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Palm punts consumer-friendly Centro phone

Doc Farmer

...before you go go

I think you'll be pulling a Rip Van Winkle on this one, sir.

Germans plan 578m-high überpyramid

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A Place of Rest - For My Mummy

Come on... SOMEbody had to say it...

Italian boffin designs gecko-tech spiderman suit

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Yes, But Will Insurance Agents Wear Them?

We have enough of them sticking around or hanging around as it is (UK readers should check out a certain American insurance company to get the joke).

HP TouchSmart IQ770 PC

Doc Farmer

The TouchSmart is a genius...

...and stop calling me Shirley!

Yes! It's the USB typing-speed indicator lamp!

Doc Farmer

And yet, they don't review the USB Humping Dog...

Seriously, Register editors, you've got to get your priorities straight here...

Fidelity employee steals 2.3 million consumer records

Doc Farmer

Earth to Florida's State Prosecutor...

TOBAL (There Oughta Be A Law) to cover the trafficking of stolen merchandise, receipt of stolen merchandise, grand theft (depending on how much this jerk sold the data for), privacy violations, etc. Also, since Fidelity is covering banking data, I could see how prosecutions could occur against this jerk for violating FFIEC and OCC regs. Get off your butt and start the paperwork already!

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) should also take steps to sue the excrement out of the thief AND the recipient companies, to make it known that this sort of stuff will cause severe financial repercussions.

Grifters find rich pickings on social networking sites

Doc Farmer

Been Grifted? Let Me Know...

Answers gratefully accepted - at LinkedIn.com


Antarctica frozen out of internet revolution

Doc Farmer

re: Anyone know who the ISP is down there?

Uh, that would probably be www.brassmonkeys.co.aq...

Japanese actress caught in sheep 'poodle' scam

Doc Farmer

She didn't need a vet or a scientist...

... she just should've asked a Welshman.

Welsh boffins build 3D solar images

Doc Farmer

Hey, Hows About A LINK?

And a pair of 3D glasses, please...

Spinal Tap resurface for Live Earth

Doc Farmer

But Will Their Drummer Survive?

Well, let's hope he doesn't leave TOO much of a carbon footprint when he gets electrocuted/blown up/incinerated/hit by a meteor/has a tree fall on him/expires from hyperthermia due to global warming/etc...

Midlands police cuff war driving duo

Doc Farmer

Hang 'em high, boys...

"UK law is *very* different from US in this regard."


We SHOOT trespassers. A man's home is his castle here.

But, you have to come IN to the house for it to legally be viewed as trespass. If you're sitting outside in your car on a public street, you may be suspicious, but you're not breaking any law (except maybe loitering).

If a homeowner isn't smart enough to secure his wireless network, s/he 1) shouldn't have a wireless network or 2) should get somebody to secure it for a few bucks/quid.

By the bye, under this law, wouldn't it be illegal for those big (brother) BBC vans to come snooping around for TV sets without "licenses" (see also: TAX ripoffs)? Next time Auntie comes around sniffin' for that 10 inch B/W you've got hidden in the attic, call the fuzz...

Electronic voting under legal scrutiny in the US

Doc Farmer

Re: What an id10t

Isn't "Idiot" the short definition for "politician"?

Doc Farmer

I've Already SOLVED The e-Voting Problem!

It's just that there's no money in it for the politicians, so they ignore it...


Router technology creeps into the space age

Doc Farmer

Tachikoma Orbital AI Storage

Looks like we've got a future ghost repository goin' up...