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Russell Crowe to play Bill Hicks?

Chris Sharp

Denis Leary?

Why can't anybody mention Bill Hicks without putting Denis Leary down? They really, really aren't all that similar. It's like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones or Blur and Oasis, at the time it seems like only one person (or band) is right and the other has no right to exist. Find somebody who has never heard of Bill Hicks or Denis Leary (quite a few people going by these comments), make them watch Revelations and No Cure For Cancer back to back and then tell them that Denis did nothing but steal from Bill, they will call you a bloody liar

I'm 25 years old so I missed all of this when it first came out, I'm really glad else I'd have missed some really great comedy from a really great comedian because I'd have been told to pick one or the other

And if one person mentions Operation Dumbo Drop I will go postal, one shitty movie proves nothing!

HMRC blows £1.4m on two-word slogan

Chris Sharp

Does HMRC Ambition...

...sound to anyone else like the name of a ship?

So, what's the velocity of a sheep in a vacuum?

Chris Sharp


...genius :)

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

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Re: Does anyone actually like Vista?

To the people asking if anyone likes Vista and the one person asking if anyone is brave enough to say they like Vista: so far I've read two comments in this thread from people saying that they like Vista and it runs really well, there's a lot of comments so you may have missed them but they are there, really they are

Seagate joins 1TB HDD battlefield

Chris Sharp


Surely 1 MiB = 1 Men in Black, doesn't it?!? I'm so confused

Yahoo!'s pink liberation army a threat to America's youth

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If it offends you then don't read it

The next sentence my require two or three readings before it makes sense, I apologise in advance:

How can you complain about a website that is complaining about another website by telling the author not to look at the website (the one the webiste was complaining about)?

If this website offends you then you should take your own advice and stop reading it, don't stop to tell us that you're going to stop reading it, just stop and move on, don't react to hate with hate and assume you have the high ground, just turn the other cheek and walk away

Google Maps aids terrorists, NY lawmaker warns

Chris Sharp

Re: Oh the horror!

I burnt myself quite badly on a marshmallow once

Paris Hilton dragged back into court

Chris Sharp

Celebrity Prison

Curious that everyone thinks this "celebrity prison" is really nice and cushy, has anybody been? My experience with people who have been to prison (even for only a few days) is that the loss of freedom alone is a harsh punishment not to be taken lightly

Also, I'm still looking for evidence of corruption, whenever somebody famous gets a short jail sentence everybody cries out that there is one rule for the rich and another for the poor, loads of poor people get reduced sentences all the time, especially in the States where space in the jails is notoriously low, can we wait until we get some facts please?

Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'

Chris Sharp


I'm not saying there isn't corruption involved in some way but I don't actually see any evidence that there is. Is it possible that the very rich get life threatening illnesses too? I don't think there is enough information here to draw a conclusion from, if it does turn out that her medical condtion was minor then there should be an outcry but shouldn't we wait until we actually know something before making our minds up about it?

I hate Paris Hilton with a passion but not because she's rich and adds nothing to the human race, I hate her because she is a truly horrible person with no care for anyone but herself (I know plenty of poor people who are the same, there's probably a common cause but it definitely isn't money). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: hate the person not the lifestyle, lots of rich white people serve quite serious prison time, seriously look it up, you'll see

Rant over, sorry that wasn't very cohesive but I felt like I needed to vent

Poland probes gay Teletubbies

Chris Sharp

Er, I don't remember Tinky Winky being a bloke

I've just done an image search on Google and it confirms without any real shadow of a doubt that the Teletubbies are genderless, how they came into existence was never raised on the show but I'm guessing they get to a certain age and then split like amoebas, I may have put too much thought into this though :P

Sacred blogging bovine turns camgirl in sympathy push

Chris Sharp


Strictly speaking they are Hare Krishnas but Hindu is close enough ;)

How much do security breaches cost anyway?

Chris Sharp


I'm pretty sure compensation comes under legal fees in these studies, the idea that it isn't considered as a cost doesn't really fit.

I am little confused as to why it would bother you if compensation wasn't considered in the analysis, do you think that because the analysts haven't factored it in that nobody would receive compensation? If so, on what are you basing this assumption?