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MMS (finally) comes to AppleT&T



No, first gen iPhones don't count. And if that weren't enough, those using first gen iPhones don't even get the old "go to this link to view your message" text, either. At least, not for the past couple days. So, not only did AT&T's "promise" not deliver, but in fact also took the feature away from those users entirely (assuming it's just the network isn't busy and those notifications will start happening again soon).

iPhone MMS hits US on September 25


MMS on 3g/3gs

Will it only be available on those two iPhones, or did they merely have to use the 3G/3Gs terms again?

Amazon may plug in-book advertising into Kindle



No. Just ... no...

Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper



...just work, don't they?

Text-message hoax threatens death by Wal-Mart



At least I don't get SMS forwards from my iPhone-using friends, nor could I send them on even if I wanted to (which I don't) with my iPhone.

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive


Well, it stands to reason...

If you have to surrender your keys, but not a safe combination, then if the password is in his memory, he shouldn't have to surrender it. If it's a physical object, then sure, surrender it. How hard is that?

Mozilla delays third Firefox 3.1 beta


Two things...

"“P1” is Mozilla lingo for the worst offending glitches that remain unsolved in its browser."


P1 through P5 are priority codes used in Bugzilla (for example) to track severity of bugs, with P1 being "show stoppers" and P5 being "we might get around to fixing it if we run out of beer and have nothing else to do".

" ...why on my 4gb machine windows only shows 3gb.

Can't XP address more than 3gb?

And if it has allocated 1gb, I'd like to know what has it!"

Pretty sure it can only address 3.5gb of it, since that's all that shows on my XP machine with 4gb of RAM.

Apple update purges 21 security vulns from OS X



All this talk about Mac being "secure" makes me wonder if I have really been doing something wrong all these years. I'd *almost* consider switching, if it weren't so bloody expensive. Well, that, and the fact that with few exceptions, almost everything I want to do on the computer is gaming, and gaming on a Mac (last I checked) was still pretty painful (as in, not as big a game selection). That notwithstanding, maybe I'll look into one, anyway...

Apple tells Mac users: Get anti-virus


@Ty Re: "non story you sorry Windows zealots... "

Wow, have a pint and calm down there...

Besides, just because it hasn't happened YET doesn't mean it won't at some point.

Verizon suspends staff for ogling Obama's phone bill


Telco Workers Ell Oh Ell

Look, I worked for a cellular company here in the States. They paid minimum wage. You want to know the kind of people who work there? Imagine the guys at the burger shack flipping your burgers. Now imagine they can type and you've pretty much got your demographic.

Trusting those people is like throwing money into the street and hoping no one steals it.

Apple sued over Jesus Phone 'hairline cracks'


My 2G is...

...just fine. No cracks, no worries.

Guess if you get plastic phones, you should expect to deal with plastic problems, no?

Comcast eyes AT&T's American broadband crown


@Comcast is Evil

Seriously? I'm laughing at both of you. Having dealt with both Verizon and Comcast's customer "service", I would gladly take Comcast over Verizon any day of the week!

As for DSL? *shudder*

No, thanks. My Comcast service *works*. It's relatively inexpensive, it's fast and it's reliable. That's all that matters.

Plus, if I have any problems with it, the support people all live in my town, and I know where their call center is.

US cablecos spice wireless broadband fight


The first eh?

Comcast already has a "Triple Play" bundle. Also, while I was working for them, they'd already tried a partnership with Sprint. That didn't work out so well, as I'm sure Cox will figure out soon enough, too.

No one ever learns...

PGP takes disk encryption management into the cloud


@Michelle Knight

I was just wondering the same thing, actually!

Washington and Microsoft declare war on scareware


You know...

They could take a page out of Kentucky's book and just have the domains transferred to their name and close them down.

US Congress rubberstamps IP enforcement bill

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Because what we REALLY need...

...is HIGHER fines on violations of copyright infringement.

When will these people get it through their heads that what we want is music that good enough to pay for at reasonable prices? I have no problem downloading a song from the internet to give it a listen or two, but if it isn't good, it's not going to get my money. That said, I have spent quite a bit of money buying tracks I DO like from places like Amazon ($.88/track and no DRM) and Audiojelly (more per track, but again no DRM and usually can't find the tracks elsewhere).

And honestly, even $5000 per "violation" is ludicrous! But hey, let's let them keep up the "pay us $500 or we'll take you to court" racket. (And isn't THAT illegal, anyway?)

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites



Oh, FFS...

Anyone willing to put up with an American who's had just about enough of this freakin' country? I'm starting to look for a place to emigrate to. All's I require is uncapped broadband for a reasonable rate, a reasonably sized apartment for two and a job which allows me to live comfortably.


Apple unsheathes Jesus Phone 2.1

Jobs Horns

@Simon Ward

If you truly didn't "give a toss", you wouldn't have posted.

Aussie Customs in presentational-aid crackdown



"In recent months, dozens of laser attacks on aircraft down under have been widely reported. "

Seriously? ATTACKS?


US utilities plot remote switch off


@Zombie Comment

Yeah, that would be about the only reason to allow this.

Call me paranoid, but if you give a company the ability to control things in your house, they'll eventually find a way to make you pay MORE and not less. There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, and the idea that a company will be altruistic in helping the environment is a load of BS.

I will not buy any device, nor live in any home or area which requires this. If it means I have to build a log cabin in the woods on my own, then so be it.


Cops cuff anti-drug ninja vigilantes



Aren't democrats the ones who are trying to make people give up their guns?

And, by the way, secondary sales aren't inherently illegal, and don't leave any traces beyond what the two parties consider fair. IE, I give you money, you give me a gun.

It is up to the seller to make sure the buyer is legit, but that doesn't include any sort of background check where I come from if it's two private parties (and not a gun store/gun show).

I could sell one of my firearms to a friend and there would be no record except that in our heads. As far as I'm aware, that's also perfectly legal where I live.


@Fab De Marco

"Registered" what now?

I never had to register a firearm, and I own several. Yes, I had to go through a background check (the data from which is *supposed* to be destroyed within a certain timeframe) and sign the firearm over into my ownership from the dealer. However, that record of ownership is something which can only be accessed by the government with proper legal reasons, from what I understand.

As I understand it, there is no firearms "registry" in the US. The NRA-types would throw a fit.

iTunes, and Sting, banned from China


@ Fihart

iTunes is "the most confusing...program...ever used"?


Surely there's something out there you had more issues with? Have you looked at Vista lately? :p

UK fraudster gang go PIN sniffing


RE: £10/hr

Where do I sign up? I'm making a lot less than that at my non-minimum wage job.


Heck, I'll even move to the UK for that chance!

Bush makes last-minute grab for civil liberties



I'm not surprised, either...

What if we emigrate to another country? Will our data be kept for 15 years as a citizen or 75 as a foreigner?

Another day, another iPhone fix

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This is why I didn't upgrade to 3g when it came out like the rest of the sheep.

First of all, 3g doesn't have all that great of coverage here in the States. Second, spending another couple hundred bucks for slightly faster internet is just wonky, considering I rarely need it outside the range of a wifi. Third, and I feel like I have to be clear here... IT ... JUST ... CAME ... OUT.

FFS, people, "bleeding edge" comes with certain risks, like whether or not it will function like it says it will. Thanks, I'll pass until those bugs get worked out, or they add something that really catches my attention because 3G and GPS ain't it.

Midwife's lost diary sparks mums and baby alert



Oh come come. No one cares about the Olympics, the recession, or even a dumb "war" between Russia and a former part of their country. This is REAL NEWS, dontcha know?

Oh, but I don't get my cars from Russia. *shudder*

µTorrent silently fixes long-standing zero-day vuln



Yeah, because OBVIOUSLY the only people who might possibly have a chance to run afoul of this would be those trying to download things "illegally" since OBVIOUSLY bittorrent has no real "legal" use, right?

*eye roll*

iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories


@Francis Vaughn

How about the automatic attacks on a company which really isn't at fault for the products of companies which should have known better, all purely for the point of saying "blah blah blah, Apple sucks, blah blah blah"?


AMD Radeon HD 4850 and 4870

Dead Vulture


Wow... a PS3 fanboi, hey?


I'm not even going to go into it, since so many people already did. I'd just be beating a dead ... vulture?

New York threatens Comcast with anti-porn suit



Makes me sick, that these companies will just roll over like this. \:

FCC boss reshapes hardline stance on Comcast


Pretty much...

...expected, actually.

I wonder who paid off whom?

Trojan heralds OS X's 'new phase of exposure to malware'



...only a matter of time, right?

Mac is way more popular now, more people using it, more people trying to break it.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

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WAY faster... Very nice.

Free Wi-Fi still a goer in San Fran'


@Free CANCER anyone????


You're kidding, right?

You know tinfoil hats will protect you from all those harmful energy rays, right?

Apple takes the operator's shilling


@Hans-Peter Lackner

I got mine from AT&T @ full price and didn't have to extend my contract for it. I very specifically asked the nice young woman at the counter if it would extend my contract and she told me "no".

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner



But too pricey for me.

US bars ID refuseniks from planes - but not ID losers

Dead Vulture


Yep, that figures. Was only a matter of time, anyway. Make it harder for honest folk to do their jobs while not really inconveniencing the people they're trying to target with this BS.

Any bets when RFID implants or machine readable barcodes will become mandatory?

Time to move on from Chinook to the real MoD cock-ups



"Concentrate to much power in one place and you get led into unnecessary wars which is also why the US was set up with powers seperated between three branches."

Because the US hasn't gotten led into any unnecessary wars in the past sixty years, right?

It's obvious you don't like the military or don't believe they're a necessity. Personally, I won't join up, either, but at least I understand the reason for them being around. Should they be used as the world's police? No, I don't think they should. Should their numbers be reduced? Not as long as other countries continue their own buildup of arms and armies.

Your beliefs are fine, and you're free to express them whenever or wherever you like, and you know why? (You'll love this, I promise...)

It's because those "hired thugs", as you called them, are there to ensure you keep that right.

Time Warner gives America metered internet

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@nenox enigma

Yeah, you're one of the 5% using 50% of the bandwidth.


Comcast is thinking about 250gb caps, which I think is more fair, but being from the States, I'm not a big fan of any cap, at all. Still, I don't really use THAT much bandwidth on a monthly basis, so it's not going to really effect me all that much...

US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes


That's because...

...in a country that elected GWB to office, you have to actually ask?

The government hasn't told us it's bad, yet, and so the sheep are content, for now.

USAF Colonel goes on the offensive with botnet destroyer plan

Dead Vulture


Perhaps, but since the only vulnerable machines are those who aren't kept up to date (obviously oversimplifying here), that would only be a problem for them.

After all, with Windows Update, what says Microsoft can't do that, already?

Dead Vulture

Oh, just do it...

Frankly, I don't understand why we can't just kill those computers, anyway. Create an exploit that disables their network drivers and puts a message up on the screen saying "Hello, numbnuts, your computer's been hacked, please fix it." Or, heck, even just patch the exploit itself.

Sure, it's a grey area, and some people have "ethical concerns" over whether it should be done or not, but frankly, if it can be done, it should. Fix them and move on.