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Wheels come off O2's data network

Rob McInnes

That just might

blinkin' well explain why I've spent all afternoon playing with every setting under the sun to get my phone working! I thought it was an issue caused by O2 forcing a "connectivity update message" on me last night! Internet and MMS that had been working for years (literally) suddenly stopped working today (well, MMS is still fubar, but I can live with that).

However, I'm online again and I've been connected for the last few hours with no problem, streaming music (so I'd notice an interruption in service). That's in Folkestone, for what it's worth...

Most IT pros not planning on Windows 7 rollout

Rob McInnes
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I've been using Win7 for a few weeks and have come to the conclusion that it's a great operating system for home users, with software tweaks and changes baked into the desktop engine that in XP you'd need a fistful of freeware apps to handle. I'm pretty much convinced I won't go back to XP now (I only boot into XP when I have to use my scanner, which is not catered for in any way by Canon that I can use on Win7x64).

However, it will be a nightmare to actually try and use it in a busy production environment to do any actual real-life work, even with all the Aero extras turned off (which are in themselves more than half the reason for upgrading). And networking is proving a bit of a 'mare, though I accept that may not be an issue everyone has found (yet).

So I couldn't recommend to any business that it should consider upgrading any time soon. Maybe if MS creates an "XP-clone" theme for Win7 and returns the Windows File Explorer to its easy-to-use XP form (this is why I almost exclusively use XYPlorer inWin7)...

Monster.com suffers database breach deja vu

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And it appears you can't cancel an account now? Unless I'm being blind...

Oh, and to cap it all, they can't even hide errors properly:


Cowboys like this give ASP developers (classic as the old site, .net as the new) a bad name :(

Satnav head-to-head: Navman S100 vs TomTom Go 540 Live

Rob McInnes

Just curious...

...but why do reviews for satnav products rarely show or review the maps in 2D? I much prefer a top-down view on the roads ahead of me than the 3D view that seems to be being forced up on us these days.

The same argument goes for the new widescreen displays vs a vertical display that would be more useful for showing the layout of the roads (and cameras) for the foreseeable few miles...

A shame these products don't have accelerometers to know when the device has been rotated 90 degrees.

Dallas kids tracked for their own good

Rob McInnes


"...on the former sight of an East Dallas cotton field..."

I can only hope this little gem of a grammar malfunction (hidden in the first sentence of their home page) is in no way indicative of the quality of edumacation this school crams into its little darlings...


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