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Space shuttle replacement delayed until 2014


Are those...

"Oh ____" handles up top?

I like the (presumably) gas charged shocks for the whole seating arrangement.

Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident


Coud this be...

...The guys best investment?

Since the app is now removed, and it's getting more and more publicity - any chance he could offload it to someone willing to pay a boat-load?

Rogue SF sysadmin coughs up passwords


So the password is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?

That's the stupidest password I've ever heard in my life! The kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

Prius hybrid to get rooftop solar panel


Why are we not...

...Using the same technology as locomotives have been since steam went away? Diesel-electric or gasoline-electric. Internal combustion engines designed to put out peak power at peak efficiency, driving a generator that drives strong electric motors. Throw just a few batteries in the electrical side of the system for the initial draw electric motors like at 0rpm. No need for heavy banks.

'It's Britney, bitch' riding high again


I'm confused...

I live in the US... above-ground, in real housing [ie: no rocks]... and don't have any [diagnosed] social disorders. How is it I have I lived most of my wonderful 20's through Brit's exciting career, and have little recollection of ever hearing her music after that annoyingly catchy, "oops I did it again" song bombarded us?

I want to know who these people are that bump the music up the charts! Soulja Boy, WHO?!! This is seriously the first time I've heard of this person.

DARPA looking to kickstart raygun tech


I'm wondering...

With high powered lasers... what happens if someone takes a shot at at something and misses? What kind of range might these weapons have?

My mind is wandering off to delusions of a misfire in the middle east bouncing off important satellites solar panels (sending it tumbling out of orbit) and some poor guy in Boston getting the hot-dog shot out of his hand by the ricochet as he casually pays some street vendor...

But seriously... Range? Will a laser skip in the atmosphere like some radio waves do? Will it continue out indefinitely into space hopefully dissipating before shooting the 'dog out of some martians hand light years from now?

World's oldest person pops clogs at 114


Poppin' Clogs...

For the longest time I thought the term was "pop cogs" ... like gears ... like a watch face just erupting with gears and springs and sickly cuckoo clock sounds. Shoes are not nearly as cool.

Oklahoma offers War on Terror numberplates


Re: physically disabled motorcycle plates

Well, I've read of someone who has no use of his legs that was professionally racing for a while, so there is a lot of adaptability...

Trikes here in the US are classified as motorcycles. They obviously offer a much more stable and adaptable platform for people with disabilities.

Wi-Fi spam man avoids can


MAC address? Surveillance cameras and license plate numbers?

I'd like to know how they caught him...

Water found on extrasolar planet



In my experience it's the scientific type that typically quote science as fact.

I personally am a firm believer in God, and am very much along the lines of the post above yours when it comes to the world around us...

UK Gov boots intelligent design back into 'religious' margins


If intelligent design is out...

I want to see the theory that we came from pond scum or apes out of the curriculum too.

DrinkorDie warez leader jailed for 51 months


You guys need to relax.


The story only mentions the US setting up an operation to get this guy. There is no mention of any other country going after the guy. What would 'you' do with him? Hand him over to a government or jurisdiction that doesn't seem to care about his capture?

US car thieves floored by manual gearbox


Sticks in the US...

I think it mainly depends on the car or truck you buy here. It's not 'us' but the manufacturer... (Okay, so maybe it's the manufacturer 'because' of us.)

Most fun/sporty cars come standard with a manual 'box. Mustangs and 350Z's and such.

Many family cars from the Japanese market have a manual available... but most domestic family cars do not even have the option, which is a huge disappointment. I can't explain why. Maybe the cost in producing them? The dumbing down of everything? No idea...

Most full sized trucks do not have the option either, unless you get the smallest of the v6 or v8 motors or biggest of diesel tow-rigs. I think that's mainly a combination of two things -- cost effectiveness of designing the trucks with an 'adequate' and gentle slushbox, and "us" not being able handle 325hp, three pedals, and a light-in-the-back RWD platform.

AT&T sued by poor man's Formula 1


That's just it....!

> NASCAR racing has given us: uh...um...

> They still use carbuerators and live axles! What the hell, man?

That's what it's all about!

Front-engine, rear drive, solid rear axles. Carbs you can adjust in your backyard. Motors you could (mostly) duplicate with catalog-ordered parts. (750hp out of a normally aspirated 358ci motor? Not too shabby). Nothing will ever sound better to me than a pushrod American V8 with a lumpy cam.

I have no idea what the performance aftermarket is like overseas - but NASCAR has brought a lot of technology to us in the US. The aftermarket for anything with a V8 motor here is huge, and always has been - that's where the results are... In what we're able to purchase as an actual motorsport enthusiast.


You guys crack me up...

I knew I'd hear comments about NASCAR being easy or dumbed down with the whole 'turn left' thing. I only heard Montoya mentioned once here and the post never followed through...

If NASCAR is so easy, why isn't Montoya cleaning up?

Why did he move from F1 over to NASCAR to begin with?

NASCAR fans are all rednecks? Come on, that's like playing the "everyone in England has bad teeth" card.

Why is Hotmail so bad at spam?


I don't know...

I've had a Hotmail account since MSN bought them out or merged or whatever it was that they did. (I originally had MSN).

I'd rather have a few spam mails get through to me than have legitimate emails from people not in my contact list, get sent to the junk folder. I never remember to check that thing.

MSN/Hotmails spam filtering has got a lot better since I first started using it back in '02 or so. At first, very other day I was actually getting spam with x-rated images ether sent to the inbox, or more than likely, to the junk folder. Then the images stopped showing up in those emails. Then the crap emails like that stopped all together.

I still get hit with a few pieces of spam every few days - but seriously, what's the big deal? Spam filters will never-ever be totally on top of filtering out ALL spam. It's a game of cat and mouse - the spammers are always thinking of new ways to sneak something through, while the filters are just playing catch-up.

Jet-powered go-kart roars onto eBay


Safety / Aerodynamics...

Another thing... racing carts don't have harnesses, head restraints or roll bars. The only head restraint is the padded collar under your helmet. You crash, you bail... like a motorcycle.

Jet engined powered vehicles (running on thrust alone) need a LOT of thrust to accelerate quickly. This thing would probably accelerate at the speed of an underpowered economy car... the difference being that power wouldn't fall off on the top end - it should keep on 'pullin' longer than a piston / drivetrain vehicle. If the intake is designed right, it would actually build power the faster it went.

I still don't see it breaking a hundred... :\


Awe, come on guys!!

I'd nearly kill to take a ride on this thing.

It's really not that much different (setup wise) from a racing cart or shifter-cart. it's almost certainly what this cart is based off of. The flooring looks about right. Your feet ride up in front of the front wheels and there is all kinds of sure-footing there.

I really doubt the thing puts out all that much power. The intake to exhaust inlet/outlet size doesn't sit well with me. I'd bet a 125cc shifter cart would be entirely more scary of a ride. - they're capable of 115mph and I've seen them having a hard time getting the rear wheels to hook up through half of that. Now that's a fun ride. You can grab one here in the US for 3 grand.

People make this type of stuff all the time out of pulse-jets and old turbochargers. They look evil and have a lot of bark, but there is not a whole lot behind them.

Substitute teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside


On the flip side...

Article says: "Prosecutors argued Amero had actively caused the computer to display the images and argued her actions resulted in felony risk or injury to a minor. Court rules prevented Amero's defense team from presenting testimony that could have shown the computer was infected with malware that forced the computer to display pop-ups."

So... speaking of malware... Hackers don't typically jump on your system to install it. It doesn't just magically appear one day. I think you've really gotta get out there and search for some choice cuts of garbage in order to pick up the porn-displaying breed.

I'm wondering if the prosecution was saying that the teacher was guilty of the charges because she used the machine 'improperly' (ie: "displaying images" to herself), which allowed it to pick up this junk and subsequently display it to the class...

Royal Marine helmet-cam auteur hit during Afghan gunfight


No link here either.

Granted, I think I'm pretty decent at ignoring ads, there is definitely nothing matching the description of what some of you are talking about on my page. Latest Firefox, Win2k, big firewall.

Illinois baby issued with firearms permit



I read elsewhere that the child was given the nickname "bubba" after all this was started...

Hotmail is dead! Long live Hotmail!


Something is odd...

I've been using Hotmail, with my 'msn.com' address, for a number of years. I think I got pulled into Hotmail when MS bought them out. Either way - I have not once seen anything even close to being an ad displayed when viewing mail...

I've got a friend who was recently complaining about ads he gets "in hotmail". This was over IM, and I didn't get a chance to have him elaborate. Either way, he's got a 'hotmail.com' address.

Are there differences in peoples experiences based upon whether or not they have an address registered under msn, or under hotmail?

Digg buried by users in piracy face-down


I don't know...

I seem to be one of the few who don't care the least about DRM...

I'm probably also one of a rare breed who's a little upset at the defiant ones on Digg. What if the whole plan of theirs backfired and Digg got shut down (or, now, 'gets' shut down) for an extended period? Indefinitely?

I can't imagine a very large percentage of the 1-million users on the site were part of this revolt. I'm seeing them as bad apples that could potentially cause some ripples that effect 'all' the users, more than they already have.

US nailguns itself towards extinction


Re: Rob H.

At least with the industrial guns I've used, there are only two 'safety' devices that are needed to fire the guns... 1, being that the trigger is pulled, and 2 being that the nose of the gun is pressed against a surface hard enough to cock back the safety mechanism that's mounted there... No surprises here.

What's odd is that there is no sequence to that. You can hold the gun up in the air, pull the trigger, and nothing happens. Hold the trigger down and press the nose of the gun against something, and it fires.

From my experience, when doing tedious things like sub-floors or roofing (tar shingles), it's common practice to hold the trigger and bop the nose of the gun every place you want a nail. It's definitely fast, and definitely an easy way to hurt yourself.