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Numbers should be portable, insists Reding



I'm wondering why the Telco Regulator is so fixed on this, it hardly kills us to wait 5 days (average in the UK). If the telco regulator has so much time on his hands, maybe he could help out the energy bods, who allow energy companies to take 8 weeks to change gas and electricity supplier!!

Airline pilots told to switch off mobile phones


power ups??

The GSMy type blokes who I speak with say that one or two phones aren't a problem. But as you get further and further away from a base station, like you would when you are taking off, the handsets crank up their signal strength to try to stay connected. (Which is why your battery goes flat quicker in poor signal areas)

So if on a flight full of business people, each with a phone and a crackberry, you could have up to 1500 devices attempting to get signal, all ramping up to nearly a watt of power, doesn't sound much, but my microwave is only 800 watts and it nuked the crap out of my curry last night!

Leeds Council loses kids details


Its easy....

.... DON'T BUY UNENCRYPTED MEMORY STICKS. And threaten to sack anyone who brings their own. It works well in the fairly large telco I work in...

A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots

Black Helicopters

Not just a problem for the pilots...

Been on one, the engines are quiet, but that just means its like you are stuck in a tin can with 500 people you wouldn't choose to be with, oh, you are. The engine noise is preferable to crying baby noise everytime. I agree, babies should not be on long haul flights!

Black Helicopter, as those pilots must suffer too

London and Wales to get fast fibre



So, what do people need all this bandwidth for anyway? Stop your moaning and go find something else to do whilst your porn downloads!!

When flash mobs go bad


death was only brought forward...

Leeds parks and gardens department are only annoyed as usually its them who are ripping perfectly good plants out and replacing them with almost identical ones.

I can promise you, whilst some poor plants may have been inadvertantly trampled, they would have been marked for termination by the death squad already, and probably only stopped some other poor plants coping it elsewhere in Leeds, at least they died happy.

I'll get my coat, as I can't afford to heat my house after the Leeds Council Tax hike this year.


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