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Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package

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I must be the exception here, I've got Virgin broadband and love it, decent speeds, decent service.

To be fair, when I was with BT at my previous house, I had no issues from them either. Is this possibly a case of the vocal minorities having undue influence?

50 day lullaby of Lulzsec is over .. for now

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Calling for the demise of Anon, whilst posting anonymously.

Nothing more to say to that.

MIRACULOUS new AIRSHIP set to fly by 2013

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All about context

On the face of it, sound comments all-round.

However, the purpose of this vessel is for military use. Military vehicles in dangerous situations don't tend to carry with them enough fuel to cause enough concern past their own safety. This thing is for transporting large numbers of lives outside of safe airstrips, the very last thing it needs is to be vulnerable to internal detonation.

Go Daddy CEO under fire for 'elephant snuff film'

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*People Eating Tasty Animals


Ubuntu board rejects slippery Flash installs

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In two minds

I have conflicting perspectives on this decision.

On the one hand, it does appear eminently sensible and justified - Yes, it's easy to install if you want it, and we get to choose exactly what we want on our distro.

That said, by my understanding one of the aims of Ubuntu was to make it easy for those not used to linux to switch to it. Flash has become so ubiquitous now that, love it or hate it, it's conspicuous in its absence.

I'm not saying it's a wrong decision per se, and hopefully in the future we'll be able to shift away from it entirely for many things on the web, but I'm unable to join in the flag-waving "100% right decision" commenters above.

Masochists add Jimbo Wales to every webpage

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You know there's a little 'X' in the top-right of the banner? And if you click it, they'll stop displaying?

Reboot key Brit 'ready to save internet'

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>how will this guy - or any of the others, buy a plane ticket

Because before the internet, nobody was capable of booking flights anywhere!

How Google became Microsoft: A decade of hits, misses and gaffes

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Er, no...

Curious, I could have sworn that Apple preferred to promote their patented Firewire alternative, which they earned a nice amount on due to royalties, but manufacturers chose to go with USB because it was cheaper, and Apple had no choice but to follow suit.

Yahoo! shuts! failed! social! networking! site!!

Chris Lovell


Yahoo run/ran a social networking site?

Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail

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Hates the UK, apparently

No matter what I try, I can't get any information on Yardley in Birmingham. Instead I've been given various statistics, directions, distances and graphics to do with a tiny community in Pennsylvania.

Nice relevant info there then.

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest

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Lazy gits

Alas, some of us actually had to work today rather than sit on El Reg all day participating in these fun frolicks, but thanks all the same as they've been most fun to catch up on this evening. Full marks to you Sarah, and long may you reign!

Westminster forced to switch off digital CCTV cameras

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What utter bullshit

Fucking hell, I work for a distributor that deals in CCTV products and I know there are craploads of converters to make use of legacy analogue systems to transmit digital CCTV, as well as bloody affordable megapixel security cameras.

God fucking damn state of the government in this fucking country.

Budvar beats Anheuser-Busch in latest Budweiser battle

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Good on them!

Budvar is a wonderful beer, far better than the piss-water US 'Bud' - may it continue to prosper!

Ex-Star Wars boffins build mosquito-blasting raygun

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RE: Oxymorons

> It is not an oxymoron, moron. it's a contradictory statement.

> The words need to be in succesion, IE, 'Beautiful Violence'

Actually no, I used to think this when I was at school but was pointed towards a dictionary which proved otherwise. An oxymoron IS a contradictory statement, not merely a pairing of contradictory words. As an example, "to make haste slowly" is an oxymoron.

Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat

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God bless the Irish

God bless 'em indeed. That's put a smile on my face.

Government wastes £4.6m on mobile telly nonsense

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You're forgetting the radio angle

I believe a reasonable amount of this has gone on radio advertising - I hear the ads here on one of the local stations and have to say that they're actually quite good. Yes, total waste for the video malarky, but I do believe som positive angles have come out of it.

Paris Hilton celebrates 28

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RE: YEY!!!

Surely "not-NSFW" should just be 'SFW'? Bloomin' double-negatives.

And I'm not sure if I'm more amused by the article or the comments. Thanks to Lester and the commenters for brightening my day.

Joker must retire, insist Heath Ledger fans

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Get real

As sublime as Ledger's Joker was, this is as likely to be listened to as PETA's attempt to rename fish 'sea kittens', and rightly so. Just because one actor's performance of a character is the best that has been seen doesn't mean that it will never be improved upon.

Get a grip on yourselves.

Facebook-based privacy campaign to spam Wacky Jacqui

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@ Ash

"As for bulk-mailing Jacqui, won't this fall foul of anti-spam and computer misuse legislation?"

As I believe all legislation put in place refers to unsolicited *commercial* email, happily this should be completely legal.

'Bloody' is an offensive word, declares ASA

Chris Lovell

A good time to...

...use ASA's complaints procedure!

"I would like to express my anger and disbelief at ASA's continuing attitude to prudish complaints about advertisments featuring use of the word 'bloody'.

How is it that ASA justifies upholding baseless complaints such as the Sun's recent olympics advertisment, or Telewest's use of the word? It appears that the sole justification is that it could potentially be seen by children.

Yet the word 'bloody' is used in a myriad of children's entertainment. Even in the Harry Potter films, which are predominantly aimed at and watched by children, feature the use of terms such as 'bloody hell' on a frequent basis.

It is also a grave concern that the word may be considered non-offensive if used in a different context. The term 'bloody hand' could have multiple connotations, yet ASA feel they have the authority to decide which is 'accceptable' for the general public. This is censorship.

I would urge the ASA to seriously consider what it is doing and its own credibility if it persists in taking such wildly inappropriate actions of suppression. Complaints are often made about many things in life, but these are predominantly made by a very small minority - listening to this minority can only mean that the majority are inconvenienced."

Chris Lovell
Paris Hilton

Surely it's descriptive?

Like penis?

Paris... Yeah. Not too obvious.

MPs grill BBC heads over Manuelgate

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$scandal . "gate"

Dissapointed, El Reg. Must every vaguely scandalous piece of news be compared to Watergate so that the masses know it's a scandal? Is this even a scandal anyway?

- Sits back and muses on the phonetics of 'scandal'

Home Secretary goes crazy on drugs... policy

Chris Lovell

And Gordon wonders...

...why Labour took such a hammering at the polls recently?

It's precisely this kind of policy twaddle that's making me ponder emigrating.