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Stop snubbing top scientists' advice, Lords tell MPs


Government isn't about being right.

Scientists can only tell you if something is really true or not. Government is interested in what the voters think is true or not. The two are so different that Scientists are of little use in formulating public policy, because if they fall on the wrong side of public opinion, then the government is in trouble.

If you don't like the answer you think you'll get, then don't ask!

Rumoured 'GarageBand for e-books' to bulldoze textbook biz


The old Apple Trick again

Once more, Apple will 'invent' something that has been done by everyone else, stick the letter i in front of it, charge three times what the others do, make sure that only Apple approved content can be used on it. Oh, and it will be a huge success and revolutionise whatever it is they are doing.

Canadian kid uses supercomputing to cure cystic fibrosis


Treatment that could help millions $5,000?

Bargin. I bet he's really happy with maybe just enough money to insure a car for a year.

The lab stands to make billions out of it I bet.

Could have at least awarded him the patent and a percentage if it goes ahead.

Library e-books to become too tatty to lend


Money grabbing

Yes, costing them sales. Of course a paper copy has all those little overheads that a digital copy doesnt. Printing costs, Cost of distribution and storage.

So unless the publisher is going to charge a fraction of the amount of the cost for the new 'licence to lend' then it is nothing more than a way of making a quick buck. (which is their business after all, but it still sucks)

LimeWire induces infringement, Judge rules


quit right.

microsoft sells and markets OS's that allow and encorage copyright infringment too. They specifically allow these programs to run.

Oh yeah, and Intel and AMD and others provide hardware that allows copyright infringment.

And the ISP's provide and market services that allow people to access copyright protected material.

Koobface variant worms across social networking sites


Until Facebook takes security seriously...

@Jodo Kast

I may have to recommend to everyone I know: Delete your Internet account.

If the Internet can't be responsible, and do nothing but offer excuses for lack of security, then they should be avoided at all costs.

They seem to be listening to users only when they want to... perhaps another exodus will convince them to take security seriously.

It's amazing how reckless they are.

Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs

Black Helicopters

Safe in Government hands

Is there ANYONE at all that still thinks our personal details are safe, that the National Identity register wont just be a good and easy method to steal identities?

Shuttle astronauts: Aliens are definitely out there


Calvin And Hobbes said it best.....

The greatest evidence that there is inteligent life out there, is that it's never tried to visit us.