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When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games

Jim Oase

Re: AKA Libertarians

We the self governing in the Union of States enumerated the powers of every level of government.

I would be surprise that every State has the same constitution. There because we know that the Union of States Constitution does not give the federation government the power to decide your work limitation defining an engineer is not unanimous within all States. Therefore of what value is some State saying in this State if you do this your are known as a X and must have a certificate. Who certifies the certifiers? Is there a liability for certifying a person who delivers a faulty product or service. What is the liability of the certifier? You know like the person who signed your high school diploma, what is that person's liability if you turn out to be one of the 19% functionally illiterate that graduated this year?

Jim Oase

Re: AKA Libertarians

Who certified the first certifier?

Jim Oase

Re: AKA Libertarians

I think we have a fork in the road on the logic of our political representatives having the enumberated power to alter the definition of free enterprise, a morally acceptable transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller.

For ages the criteria for limiting a person's business is knowledge. The bleeding edge of knowledge 50 years ago is often obsolete knowledge today. I worked on the Moon Walk project. What we did then pushed the envelop of what was possible, today many of those same tasks are done as experiments in grade school.

The nature of the complaint is what is an engineer. Anyone who designs and builds stuff is an engineer. A beaver is an engineer.

It appears the guise of the Institute of Justice is limit freedom of education with board certification. As with most, if not all such certifications following the money will provide an understanding of the motivation.

Consider if the supply of something desired is limited, the value goes up. Certifying is a limiting process sold as “for your own good”.

Every person has a common experience, they learn from their efforts that did not work as expected. Engineering is about learning from efforts that didn't work the first times. Some people aren’t good at learning from their failed efforts. Are we expected to limit knowledge because someone with no knowledge of the effort at hand says the process cannot go forward without certification? Says who in the land with the common belief “that all men are created equal”?

Hell hath no fury like a radar engineer scorned

Jim Oase

Neon bulbs ... can be lit

I spent a bit of time on US carriers. We did on occassion fire off air to ground search radar while sitting on the flight deck and then have someone carrying a neon bulb walk past people standing around. That usually got a lot of attention.

Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF

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Re: Portfolio careers?

What is meant by phrases such as; "letting people have several careers"; " but when we're 80 do we need to keep buying expensive consumer durables?"; "To be honest, we can all live with rather less in the way of shiney-shiney".

One day a long time ago we dissolved all political ties with another. Then we mutually agreed "that all men are created equal" and that we need to institute a government to defend our unalienable rights and that government will get its "just powers from the consent of the governed".

Today you are saying someone has the power to let me or you work and let me or you buy something and let me or you live the way we choose. Did we amend our founding document "The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America"? When did that happen?

Jim Oase

Ponzi schemes still don't work... who would have guessed?

Union retirement plans, Social Security, medical insurance, welfare are all Ponzi schemes. Illegal for most people and organizations to operate because they are guaranteed to fail in the long run. Yet our government and unions implement these Ponzi schems by saying "This time its different".

Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'

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One classified document unprotected is one too many... to keep clearance

Benedict Arnold only had one classified document. Didn't go well for him. Should that be the standards for anyone handling classified material?

Judge rules FBI can hack any time, any, place, anywhere

Jim Oase

What's created equal have to do with it?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ~ The United States's founding document.

All other documents and laws are to accomplish/enforce the statements of this Declaration of Independence.

Our nation started with our declaration and a pledge:

"And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

We are created equal, no one has the power to invade your privacy without due process. That concept as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and further clarified in the Constitution is the result of a British hero, John Wilkes.

The argument the judge is making is very similar to the argment the judge made in the 1700s that was countered by John Wilkes and recognized by our founders as essential for the United States.

NASCAR team red-flagged by ransomware attack

Jim Oase

Hey gang, what time is it?

Hey gang, what time is it?

For those of a certain age its Howdy Dowdy time.

Times have changed but one thing is constant, people are greedy with the minimum amount of morals, ethics and virtues to have enough character to keep themselves out of jail. Is the cure for keeping personal privacy better security or an education system that teaches character building?

A better education system will not cure the whole world, it will make it easier to recognize people with low standards, society will naturally shun them.

In small communities today doors are rarely locked or need to be. A better security system will keep the door locked for a few days. Then the security company will return with an upgrade and the protection racket makes another cycle.

Everyone can learn character building starting at a very young age while living their dreams. Few people have the time, motivation or skills to learn computer security and still live their dreams.

Name all the courses in your K-12 school that teach character building? You can probably write then all on the head of pin.

Nanoparticle boffinry could boost battery life

Jim Oase

We can improve anything to the degree we can measure it...

We can improve anything when we have more people measuing it.

Our problem with electric powered devices is energy density. For electric cars the combination of space needed to create and then store the energy is greater than using fossil fuels to get a shaft to turn. When we learn how to create sufficient electrical power to power an automobile using less space than a fuel tank and 30% efficient fossil fuel heat converter than we will rid the landscape of electric generating power stations.

We need better ways to measure how electricity is generated. Today we know electricity is not a natural form of energy therefore we need to learn how to transform natural forms of energy to electricity using a smaller foot print.

'Shut down the parts of internet used by Islamic State masterminds'

Jim Oase

Not for sissies

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

FCC swamped by 2,000+ net neutrality complaints against ISPs

Jim Oase

Taxation without representation... again

Started with free enterprise. Buyers and sellers decide what is good for them.

For your own good we can have a government agency protect you, decide what is good for you. We will call it net neutrality. Then we can have that government agency decide what software updates you can have by issuing certificates, for your own good.

Any of these regulations add to your freedom?

Do these regulations directly or indirectly tax your disposible income? You know by adding costs, government controlled step, to some part of the creation and delivery of products chain.

Did you vote for any of the people who are creating regulations and penalties to infringe on your freedom and take money from your pocket?

Do any of those people represent you?


China 'upgrades' Great Firewall. Oh SNAP! There goes VPN access

Jim Oase

We the people are the government...

We the People of the United States in Order to form a more perfect Union.... Unlike Chine "We the People" formed our government to protect our individual rights.

Individuals with equal rights don't need a bunch of strangers who call themselves government to think for us. We don't need strangers/government to give some of us money with conditions when accepted. That "trade" money for behavior is another deceptive form of state run freedom.

State compulsory education laws are an excellent example how all laws reduce freedom rather than add freedom. Laws and regulations move the United States government closer to Chinese government.

Secret US 'Jedi' ghost-copters kept out of bin Laden raid

Jim Oase

What if...

What if some of what the author says is true... Then what?

Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'

Jim Oase

Show me the climate facts

As Jefferson said.."Trust but verify".

Few people today have seen a glacier, yet a few thousand years ago they covered a large part of Great Plains. I suspect the glaciers melted and left their imprint in the form of lakes and gouges behind. So I am concluding that over that period of time the earth has warmed. In the late 1960 through the 1970s we were told the earth was cooling. We had long winters in that era. Since then the earth stopped cooling according to recent studies. If not cooling and if every day is not exactly the same as yesterday, maybe we are warming again and more glaciers will melt.

Are we to conclude that because the earth is warming now that the earths warming is caused by people being on the earth but when the earth warmed before the earth's warming was cause by people not being here on earth?

Show me the climate facts

Nissan car secretly shares driver data with websites

Jim Oase

are you sure?

As part of the US Navy I made many extended stay trips to Japan. Our barracks were cleaned by Japanese. On one occasion in 1961 I left $600 laying on my bed while I took a three day trip. The $600 was on my bed when I got back. Try that in any other country.

The very civilized way the Japanese people behaved after the recent earth quake and tsunami is something only few parts of the United States can match. Ethics is corner stone of being Japanese.

That's my experience base on recurring visits from 1961 to 1993. What's your experience?

Republican reps push for mandatory gun ownership

Jim Oase

To find out if we have a gun...

If you want to see what kind of gun we're using to day, look in our pickup. If you stranded and needed get someplace, the key is in the ignition.

Its called self reliance, its called integrity. Try it you will like it.

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.6.5 update

Jim Oase

Mail Rules still broken..

Mail/preferences/Rules/Edit... add 25 or more rules the Rules Window will extend off the bottom of the screen taking the control button out of view. Window size buttons will control the window the next level below the active window.

Problem has existed since 2005 (OSX 10.4.0)

Can Republicans steal Obama's Web 2.0 mojo?

Jim Oase

Who makes your best decisions?

For me making my own decisions when it affects mine or my families is important. I like the idea of customers deciding which companies succeed and fail. The unintended consequence of well intended government regulations is often deciding which business fails or which group is given rewards they didn't earn.

Follow the money. There are now over 34,000 lobbyist in Washington, each raising their billing rates. How can that be in this age of economic downturn? Some company is going to get a part of money funds being doled out in Washington.

There are 535 people controlling "we the people's" funds and 34,000 people trying to influence the legislators "we the people" elected on how to spend that money. These 34,000 lobbyist influence the 535 legislators by donating some of the "we the people's" money to the campaigns of the folks "we the people" elected to represent us. What is wrong with this picture?


Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof

Jim Oase

Too much input spoils the soup...

Engineers are heralded for being creative and persistent. Light bulbs take 10,000 tests, batteries 25,000 tests... what bean counter could manage those projects? What team could stay on task for all those tests?

I designed the judges stations for the 1972 Olympics. When the word got out we had won the bid and the actual design had begun there were lots of managers who wanted their name associated with the projects. Lots of managers who could not keep their chance to inject an idea to themselves. I made 15 complete design efforts before someone tossed all the management and we went with the first design, the designed used in Munich. That need to stay focused is what kept me on small teams for such projects as my part of the Moon Walk, Apollo 13 display system, 1972 Olympics and lots of other fun projects.


Sarah Palin's words get data mined

Jim Oase

Being partial is expensive ....

The halls of "news organizations" ring with partial information these days. Being partial is like the housing boom that fuel our current economic down turn, works great until the fuel runs out. In the economic boom the fuel was money to loan and low level criteria to get it. In the political arena partial information works until reality doesn't match the partial information for an increasing number of society.

We can improve anything to the degree we can measure it. In society we measure by looking at the pro's and con's of issues. "News Organizations" are tasked with the difficult task of providing impartial information for masses of society to measure. Skipping steps and going directly to measured information reduces society to a more singular brain and a more sheep like society. Works good until too many sheep are being compromised.

Lowering the bar didn't work for the housing boom. Lowering the bar, welfare, has never worked for increasing our efforts to support ourselves. Increasing taxes to increase entitlements has never improved societies cash flow. Doing for other who are not also doing for themselves has never worked.

Growth is the result of actions fueled by innovations and persistence.

Palin demands $15m to search her own emails

Jim Oase

Who determine the costs?

"State bean counters say it will cost $960.31 to search each employee's account. If email for all 16,000 employees are processed, the exact figure is $15,364,000.96. "

The article says the state bean counters came up with the cost for an individual and for doing a check on every state employee. Not exactly Palin demanding anything is it?

The title writers need to assume "we the people" can read and understand too.


'I can see dinosaurs from my back porch'

Jim Oase

looking for catch title...

The title for this article is based on the good news doesn't sell idea, bad news does sell. Most folks like to read about bad news unless its about them. Bad news seems to migrate towards mob mentality is short order.

I watched the Palin interview during which she stated her position on the development of the earth and its inhabitants. She explained that she is the daughter of a science teacher and grew up in a religious family.

Recent events, admitted bias http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/09/AR2008090900956.html, in a our news industry have made it very difficult to use output of the news industry as an information gathering resource. In my opinion the news industry is gracefully moving towards mob mentality in search of increasing profits. When there are as many news outlets as we have today there is extreme competition for our attention and thus advertising dollars. Good news has a history of not selling to the public. When good news does not sell the news industry, to survive by attracting advertising, needs bad news to sell its products and the news industry has the resources to find bad news. In the end the good news for the news industry is when advertiser pay them for time or space which is a direct result of how their news sells.

Now read any news article and ask yourself is the information intended to attract readers? In that vain does this article feed the mob mentality?


Top adviser claims John McCain invented the BlackBerry

Jim Oase

Read the rest of the story...

In the urge to have something other will read this author has ignored the rest of the story. The comment was made by an aid as a joke. After which the aid apologized for the poor joke. What McCain was involved with was the legislation involved with getting BlackBerry's on the air.

I think the author realizes that good news is the most difficult to sell, that their are mobs of people eager to read the bad news about someone other than themselves. This author needs money to support self and family so choose the low hanging grapes and with generalizations and vague statements to created a bad news story. Count the number of specific facts with supporting, solid references verses the vague words and terms the author cited.

Would a reasonable person consider this article news supported by facts or rumor supported by assumptions. Then read the tenor of the comments with the article. Would a reasonable person conclude all these people are without fault and therefore free to toss the rocks they are verbally tossing?

Read these comments, count the number of vague terms used to describe events and people. If news is supported by specific information and rumors by vague descriptions, how would a reasonable person characterize the comments being made?


Apple confesses MobileMe vanishing contact bug

Jim Oase

The Me Software worked for 99 out of 100.....

Where to start. According to Apple one server went down, taking with it 1% of the client base. What happened next is where the issues begin. The software minus data for the 99 other servers is the same as for the 1 failing server. What does it take to reload a server and import the latest data from backup and restart?

One article quotes an Apple representative as saying something about there being more load than expected. Does that translate into a design issue rather than a single server failing?

What ever the issues Apple first was closed mouth and then a bit guarded. I wonder if we are looking at a Tylenol kind of response.


Apple is sorry (again) over MobileMe

Jim Oase

Still a 1%er

Some email service via web only returned a couple of days ago. The "some" is limited to a email from July 24th on. None of the previous email has appeared yet.

According to blogs and articles Apple has never intended the dot Mac or the new Me Generation products for business use. I think implying that the service is not intended to be reliable. So far that is an accurate statement.

So who is Apple's market for the Me Generation product? Who doesn't expect reliability from the products they buy?

I bought several accounts for my family so they could have email and iChat. So far no one is using the Cloud, syncing their calendar or using the extremely slow iDisk. As a result of this outage I have found that gMail works like Apple Mail and I suspect if I look around their is another version of iChat that will work. The one person I really want to iChat with is my son in Portland but Comcast took exception to using video. Make buying Me Generation products look less attractive, especially at this time.

Can you imagine being in the meeting that came up with the Cloud metaphor, thinking adults would think Cloud would be a good name?


Putting a mule on a cloud: one man's battle with Amazon S3

Jim Oase

Apple has some unused Clouds.....

With Apple's recent ME generation product rollout going a bit slow I am sure they could spare a few clouds.


MobileMe offers another free bite of the Apple

Jim Oase

ME.... generation

Is there an irony involved in Apple new product ME, their poster child for the ME generation, which is having difficulty getting to work while still collecting ME funds?

My usually very reliable dot Mac account is now a not very reliable service at the same time Apple decided it would be better named ME. For those who have worked all their lives to take care of themselves is joining the ME generation the image you are looking for? Especially now considering that the ME generation is not really working, which is typical of the ME generation.

Then they choose a cloud metaphor. Conjures up all the attributes of an AMC Pacer.


Dismissed deputy head launches legal fight

Jim Oase

Have you learned nothing from Windows?

It seems to me there is a parallel between the evolution of Windows and the evolution of social law. Both seem to take the easiest path, patch the past.

Patches on patches until like Ford Motor company announced years ago about their production control software system, its now stable, we now can predict how may problems we will create with each upgrade.

Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'

Jim Oase

Its Karma all over again

The Salem witch trial are about to begin... again

Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up

Jim Oase

doesn't matter who's right

When the CYA excuses start flying I am reminded of my friend Lenny who said "Doesn't matter who's right, its who's left".

We can only improve what we can measure. What Microsoft can measure they can improve. Excuses generally blind the eye of the author.



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