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Orange UK: the iPhone's latest colour carrier?



We were told at work, that o2 had signed a 5 year exclusivity deal for the iphone(s) And i'm not sure why apple would feel the need to move to orange?

P.S. I neither work for apple or o2.

iPhone 3G gains battery booster



I totally agree with above. This is a stupid invention, and will deffinatly flop.

Motorola ROKR E8 music phone

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NHS IT guy is correct, the Moto V8/V9 had this feedback.

HOwever it really doesn't matter, this phone will flop, and flop hard, why would you choose it over the similarly priced SE W910i (about £210) or perhaps spend less on the Nokia 5310 (about £100) or even, spend a bit more, and get the awesome SE w890i (about £250)

Moto could have saved some money on this one buy asking me if i thought it would sell, i could have said no, saved them shed loads of money, and face.

Sony offers double-capacity M2 card



sandisk have been making these for a good 6 months or more...

39.99 in your local cpw!

Staffer spills beans on O2 UK 3G iPhone launch

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staff view.

launch time is 08:02 i've heard.

staff will be in a 7am i guess.

Stores will NOT have 5000 units. a GOOD store is likely to sell between 150-250 new contracts a week. I expect stock will between 50-500 depending on store size.

NEVER 500 though, that would be crazy.

No official info has been released to staff though, so this is all intelegent specualtion. And staff haven't been told to keep quiet. YET.

Apple out to trump gadget warranty fraudsters

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Most phones do this already.

Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones have it on the battery, with the SE ones also inside the phone in a visable place. Some Nokia handsets have them visable, and most motorola phone hsav ethe under the battery as in the apple "pattent". Most start life out as white, but then turn red when they have become wet.

Also, most water damage, at least on phone, will show up with corrosion on the PCB, an usually blue/green corrosion on any copper contacts.

Microsoft orders 65nm Xbox 360 graphics chip

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RRoD happened to me!

It happened to mine. Luckerly the shop just swapped it over for another one. I had had it for 3-4 months and the nice man at game just swapped it for a new machine. I didn't have the receipt, just a copy of my bank statement showing a £300something purchase in that GAME store. Nothing went through on the till, he just opened a brand new box, swapped out systems over, and said he would send the new box back as DOA.

So thanks, GAME store at an unnamed city.

With greater reference to the story though, the second xbox i was given has not broken, leaving me with a 50% xbox360 breakdown rate!

Should I buy a USB HSDPA modem?


I think they're good

I think they are good.

Only Vodafone advertise 7.2Mb/s, and you cant only get that in major airports, voda head office and some parts of central london. Personally i think three offer the best option. They advertise 2.8Mb/s, but will actually connect at 3.6Mb/s in full HSDPA areas, which aren't all that rare. The prices are also the cheapest, so along with offereing the biggest 3G network in the UK, it seems like a good deal. Their customer care isn't great, but these dongles/sticks shouldn't have any problems, there's too little to go wrong.

Tmobile offer free wifi access to their hotspots with their deals, for which you need a wifi enabled laptop, they dongles are not. This can be useful as wifi offers faster connections, as you'd expect, and tmobile have the hotspots all over, including some trains, and most starbucks.

Voda are over priced IMO, and offer no real frills.

All in all i think they are fairly awesome. I would get the THREE one, rememebr you can lways get them unlocked, just like phones.

Mine's the one with the wallet being stolen out of by the other clerk...