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Facebook loses a few bitches


re: Bubble 2.0

There's already a song about it going round.


The problem I think is there wasn't a proper recession at the popping of the last bubble. so the fools still have a lot of cash to be separated from.

BMW helps nail 105mph V-sign biker


am glad this type of police work goes on

On top of the fact that we have one less moron driving buses, we also get to understand how the police work and processes they'll use when they get that order form the government to activate a totalitarian society.

There is huge a list of things we will be able to do once they become totally reliant on technology to undermine it with relative ease.

ID card will be needed to vote, says UK election watchdog


OK, if they really want ID cards, this is my best use for them.

When someone is next talking to a politician who is so pushing ID cards, will they please ask him/her the following?

If ID cards are so secure and information so easy to handle do we now not have the technology for a true democracy where each citizens right to vote on individual parliamentary matters can handled by using a national electronic voting mechanism.

Then we can keep the parliamentary manager; and perhaps the odd minister but hopefully make the most of them redundant.

US nailguns itself towards extinction



Nail guns don't nail people, people nail people (albeit really stupid ones).


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