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Digital divide looms again over superfast broadband for all

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@AC Re: Most of the cost made up from digging

<sarcasm>Yes, and then we could ship them to cotton plantations in the New World to make Britain great again!</sarcasm>

Barring thinly-veiled racist idiots, the main problem I can see with this is the caps that ISPs deem reasonable at the moment. With a modest ten-fold increase in download speeds (say 80-100mbps for FTTC) could we expect a ten-fold increase in the caps too? At 100mbps it wouldn't take long to burn through 50GB (which to me seem to be the 'fair-use' cap most 'unlimited' ISPs impose). Beyond downloading things like movies or other rich media content, I can't see much point in increasing the speeds for home broadband. Web browsing won't be much quicker, so the only point I can see is for downloading big-ass files. And well all know that ISPs really don't like us downloading big-ass files...

Paris, because she loves fibre in her cabinet...

Black hats attack gaping DNS hole

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Are Great all round according to the tester.

Which is nice...

Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs

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For goodness sake

Have these people never heard of Truecrypt? Its free, easy to implement and, providing you have a strong password, is essentially unbreakable.

Mine's the one from the University of the Bleedin' Obvious...

UK.gov solves pensioner crisis by wiring them up to the net

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Perhaps we could have a Logan's Run-style maximum age limit

When you turn a certain age (say 65, as they'll want to squeeze as much tax money out of you as possible), you are 'recycled' into biofuel or something.

Of course MPs would be exempt, as they would err... need to oversee it and ensure that no-one abuses the system by dumping their family into the recycler to get some fuel for their car or something!

I really really hope Wacky Backy Jackie Smith isn't reading this, it's the kind of thing I could see her doing...