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Dell Studio Hybrid mini desktop PC



Wireless N is available for $70.00 additional in the U.S.. Not sure if this is available for the populous of G.B., but it means the option certainly exists.

'Series of Tubes' Senator convicted of corruption


We're not all as dumb as him...

This guy makes Americans look worse than we already appear. I swear, how this man got elected senator of anything is beyond me. Wait, isn't he from the same state as our predetermined future VP (and subsequent President)? Oh no...

To think that he has ANY say/vote/opinion on anything technical is a travesty. The fact that he made those statements adds salt to the wound.

On behalf of all Americans, I'd like to apologize to the rest of the world for this man ever having face time to begin with.

Mine's the one with a hefty dose of shame inthe pocket...

Crazy Frog won't croak again


I'm an athiest...

I'm an atheist, but thank God that thing will be no more! Hallelujah!

Mine's the coat with the phone with the NORMAL ringtone on it.

Dual-core Atom to be released by month's end


Ash is right...

Why would Intel go through all the trouble to make such an awesome little chip (In power usage, not raw performance), then couple it with a hog of a Northbridge?

Sometimes I wonder if the guys at Intel are aware that a PC's total power consumption comes for the TOTAL of its components.

Mine's the one with a Geoge in the pocket...

Anatomy of a malware scam


Been there, done that, too often.

I've seen too many machines come across my bench to be happy about what these guys are doing. I admit, at first I enjoyed the challenge of getting rid of them (When no A/V solution would), but this is getting old, quickly.

The most recent one I worked on actually had a rootkit installed, too. I get the distinct feeling that when this guy gets in, it invites a bunch of buddies over for the party. Even changed the clock to append "VIRUS ALERT" in the system tray and in the system properties window.

The only upshot to cleaning so many of these infestations is that it really allows me to rake in the cash...

Senator slams DHS boss over border laptop searches



Dan, as a "Yank", I agree 100% with you. Some much of the rhetoric spewed by our politicians is "land of the free," yet when it comes to offering up the same rights for visitors, they change their minds.

These are travesties against what this country was founded upon; That each person was equal, that everyone had a fair shake, and that these rights were given by our creator (Deity or Dawkins, take your pick). In the ever shrinking world, our government needs to cease this pompousness and pull its head out of its ass. We are not exactly making a lot of friends.

Regarding my initial statement of "Land of the free," I feel I should amend that with "mostly". Soon enough though, there will be no need for that statement at all, as the Patriot Act will get rid of all my freedoms and rights to privacy, and we'll (Americans) be subject to an Orwellian police state, with the Ministries of Peace, Truth (Fox News), Plenty and Love as our 4 cornerstones.

Mine's the one with 1984 and 451 Fahrenheit in the pockets.

Comcast plays New York anti-porn game


Simple solution

We just need Dateline's Chris Hanson to get involved and this would all go away...

Why don't you have a seat over there?

Small, Cheap Computer countdown continues



Agreed... What about Dell's first entry into the SCC market? I am a little surprised there was no mention (until the comments) of Dell's "Mini Inspiron/Dell-E" computers.

Mine's the one with the Axim in it...

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins


Comparions of ISO and "Network" install

Just an interesting note: After checking the MD5s of the service pack's EXE in the burned ISO and the EXE downloadable for the "network" installation (316 MB exe), I found they are identical (BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58).

Curious what the Autorun.exe on the ISO/CD is doing that the network install or Windows Update installer isn't...

Coat, because all my boxes in-house are Intel based, and now I have to go home and see if I break my AMD based PC.