery the last thing I need is data on line or emails or anything else except a phone call if its urgent

.Despite trying very hard to talk to Nokia, Samsung and LG to offer to write a specification for a mobile to suit me and others like me they deliberately make it virtually impossible to get in touch with ther design section.

My needs are,

A fold phone ie a flip phone as it has to live in the pocket of my overalls along with tools etc.

Because the case has to be strong to protect the screem and keyboard.


A loud ring as when im on a tractor I will hear it,

A battery of at least 3500mah, si I will only need to charge it once a week.

A proper keyboard like on the nokia 9210i communicator. decent keys properly spaced.

A decent speaker also like on the communicator.

size , weight bulkyness isnt an issue.

Useability, durability long life

strong construction.

the money is there, and there are millions of us similar folk out there world wide.

I wouldnt have a smart phone even if it was free as it doesnt meet my needs.

Perhaps I should talk to Huawei they seem to want to break the mould of the big operators.


In Dorset


Chrome is the most secured browser - new study

ted frater
Thumb Down

Chrome is irritating

Im not sure wether google have done it deliberately, but Chrome is not a comfortable user experience for me despite being fast and accurate.

I use my book marks to go to the same sites and forums every day, in FF and Opera the bookmarks are always on the left of the screen, along with the close buttons.

In Chrome, the "other bookmarks" are over on the extreme right, with the close button or arrow on the left. It makes it hard work going back and forth , wereas in FF and opera its much more intuitive so quicker to browse.

Opera 3 was superb in its day, along with Netscape 3 , just as fast as the modern equivalent.

Interested in other users opinions.


Boffins pull plug on SETI alien-seeking antenna array

ted frater

Carl Sagan's contact

Any one that has read the book or seen the Film of Carl Sagan's story of "contact" will be ,like me saddened that such a measealy amount of funding has been stopped.

The excitement of finding some intelligent radio signals in the seti programme would put all other news to shame.

Mind you, the chances of finding such signals are really very small,as it would need an intelligent organism to know all about heat, light fire metals alloys vacumns and electromagnetic theory and know how to make a powerful enough radio /tv transmitter to reach across inter stellar space., also have a need to send messages this way to other intelligent organisms in the absence of an easier way.

Thats much more than a quantum leap from finding other life forms on other suitable planets in our galaxy.

I think that we have here on earth a most probaby unique set of circumstances in this moment in time.

Id love to be proved wrong tho!!

Surrey nudists tossed out into the cold after lease expires

ted frater

cant be anything but

guess theve nothing to hide.

what you see iswhat you get

not much to hide under the circumstances.

Flash drives dangerously hard to purge of sensitive data

ted frater

A simpler idea

Take the SSD and drop it in the footings of your local building site. pour 2ft of concrete over. build house. we all know what adress it at. but youd need to knock the house down to get at it.

OR, takeit to you local brick works, incorporate in the center of brick. Add to 1000 0thers , fire in kiln .Find it? never!!!

ted frater

Recent destruction work

Im lucky to have a 275lb drop forging hammer that can fall under gravity about 1 yard some 5 times a minuite. When you stop it dead in say 1/16th in ,

It delivers some 50 tons of instant energy between 2 hardened steel heads some 5in square. Thats 10 tons a square inch.

Ok its a minting tool and I can make pound coins on it ,thats not economic, but it is economic to flatten hard drives or SSD's crushing any chip to powder,

I had 250 verisign terminals to destruct recently. Completely reduced to 1/4in thick. inc all plastics, circuit boards chips etc.

customer was happy.

Cost to destroy, £1.00 each .

time taken 1 hour.

Get your hard drives or SSD's to me plus payment, work guaranteed.

Hope this helps.


Who needs 600 friends when you're a bride of Christ?

ted frater

bride of christ?

As a bride of christ, its rather unlikely that the marriage was properly consumated.,unless the mother superior did it with a dildong.So it would makeit easy for the convent to expell her without the need for a long and expensive divorce proceeding.

The marriage would just be anulled.?

What sealed Nokia's fate?

ted frater

Nokia never asked me!!

Ive a box here with 20 or so different phones in it.

None of which meet MY needs.

Recently before Nokia sold itself to the devil, I tried to make contact with Nokia to as if they would make a phone for my needs, the money is here, and in my view there are thousands of folk world wide who would buy what i want too.

What that is ill come to later,

they were virtually impossible to get through to , and didnt even reply to a simple email, when i eventually found an address to write to.

The only phone I can use for the simplest of tasks is their Communicator 9210i.

Because its has the key spacing to suit my hands for texting. No other phone has.

its a folder ie a side acting flip phone with a protected main screen, decent speaker when open on outdoor, so I can hear it when the tractor is running

Im old, with big hands, tired eyes, and partly deaf,

i work in a dirty industrial noisy and frequently wet enviroment.

the phone will live in a pocket with other harware, nuts and bolts etc.

So what would I want in aphone?

a folder, to protect it when not in use.

a kebboard like the 9210i

a screen big like the E61

a battery of 3000mah so it will last at least 2/4 weeks

a clear and loud speaker

solid METAL construction,

Reasonaby waterproof and repairable.

And screwed together , no plastc clips, proper o ring type seals on all joints etc.

Size/ about the same as a HP Jordana ie 3in wide abot 4in long and it can be up to 1in thick.

weight doesnt matter, a it must be on a strong lanyard .

The sonim is agood phone but I cant use it, keys too small.

they dont answer the phone on their uk no either.

Perhaps I should get someone in China to make it for me and ill sell it and make a fortune!!

Folk like us dont ponse around in offices with an iphone as a personal ego prop.

It wouldnt last 5 mins in my life, and I wouldnt have one if it were free.

If im concentrating on driving or plowing or whatever I dont need email on the go, or news feed or anything like that. For cthose needs i like to sit down infront of my nice IBM thinkpad with a decent screen and top quality keyboard to do emails ,letters etc.



Dorset UK.


Dorset UK.

Unions and small biz doubt Osborne's bank promises

ted frater

my money versus their money

I think the banks should be allowed to do what they like, invest where they want, in anything they think they can make a killing.

So long as its their own money.

Not mine ,not yours or any other depositors unless they specifically give their permission to risk it without recourse for anyone to bail them out if they lose any or all of it.

so we need to have a 2 tier banking system with the customer deciding how and where his money is placed.

It must be now some 50 yrs ago I worked for a Canadian insurance investment co, There were not allowed by the canadian government to have any assets on their books that were worth less than their purchase price at the annual government audit .

Our lot could learn something there.

US Army 'to issue every soldier with a smartphone'

ted frater

includiing past phones

I agree with you that past type ie 10yrs old phones are better in many respects than the current so called Smart phones.

As for finding another one the same when your dies ebay is your friend and you might just look to get one now before there all scrapped.

Ive tried lots of phones and as of now havnt found on that meeds ALL my needs

which are:-

extremly long battery life.

phone makers usethe smallest batt they can get away with

a decent key board for texting, like on the Nokia communicator 9210

a decent screen for old tired eyes like on the HP jordana/

A flip lid, or clam shell design to protect the works.


Decent speaker,so i can hear it above farm tractor noise.


ted frater

Smartphones? more like dumb phones!!

So who's going to ask the squaddie what HE wants to take into the combat zone?

Any current smart phone will be lucky to last a week in the rough and tumble of military operations,

What with Wet, dirt, no screen protection, flimsy plastic body, rotten battery life,

small imput keys, no proper lanyard loop, and has to withstand being sat on , dropped, and generally abused, to stand any chance of becoming an essential bitof kit the squaddie would not be without.

No one makes a phone as yet that meets these specs.

Tho there are thousands of folk who would have one like this

Most manual workers, farmers, spanner engineers, not the slide rule type, construction workers heavy plant operators, miners, fishermen, pick and shovel operators. the list goes on.

All we seem to be offered are poncy phones that are primarily a fashion statement.

Someone isgoing to make a lot of money if they only asked folk what they would really want in a phone.

Clive Sinclair unveils 'X-1' battery pedalo bubble-bike

ted frater

possible basisfor a petrol conversion

When they come on the s/h market as duds, then its the time to get one and put in say, a 50cc twist and go 2 stroke , add lights and wing mirrors. could then be a lot of fun.

Telcos don't tell about disabled policies

ted frater
Thumb Up

If you deaf where to go.

Id like to give credit where its due.

My brother has been deaf since childhood.

To help with communication in the family and open the world to him some more

I suggested he get a phone line but for net use only. Ive been with Virgin net since the beginning and have had good service from them,

i called their sales line and explained that I wanted to arrange every thing for my brother, including the direct debit etc for their net connection and voice calls package BUT there would be no calls.

They fully understood were happy to help so for £12.00 a month he has 5mb b/band. Thats on top of the BT line rental. We never tought to ask to get that reduced.

Maybe we should.

Couldnt fault them.

How much aircraft fatigue is too much?

ted frater

too much learning and not enough practical experience

With the best will in the world to our computer friends theres enough practical experience in the aviation industry over the past 100 yrs to be able to evaluate wether a part is going to fail in use or not.

If the pilot flies his aircraft outside the designed flight envelope then he has to accept that something might just break when he doesnt want it to.,

With the airbus 380, they built a rsj test rig to test one to destruction, just to prove that the theorising was in fact about right.

At the end of the day it has to be a practical test of the component that gets its ticket of airworthyness.

VW to eliminate worst road hazard: drivers

ted frater

A solution looking for a problem

Ive just looked at my licence to drive, which was issued on the 17/12/52.

That will make it some 58yrs old in dec 2010.

Now there isnt , nor ever will be a computer that can store this amount of driving experience and use it to take me from here to there, wether its local or to Denmark or wherever.

Quite apart from finding its way from the isolated rural spot im blessed with , let alone doing a 3 point turn to get out of the driveway without going into a deep ditch on each side.

So long live the eyeball mk 1 coupled to a pair of hands and a couple of feet, with a box of tools to fix it when it gets stroppy.

DVLA medical dept, are good, they have just renewed my HGV entitlemnt without any restrictions. There was an issue with an arrythmia logged on a 24hr heart monitor recorder only at night about 2am. I pointed out to the heart consultant that I didnt drive my HGV at night when I was asleep. She wrote that to theDVLA They accepted that!!




The Camel: Nokia unveils user designed phone

ted frater

No one bothered to ask me.

I know exactly what phone I want.Its not made otherwise id have bought it.

1.I want a flip phone, to protect its screen when its shut in my pocket . along with keys, coins etc.

2. it has to have a keyboard from the Nokia commmunicator 9210i, because im a farmer, engineer with BIG hands so i can text without having to use a stylus.

3. it needs to be the size of the HP jordana thats 3inwide by 5.25in long with a big bright screen on one sideof the flip so I can see it in bright sunlight on the tractor.

it must have a battery thats the size of the body and 1/4in thick so it will last at least 14 days on standby and run all week .Weight not a problem

4.A decent speaker so I can hear it over machinery noise.

5.well engineered, no thin flimsy plastic preferably all metal construction. anexternal aerial for areas of poor reception.

6. a back prop so when texting with it on a flat surface it doesnt fall over.

so thats the minimum need. The money is there , so wheres the phone?

7. it should recognise the callers no and then speak to me to say, Ted, Alison is calling you, or whoever, instead of me having to open it up , to listen to who is calling me.

I dont spend lots of time chatting to folk. too much to do but these requirements are essential for isolated workers like me.

There are 1000's of folk like me who need this spec. Why on earth havnt the phone makers bothered with this market?





Sneaky bin chipping still in the bag for UK.gov

ted frater

Rural areas?

There are folk that dont live in towns. The fact you actually HAVE a bin collection , you should count your self lucky.

I know you pay for it, so do we but weve never had a collection in 37 yrs.

When out local Purbeck district council went all green, they mailed all rate payers to say what a wonderful new system there going to give us, when i asked them why I hadnt had a collection in 37 yrs thay asked me where was the property despite telling them the rates payment code.

When i suggested that for folk like us, who dispose of all our own refuse, no we dont fly tip either, that as a jesture of good will they reduce our rates by what it costs to collect, they refused.

So I told them to keep their schemes and i didnt want them coming to our remote home ever.

What do we do? well any food waste is composted, any thing with a thermal value is turned into heat and hot water( from our own supply I must add) in our MK. 6 cellulose oxidiser, a high efficiency refractory lined incinerator, a Mk I Rayburn in fact.

A trip out to do shopping is combined at the same time with a trip to the local recycling center, where tins and bottles are disposed of.

At the same time the wood skip is checked for all oak posts structural size timber and work top thick chip board. All processed into sized wood for the afforsaid stove.

As for other services we have none , (We had to make our own road in) We generate our own power with diesel but will move to bio fuel next year. so we plan to be completly independent from every service by this time next year. Thats another story.

When every household had proper fires, the bin men only had to collect ashes, The bins were galvanised steel, and they used to put a pink powder in the bins to sanitize them. that was in the 1940's and the milkman came with a horse and dray.

Those were the days.

Microsoft's Linux patent bingo hits Google's Android

ted frater

dealing with a crook

Well, this is bad news, but thats what one can expect from Microshaft.

when is a Co that uses Linux, thats big enough to stand up to this bully?

Mike Shuttleworth of Ubuntu was approaced by the evil empire and effectively told them to get stuffed.

They havnt been back.

Now if I was dealing with them, id ask what patents were infringed then blow the gaff on them by telling the rest of the world which ones they listed.

When dealing with a crook and thief there are no holds barred.

Qwerty Keyboard Smartphones

ted frater

Big hands texting

Ive tried the E61, the Nokia communicator 9300 and looked at all the smart phone keyboadrs and im back again to the 9210I communicator.

The ONLY querty key board with enough spacing between the keys for texting without using a stylus for large farmers hands.

Its also got a good screen which is protected by its clam shell design for old tired eyes.

Plus its got good battery life and a decent speaker phone when on a tractor..

Nothing else meets my needs.

Pity its no longer in production tho one can still get a new one for around £80.00.

Take note Nokia if youve a good design format, dont change it , just improve the innards.

You might just reach a market you dont at the moment.

Its 6 by 2.1/8th in in plan. A better size would be 4,1/2 by 3in to fit the pocket better.

6in long is a bit too long.

a lone voice out in the sticks