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Irish gov refuses to haul Google, Apple into MPs' tax inquiry


Check the adverts

'Luxembourgeois and Swiss sandwiches are also possible and those are just the strategies that we know of - there are, no doubt, many more.' - Try contacting your advertisers; the only ads I see on this site on my phone are for ocra, who seem to specialise in this matter.

Must root phone!

PS ads I see are obviously localized.

Apple reveals bare bones iPod touch


Re: Planned obsolescence


but I upvoted anyway based on the first 30 words.

Think you're ready to make a big career bet? Read this first...


Re: keeping your skills nearer the edge

Hmm, remind me to choose a new handle as mine seems to be stuck in the early 90's.

Heaven forbid that I might seem to be behind the times.

The IT Crowd returns to Channel 4 for a final episode


Re: That line.

"If you had a sitcom set in a bar"

istr that this scenario featured in some sitcom before somewhere.

Bring it on again.

Ready for the car 2.0? Nvidia preps UPGRADABLE car system


Uploading infringement

I like the idea of automated uploading of traffic infringement noticed. mmm how good would that be.

Movie bosses demand Google take down takedown notices


Re: Streisand meets Inception

Well it seems to me that blogs posting links to content elsewhere keep getting taken down all the time. The taking down of MU last year doesn't seem to have had any effect other than that there are more file hosts and more blogs all the time.

Everything changes, but everything stays the same.

Google Street View releases devastated Fukushima town tour


Re: So sad.

Just how long after the Google cars drive around do the images appear online?

I drove past one about 2 weeks ago - when can I expect to see my car?

Twenty classic arcade games



I never became any good at Defender, but at the time I found it to be extremely compulsive - just had to put one more 20p (or whatever it cost) in the slot.

For some reason I still have nostalgic feelings about this game; never mind (the bollocks).

Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir


Re: You lost me at...

"I did once. Best date ever."

Should read:

_Best_ _Date_ _Ever_

Worst broadband notspots in the UK named and shamed



... rather than speed is why my son claims it's better to go on the internet at night.

Huddled immigrant masses face 'British values' quiz


Re: History and culture

Also, stuff about water meters and so on is important for new immigrants, however one is usually only eligible to apply for citizenship after a lengthy period of residence by which time one presumably knows most of the practicalities.

Why bother applying for citizenship if you already have permanent residency, if you can't be bothered to learn a bit of the cultural history of the place? Obviously exceptions would need to be made in certain cases.

Apple releases iOS 6.1, adds LTE carriers, tweaks security


Re: Good choice

How about Model T Ford?

Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama


it angle?

Fine story, but I'm not sure what the IT angle is.

Brit robojet ‘Taranis’ set for Oz test flight



'Hands up if you saw "Taranis" and thought of the Gallente Interceptor.'

No, I thought Tardis.

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white


Re: Rip off @cornz 1

"But if you are using Usenet, expect a letter from your ISP accusing you of copyright infringement."

I think in this case the letter would have to come from the Usenet provider not the ISP, and only for uploaded content, which in any case wouldn't require a TV licence unless it had been captured from a live TV feed in the UK.

Ten Linux apps you must install


Five .. Linux apps you must install

How about this:

sed, awk, grep, vi(m), less

Bring it on ...


I said sed, but I was thinking about grep

I was lurking here yesterday, but now I have to say 'sed' - this must be in the top 10 - if not, why not?

$ rpm -qi sed

Name : sed

Version : 4.2.1

Release : 10.fc17

Architecture: x86_64

Install Date: Sat 11 Aug 2012 07:04:52 PM WST

Group : Applications/Text

Size : 541801

License : GPLv3+

Signature : RSA/SHA256, Thu 19 Jul 2012 01:23:07 PM WST, Key ID 50e94c991aca3465

Source RPM : sed-4.2.1-10.fc17.src.rpm

Build Date : Wed 18 Jul 2012 08:50:48 PM WST

Build Host : buildvm-14.phx2.fedoraproject.org

Relocations : (not relocatable)

Packager : Fedora Project

Vendor : Fedora Project

URL : http://sed.sourceforge.net/

Summary : A GNU stream text editor

Description :

The sed (Stream EDitor) editor is a stream or batch (non-interactive)

editor. Sed takes text as input, performs an operation or set of

operations on the text and outputs the modified text. The operations

that sed performs (substitutions, deletions, insertions, etc.) can be

specified in a script file or from the command line.

Maybe I jest somewhat, but as far as I am concerned sed (and the rest of the GNU tools) would have to be close to the top of any top 10 Linux apps you must install. As for 'grep' - even MORE important. What about awk?

Young Frenchwoman desperate for fat pipe tumbles out of window


Re: The other first

Obviously when one counts floors one begins with zero for the ground floor, first floor above ground is one, first below ground is minus one. If one were to be writing lift (or "elevator") management software this is how one would number the floors; some lifts I've used even use this numbering scheme on the buttons for humans to choose the required destination level (-2,-1,0,1,2 etc).

Spiceheads keep Austin weird at IT's Comic Con


Re: Spiceworks is great!

"Unless you religiously only run linux like my new job."

ahh, I was about to say what is Spiceworks ... but maybe I don't need to.

Retailer leaks iPad Mini price list starting at £200


Re: Pricing

'"You make it sound like it wont be forever. Dream on..."

Oh, I'm sure it won't, based on current trends, I expect it will drop to around 18% and then rise to 22%.'

25% elsewhere in the EU is not unheard of (Sweden currently, IIRC).


Re: That would be £40 rather than £50 cheaper, and the magic word is

Yeah but who cares?

I just bought some (more than one, exact number not needed) 7" ICS/512Mb/4Gb/A13 based tablets for under $60 each (delivered). Who cares if one packs up, I've got a spare.

'Stop-gap' way to get Linux on Windows 8 machines to be issued


Re: Win7

or Fista, or even earlier win incarnations which are unsupported (or soon to be).

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?


Re: A few points

Yes, I read the long posts too if the subject matter is interesting.

I cringe inwardly when I encounter "loose data" or something similar in the middle of an otherwise worthwhile post.

Linux on ARM breakthrough to take away Torvalds' arse pain


Re: Trolls

Unfortunately many people (trolls included) skulk behind some corporate ip address.

Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III


Re: Agree with aj87... why the iPhone 5!?

'Samsung making a handset THE SAME size as the new iPhone'

Wow, maybe this could be the makings of some kind of massive Apple / Samsung legal dispute - I'll try and sell this idea to a few legal experts.

Sarah Brightman plans International Space Station gig


12" single

Must go and find that 12"er with Sarah Brightman I had somewhere.


White label, methinks.

Bloke jailed for being unable to use BlackBerry Messenger freed


Get out clause for paedophiles

I'm sorry officer, I sent this lewd message to [all|everyone in this subset] of my contacts. Just include enough over 18s in the list (1% - 99% over 18 dependent on the interpretation of the judge).

Maybe there's an app for that (sext 0.9 +18 "message" could be in the api).

The Register iPhone and Android apps: Maintenance update


Re: In the meantime...

"What, you mean like http://m.theregister.co.uk ?"

Exactly. I unly use www.elreg instead of m.elreg most of the time.

Note - please can we have a working search under http://m.theregister.co.uk, or at least allow search bots in.

Personally I will never use an 'elreg' app if the website functions as well as it does on my phone - this is my most visited site on the phone; I'm even too lazy to block ads here at the moment (not intrusive enough yet, perhaps).

Acer Iconia Tab A700 32GB HD Android tablet review


Re: Reminds me of this article about $49 Android tablets in China

These $45 tablets are easily available online (including delivery for under $60); I'm thinking of picking one up.

Ten USB 3.0 HDD enclosures


Re: maybe of use

I quite agree. At the moment it's usually cheaper (almost) to buy a drive in an external enclosure than a bare drive. Who in their right mind would then buy an empty enclosure?

Or am I missing something ... ?

Why I've got a sync'ing feeling about Amazon's new Kindle Fire


I must say that I don't care what the manufacturer intends, I'm more interested in the hardware specifications and how easy it is to root etc. If the next kindle fire fits the bill then I won't rule it out.

UKNova drops torrents after threats from FACT


Re: FACT: Tossers

Umm no, this is stuff "they" apparently couldn't be bothered to release (according to the article we're commenting on) but was provided instead by UKNova.

As an expat myself I must confess that I heard of UKNova too late to have had the chance to use it; I came across this news by chance a few days ago (I think on tellymad; best used with jdownloader - thanks magz).

So, just what is the ultimate bacon sarnie?


Re: I disagree

It's supposed to be a hangover cure. Ergo trying to per cure FRESH bread of any sort is out of the question under any circumstances.

Ten netbooks


Size / price / screen res

Just looking at a few old machines I've got around here:

1) Original eePC (7", 800x480)

2) Acer Aspire One (10.1", 1024x600)

3) Some 11.6" notebooks (1366x768)

4) Some oldish Android phones 3.5-3.8" (800x480)

The old eePC from (2007?) is a good size physically; there's too much unused space around the screen, and the resolution is too low to view many websites. Please supply link to original eePC girl on beach below this post if you've got one better than this:


She still looks like the perfect netbook user; I just can't imagine her with a tablet or whatever.

Why can't I get a netbook the size of 1) with a resolution like 3) nowadays? OK, I can get a tablet ... but I want a keyboard. Most high end phones offer a better screen resolution than netbooks. WTF?

Watch out, PC disk drive floggers: Cloud will rust up those spinners


Re: I'll miss them

Uh, how about using the cloud as (an additional backup) for the stuff one finds important.

No, I'm not doing it yet myself, but I'm certainly thinking about it.

Olympics TV HQ future: Catwalk beauties elbowed out by IT bods


Re: Thermodynamics FTW.

Capslock stuck intermittently?

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think


Re: It's spiders with mine!

-1 from me for insect, a spider is as stated an arachnid; +1 however for the cat - ours is lazy in comparison!

Airline leaves customer on hold for 15 hours


Busy Tone - Re: KLM much worse since Air France tie-in, I wonder why?

I wish more organizations used a busy tone to deflect callers when their queues were above a certain wait time. They could always publish another number for those that really want to queue.

London cops order Julian Assange to turn himself in


Re: ....

Sweeden? Honestly...

Ministers consult public on 'opt in for smut' plans



Surely one could just filter out a few bits of Usenet that were deemed inappropriate...

Unilever cutting tech bods, moving jobs to Bangalore: 800 face axe


global economy

Over a period of time one would expect the IT jobs to migrate to the most economical location. Eliminate third world poverty etc.

Unfortunately for those of us from the first world this means that our income will tend down towards the global mean.

Three touts 'unlimited' Euro data roaming for a fiver a day


My prediction

... is that data roaming will never be a good idea beyond an emergency:- individuals at the moment should always source a local option for data beyond some minimal limit (5Mb per annum?), companies seek a deal if it goes above this.

The pain of sourcing a local SIM (several hours of bureaucracy in some jurisdictions) will outway the costs after, say, this 5Mb.

How to get a job in Australia


Re: @Paul L Daniels - - I've heard... Yes.s but...

Hmm - are there any good IT jobs to be had in the Pilbara, though? If so, let me know- I'm less than 500 miles away.

Toshiba America says no to new netbooks


Re: Now they just need to cut Ultrabook prices by 66%

Just waiting for my wife's new HP Pavilion DM1 to arrive - 11.6", 1366x768 screen, a bit bigger than a netbook but no more expensive.

Ten... Ultrabooks


Small, cheap laptops (not netbooks)

Why can't I find anything at all to beat my couple of years old Acer Aspire 1410 - 1366x768 11.6" screen, core solo cpu, 2gb ram , under £400?

I'd like to buy a newer, smaller, faster, better, lighter, cheaper, etc laptop but there isn't one - why not? In the past I've always managed to buy a new laptop every couple of years that meets all of those simple requirements, but I can't any more. Why should I be forced to buy a tablet to do that now - I need a built in keyboard!

Now, if someone could make something around the size of a (New (TM)) iPad, screen res. included, that had a keyboard built in and one could stick one's favourite linux / bsd distro on without difficulty then I'd be there in a flash.

Why oh why oh why oh ... (cont p94).

El Reg Forums FAQ


Re: The one thing that I really dislike about the forums

Just HAD to downvote you there - 'cos I can.

Blimey, of course I don't care.


Re: iPad app

Please no fscking app!

Aussie group buying platform goes shopping in HK



I really like the idea of a ‘buy one get one free’ deal for breast implants - it seems somewhat surreal.

I see in my mind someone who was only able to afford to do one tit suddenly leaping at the chance to get both done and they can get matching ones.

Asda 'geekend' offers are for the birds


So what

Why should we even care about Asda's failings as a retailer? All that matters is whether the marketing strategy sells more of their stuff.

I can choose not to buy.

Fedora 16: A GNOME lover's paradise


How did you write the DVD iso to a USB stick? Presumably not with livecd-iso-to-disk

I just use livecd-iso-to-disk and have no need to pass any repo= options to the installer, it just installs cleanly, doesn't ask for a network connection. For me this has worked without any faffing around for the last couple of releases.