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Apple takes Snow Leopard for walk



"Snow Leopard's Finder is essentially unchanged, but small improvements have been made."

In terms of new features, maybe, but a Cocoa rewrite of the Finder is a pretty major change and "FTFF" is a pretty familiar acronym in the Mac world with good reason.

KOffice 2.0 available for early adopters


RE: KWhy?

You're talking about one of the most important pieces of software in the corporate world and a cornerstone of Microsoft's dominance. I don't know what valuable software still needs writing, but if anything heavyweight office software is one of the most under-represented categories in the field.

OpenOffice is a big slow suite of software that's reportedly a nightmare to develop for. It's improving slowly, but it hasn't got all the features of MS Office and looks like it's going to remain conservative and "old-school MS Office" for the forseeable future. That's good - that's exactly what many businesses want.

KOffice 2 looks extremely polished, willing to take it's own route (as Apple has with iWork) and I think could overtake OpenOffice. As a Mac user I'm particularly looking foward to something classier and more native feeling than the Mac version of OpenOffice.

Microsoft sneaks out Silverlight 2



> I don't see what else they can do to make it much more cross-platform than that!

Have Microsoft offered any guarantees about the future of Moonlight? What future level of support have they committed to and what have they said about Linux distros who do not have patent agreements with Microsoft? Personally, I think they've suckered you. If Silverlight were to become a success on the back of you and others touting Moonlight, you'd see a rapid change in attitude from them.

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones



"Things are supposed to get better though. Each S60 device and software revision seems to be faster, and the phones get more powerful."

When I upgraded from the 6680 to the N73 this is what I expected. The N73 had more memory and a better CPU, and I actually liked the 6680.

Instead, it ran at half the speed of my previous phone! Nokia lost me there and there's nothing here that justifies the risk of going back to them.

Apple to announce handheld games console at WWDC?


Re: So-called rumours...


"When you think about it... when Appled launched the iPhone / iPod Touch, they were actually launching a new software platform as well. You have to remember that Apple Primarily thinks of itself as a Software Company and always has."

What are you trying to argue against? The first part of your post is irrelevant. The iPhone and iPod Touch are hardware devices. Yes, they have software, but they have hardware too! And neither were first announced at a WWDC.

The second part of your post is wrong. Apple make the vast majority of their money through selling hardware. I don't know where you got this notion from, but the only time they thought about becoming "primarily" a software company was under Gil Amelio in the mid-90s. From Macs to Apple TV to Airport to iPods to iPhone, Apple exist to make hardware AND software that work together. You can't separate the two sides.


So-called rumours...

Apple always say that they don't launch new hardware at WWDC, but every single time someone speculates that they will. You're just making stuff up here!