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Swedes ban camera spy-drones for anything but crime fighting


Re: Muppets

what does something being newsworthy have to do with judiciary banning camera drones?

Numbers don't lie: Apple's ascent eviscerates Microsoft


so if you look at the android numbers are apple getting disembowelled by google?

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front


Aaron check these out..



Looks like Apple have distorted the Samsung Galaxy S II as well


Apple admits scareware problem, at last

Jobs Halo

Think Sony Use Linux..

Looks like there is a new version:

Antivirus firm Intego today reported that it has discovered a new variant of the "MACDefender" malware that ups the ante by not requiring an administrator password for installation. The step is accomplished by installing the application only for the current user.


How do you copy 60m files?



Ability to copy file and folder names exceeding 256 characters — up to a theoretical limit of 32,000 characters — without errors

Apple asks US gov to hide iPhone details


Steve Davies 3

Try reading the article http://yro.slashdot.org/story/10/06/18/2030243/HTC-Android-Smartphone-Stores-Browsing-Screenshots

Microsoft unplugs middling Windows server


EBS runs individual servers

EBS does run on individual servers

iPhone ego clash costs Flash at Virgin America


is that the mobile site?

as per the article?

New service hamstrings Google data hoarding


re: um?

Suppose you could take a look at the code

Google fined for book copyright


Third World - Not Really

People in the third world have bigger worries and why should google be able to digitise something that somebody owns and clearly does not to assimilated?

HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone

IT Angle

SMS Bug?

I am testing the HD2 rom on a HD and no problems - What is the SMS bug?

MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters



The article said training was included with the price of blackhawks and spares.

They will need training anyway on the refurbed engines\avionics on the Puma (cost not included)

Wouldn't the MOD deploy them to a unit that arent on operations.

The refurbed Pumas will not available for 2 years..

Apple sends iPhones into 'Coma Mode'


@Michael C

Apple confirm problem is related to 3.1 here http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2941

Makes what you posted sound suspect.


@Anonymous Coward - Exchange 2007 SP2

Exchange 2007 SP2 was released a few weeks ago but the policy in question were introduced in SP1 nearly 2 years ago.

Jobs Halo

@DZ-Jay A recent patch?

Exchange SP1 was released in November 2007 nearly 2 years ago.

Apple new what affect the 3.1 patch would have but did not pre-warn exchange admins, think its funny you are trying to spin the blame on to MS.

Linux webserver botnet pushes malware


@Giles Jones

> With Windows you're stuck with the default state Microsoft ship Windows with <

You are no stuck with it any more you are stuck with it linux, its that sort or crappy thought train that leads to systems being easy to comprimise\attack.

Apple gives Palm the boot - again


Itunes Profit/Monopoly

@E Haines

>>That's exactly wrong. The majority of their cash flow does come from the devices. iTunes just

about breaks even and is only there to sell iPods and iPhones<<

Apple Apparently Turned $570 Million Profit from ITunes Last Year


Itunes is a monopoly but there is nothing illegal about apple having a monopoly, for instance apple controls %80 of the the UK digital music market but its not breaking any laws.

Virgin mail struggles to its feet


Were they moving people over to Google Apps?


How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC


@Michael C

I think you are telling porkies about 50% of your imaginary poll, bit like the 20% of people using macs figure you made up - mac has nearly 5% market share


What sort of company lets people bring there own machines in and plug them on to the corp network?

YouTube injects cash into US F1 team


others in F1 have tried and failed.

Coswoth DFV won 155 races

Coswoth HB won 11 races

CosworthV8 won races and Schumacher's first championship

CosworthV10 won a race

Exploding iPhone injures French teen


Lol at the reg staff..

that said iphones dont explode in ipod story comments.

Hijacking iPhones and other smart devices using SMS


It only takes one SMS and doesnt affect winmo yet

It only takes one SMS message and flaw only works on iphone and android at moment.



IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?



Opera are moaners, they got what they wanted and they are still moaning.. I dont think any one is feeling sorry for MS they are just sick of Opera actng like a baby.

Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off


$ v £

UK prices included taxes, I dont think the US ones do.. so you need to add it on

Microsoft forbids changes to Windows 7 netbook wallpaper

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Another PR Disaster..

What are the numpties thinking??

Ballmer not so bullish on Bing

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Is Gavin Clarke Stupid?

**May data does not include search activity at Microsoft Bing, which was launched on June 1. Microsoft Bing will be included with June qSearch data.


EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises


Doh.. How would I download a browser..

The OEM would supply a browser on their PC.

Windows 7 boss predicts 'modest' initial shipments


@Michael C

Do you really think this upgrade is going to double your macs performance?

Microsoft fortifies Windows 7 kernel with overrun buster

IT Angle

GoatJam - It cannot reboot the system

In interactive mode it can merly prompt a user that one is required - or log an event that one is needed but do nothing else.

It cannot decide to reboot the system - even with elevated rights.



Indeed, that would be User A

So when User B, who has no admin rights clicks on itunes, how is iTunes, which *should* be running with the privileges of User B, able to make kernel/system changes to a level that requires a complete system reboot?


The windows installer service would not let this happen unless something has been authored in to the package - if that was the case user b would be prompted to elevate access and would need to enter an admin account and password.

The point you are missing is the devs are writing applications and packages that are doing this by ignoring guidelines\best pracises - in this case apple if what you said is really happening...

eventvwr - application log ?


Goat Jam - Yes Clueless

The windows installer service will not let a standard user install any packages, you must have installed the package with elevated rights.. when the next user logs and launches the app any parts of the application that are not in that users profile are then added... as I said itunes is a crappy installer that must have a reboot authored into the package by apple, not MS.

Take a look at the application log even you should be able to work out what is going on..

IT Angle

@Goat Jam

6) Itunes does the "Running itunes for the first time" thing, thrashes about a bit and then declares "The system must be rebooted"

You are clueless.. How can you blame the way apple have authored their crappy installation package that tries to sneak on AppleSoftwareUpdate, Bonjour, MobileMe, QuickTime on Microsoft?

Mac update has 3D issues with VMware Fusion, ATI card


WinHatter ?

how can vmware be to blamed for a mac update breaking vmware?

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'

Dead Vulture

Please limit the comment field

so people dont post their life history..

Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double


Where do you get bulldozing refugee camps from ?

AC, Maybe they did a search?


Wanna see how to use Win 7 UAC to pwn a PC?

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By John Leyden - Posted in Enterprise Security

On a domain Windows 7 users would be running with standard permissions...

Oh and its a non issue for home users as already mentioned...

Shows a real lack of research\understanding by John Leyland.

Mozilla comes out in support of Brussels IE on Windows findings

IT Angle

Try saying that about any Microsoft server product.

"Firefox is NOT tied to Ubuntu. I have an Ubuntu install with NO browser on it at all because it doesn't need one. Try saying that about any Microsoft server product"


Server Core?

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot



"Pixar use wine A LOT. That sort of company."

You got me.. pixar has the specialist needs of your average corporation...

what a numpty..

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@Keith Doyle

Where I work it does not matter who installed the app.. the users can only write to HKCU and their profile area..

it really is not rocket science,,



How many business\corporate users are going to try wine when they state that "Wine is still under development, and it is not yet suitable for general use"


Three hospital worm infection dubbed 'substantive failure'



What makes you think the idiots that left the gaping holes would be competent at deploying and securing any OS?

Are you looking for work as you sound desperate?

Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved


Damage already done..

If the script\exe has run then the damage is already done..

EC will force users to pick a Windows browser, says Microsoft


package manager

It is a package manager - it may not wander offline and get packages but msiexec.exe manages installation\upgrade\removal of msi packages down to the component level..

If the browser vendors supplied validated MSI's to MSI they would get installed something like:

msiexec /i firefox_3.0.5.msi /qb!


This would be so simple if Windows just came with a package manager

It does - msiexec.exe

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth praises Windows 7, welcomes fight

IT Angle

@ChrisInBelgium A word of warning

Do install the Beta only on a dedicated test computer.

Don't install the Beta if you're uncomfortable troubleshooting your own PC problems

That said only a numpty would have missed the Where do you want to install Windows screen and it changed your BIOS settings???

Oh and Don't install the Beta if you're uncomfortable troubleshooting your own PC problems, lol

Conficker seizes city's hospital network


Group Policy - USB

You would think that the NHS would have a group policy to disable the USB storage driver.

@Nathan - is that a joke?


No Management System?

Who ever decided to deliver windows updates via the web should be sacked - it would seem a lot of people dont know how to manage or harden windows - including some of the comments above.

Conficker Autoplay ruse gets teeth into Windows 7


Just curious..

Why didn't they add in Microsoft as a publisher to make the illusion more complete, or is that controlled by something else?

They would need a microsoft certificate to do that..

Fisker posts Karma Sunset shots


Z8 Ghastly? Get your eyes tested.

Fisker designed the Z8 as well as the Aston Martin Vantage, DB9, Volante