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G1 app stops drivers from texting

Jon Hume

Is it just me or ...

.... is this possibly the most fundamentally flawed idea in the history of anything? Nonsense ...

Tesla takes Top Gear test to task

Jon Hume

Good effort ...

The Tesla is clearly a great bit of engineering but in the long-term electric cars are not at all practical. The Honda featured at the end of the show looks a much better prospect. However - I would still rather have a Caterham R500 (Top Gear Car of the year 2008) as it looked like brilliant fun going round the track in that!

Apple unsheathes Jesus Phone 2.1

Jon Hume
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2.1 x better than before ....

The only problem I had with my iPhone 3G was the lag when opening contacts. 2.1 update has fixed that so now I will continue to be a happy customer. O2 Signal at my place in West Sussex is much better than my previous N95 8GB on Vodafone which only worked in one place in my whole house.

Does an imported PS3 need power conversion kit?

Jon Hume
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No Worries ..

It works fine - just switch the power lead for a UK power cable. I have had mine since June and it has been on pretty much the whole time .. no problems!

The iPhone 2.0 update - don't do it, kids

Jon Hume


I have a shiny iPhone which was delivered to me while I was at work. Just got home and plugged it in and at the moment it is sitting around sulking like its owner ... I understand it is a massive worldwide launch but maybe they could have sacrificed a little bit of their control over what sim you put in the handset in exchange for the people who have purchased them actually being able to use the thing? Surely if they knew how many phones they had made they could therefore calculate what system resources would be required to register and activate all of them? Whoever did the calculations to estimate how many people would try and do it at the same time really messed up ...

World+Dog lines up for iPhones

Jon Hume
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Confirmation ..

Just had my confirmation email so I won't be queuing in the street, mine will be hand delivered by a man in a red and yellow uniform whilst I sit and read about how long it takes for it to be jailbroken.. I reckon 36 hours, anyone else want to start a sweepstake?

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away

Jon Hume

Update ..

I completed my order just fine at 11.30am ish. Seems to be OK so far. I am a new customer and they didn't ask me for a deposit or anything when I ordered. The only down side is that I have had to end my O2 boycott .... I will miss you Vodafone ..

Should I buy a USB HSDPA modem?

Jon Hume


The below comes from my own experience of the "three" option of USB modem and that of my colleague.

I have had no problems at all, not once have I plugged it in and found that it didn't work. I have had decent speeds and always found it simple to use, both with mac and pc laptops and even on my pc desktop when my "proper" broadband was down.

However, my colleague has had some real problems with his very similar but not identical modem. We went for a pitch meeting in Central London and found that the unit would connect fine but were sorely disappointed by the speed. So much so that we ended up using our emergency CAT5 cable and stealing internet from the client. Very embaressing.

For those interested we still won the pitch, perhaps more by luck than judgement! The only other thing I would say is that even though 'three' are one of the cheapest, I really wouldn't advise going with them purely for their customer service which is at best poor and worst non-existent. Although my experience is good from what I have read since my early-adoption of the technology it seems to be the case that the service is patchy at best and although it will generally always be better than a 56k modem. Perhaps it might be worth holding on and seeing if the service settles down and one provider emerges with a reputation for a reliable service.

Hope this helps!