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Academic wants to 'free up' English spelling

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Anyone else find themselves cringing when BBC news readers start mangling 'Arfgarnistarn' and 'Parkistarn'? They sound like a right bunch of hawty pryckes.

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Run for the hills

The English language fundamentalists are predictably appalled by this proposal. However, the English language has never needed formal change; it just happens.

Frankly, the sooner the god-awful 'manoeuvre' disappears the better. And let's adopt the American spelling of 'center' while we're at it.. I for one do not pronouce 'centre' in its French form i..e. 'son-tray'. 'Centred' doesn't even look correct in my book. (All the reversed '-re' endings on such words come from a Victorian Francophile fad.)

However, txt spk is the mark of the 'tard. Let us pray this bastardized twat talk never becomes the norm.

Feds cuff blogger for Guns N' Roses leak

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Guns n Roses?

It's not really G n R, its Rose and the latest pick-up band he's put together to perform the classics. G n R hasn't existed for at least 13 years.

Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist

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All Heil Zee Homelanders!

Remember folks, anyone not wearing a TSA or Homeland Security uniform is automatically added to The Infallible Database of Suspicions.

Pentagon hacker McKinnon earns extradition delay

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Daily Mail to do a 180 turn?

So if the EuroCourt puts a full stop to GM's extradition, can I expect to read a prominent piece in the Daily Mail on how the evil, federalist EU has taken away more of rights? I mean, don't our own splendid English courts uphold centuries of hard-won rights while evil Jean and Juan Foreigner only seek to consolidate their power over us.

Will the Mail also explain why EU federalism is bad but US federalism is a self-evident good thing and all things United Statesian are to be faithfully emulated here.

Maybe we should have a Russian-style law that simply prohibits extradition of its citizens? But that would of course be curtailing our criminal justice system to the English and Scottish jurisdictions and not somehow constructing a abstraction that crimes committed in other sovereign states should be actionable here.

Inside the tent, the best bioterrorist money could buy?

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Ah, another possible Oswald to be judged guilty in the courtroom of public opinion with no defence counsel or right to cross-examine his accusers and the evidence presented against him. Good ol' westernised media justice.

There was a list doing the rounds of around 14 micro-biologists who have died in strange circumstances over the last few years, the most famous being David Kelly. Suicide sounds like an occupational hazard but what are the chances? Is there a link between these deaths? Investigating let alone answering such questions would require a media with a spine that is not frozen into inaction by the two magic words - 'national security'.

IT career virgins need a cherry on top

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The problem surely, has been ridiculously high salaries and daily rates for IT personnel in the past. Companies now realise that IT is not rocket science and that there are plenty of kids willing to work for peanuts to get in the door. Anyhoo, offsite support 'n storage will make most of you superfluous within a few years, probably.

Someone above me on the forum said that the kids aren't interested in IT- I'd say the opposite is true. Every school leaver and sixth former knows how to do basic IT admin, build a website etc. That is the reason salaries have dropped.

Yes some of the job ads have absurdly unrealistic guff about their 'ideal candidate' but speaking from an HR pov, the recruiting manager is unlikely to get all his boxes ticked.

BTW. what's "strong experience"?!

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

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National speed limit outdated

The idea of a national speed limit in the UK is now outdated and should be scrapped. Free flowing rural motorways and dual carriageways should have an upper limit of 80mph. Busy and jam-prone stretches should all be covered with variable systems. If that costs too much, then a lower limit of 50mph should be fixed.

Abolish all cameras as well. I can't believe so much money can be justified on monitoring speeding motorists.

BAA 'invented green superjumbo' to OK Heathrow plans

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Airport expansion

My take is that there won't be any further runways at Heathrow as the political cost of nearby villages could be too high. I expect to see attention refocused on Stansted and then Gatwick. The govt/BAA won't publicly say that of course.

We could dust off the plans for Maplin Airport off the Essex coast - nice new airport on a reclaimed island, Hong Kong style, complete with M12/M13.

MoD: We lost 87 classified USB sticks since 2003

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Secrecy Overkill

"almost all the devices were marked at the lowest grade of classification, and even the remaining few are unlikely to have contained information of any significance."

And therefore there was no need for the information to be classified in the first place.

Such losses emphasise the urgent need for a root and branch re-examination of the British classification system in tandem with a review of the Official Secrets Act with a view to greatly reducing the number of classified documents and releasing as many as possible into the public domain. Anything over twenty years old should be automatically released.

Oh, Top Secret is definitely not the highest category. In a further byzantine twist to this bizarre system, there are further compartments of classification, adjuncts to top secret that require more strenuous background checks. Thus there are secrets held within secrets. And you wonder why the government can't do joined up thinking?

Italian authorities raid alleged music filesharing forum

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Bad luck kids, you got caught. That's the risk you take.

Children who presumably are capable and intelligent enough to maintain a small network of illegal files. The legal age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 10.

How are they not 'real criminals'? Would you object if I took something you made and sold it for my own enrichment? Doing it on a computer makes it OK?

It would be interesting to know were the profits were going. Perhaps it was the mafia.

Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers

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Great Menace To Civilisation

Why the sudden deep and widespread pan Euro concern with filesharing? A few years back, the Great Menace To Civilisation was unsavoury types of porn. Yet no one was suggesting, despite the alleged evildoing, that dl’ers of that stuff should be given the boot. Presumably that was because abused kids don’t have a powerful industrial lobby group behind them and don’t represent lost profits to some multinational media behemoth.

And I’ve got to question since when did UK ISP’s become the hatchet man-enforcer for media multinationals?

Funny that - human lives ruined, kids traumatised, nothing happens. Sony/BMG lose a few quid and ‘something must be done’. Cynical? moi?

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Purpose of Surveillance Society?

If you wanted to spy on the population for political and police purposes, you would do it covertly. You would not advertise the fact and purpose of your spy systems widely.

One can only surmise that the real purpose of the surveillance is to stifle dissent and independent thinking and freedom of action. Fear and submission if you will.

Not that us Brits are deferential, monarchist-loving, scaredy-cats or anything. No way.

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

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Props to Davis

Neo Lab are not socialist, not by any stretch of the imagination. Neo Lab is run by cabal of globalising, pro corporate, neoliberal thugs. Labour in name, that's all.

So Davis supports capital punishment. So what? I have often wondered if it is actually worth keeping the Sutcliffe's and Nielsen's alive at taxpayer expense. Of course, as an EU member, the UK cannot reintroduce the death penalty so it really doesn't matter who your view is on this.

Judge grants Viacom 12TB of YouTube user records

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Viacome only gets what is pertinent to Viacom and not a byte more.

It would seem that demanding the whole 12TB shebang is excessive. If Google is eventually compelled to disclose YouTube viewing habits, then it should be restricted to only people who watched Viacom material. All other records are clearly not relevant in the slightest to Viacom's discovery.

Of course, if you had everything, wouldn't it be funny but totally coincidental if, ooh, it somehow, I don't know how, just sort of leaked and found its way into the safe of another large media company's legal office?

UK and US agree biometric heavily vetted trusted traveller deal

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Yes we are all responsible and that's a big part of the problem.

"So to all you whiny Brits I have this to say to you. If you don't like it don't come here."

Indeed. I won't be visiting your country anymore. Canada - yes, Mexico - yes. Not you lot tho. I have American family btw but that doesn't stop me loathing what your country has developed into over the last 60 years. I can't stand the UK anymore either and would emigrate if my wife would agree. Both countries are one degree away from being China style totalitarian states.

At least you have plenty of guns over there so you can always get rid of the scum politicians and officials by force if push comes to shove.

Court slaps UK BitTorrenters with landmark damages award

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Sophistry ahoy!

"you cannot steal something that is not there"

Can you steal electricity? I believe you can be convicted for that form of theft.

However, they were not being prosecuted under the Theft Acts. This was a civil case, not a criminal one. The claimant sought and was awarded damages. There was no prosecution, defence or possible jail time at stake.

The claimant would have a tougher time in court if the defendant turned up to defend themselves. That speaks volumes about the strength of their case.

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Naive kids and parents pay the price

Gordon Pyra, in case you didn't read the article, the case did come to court but the defendants didn't show up. It wasn't a criminal prosecution therefore the age of the defendants is irrelevant. Bad luck again kids!

As mummy and daddy will no doubt be lumbered with paying damages and costs, perhaps disconnecting the kid's bedroom internet link would be a good idea.

But until the vast IT community comes to understand that file "sharing" other people's work is wrong, this problem will continue. These people are petty criminals in the same ilk as shoplifters. There is no moral or legal defence for this. Bring on the flaming!

TSA says 'checkpoint friendly' laptop bags on the way

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@ss/elbow confusion

"That would require to actually hire smart people to do the job and not monkeys, and invest in education before releasing them on the crowd."

The TSA goon at the Nuevo Laredo/Laredo crossing asked me what ‘next of kin’, written in the back of my passport, meant. When I told him, he asked where he was. Now you’d have thought they would teach them that on day one at immigration school. When I left the US at Atlanta I was quizzed as to why the Laredo goons had written in my passport – something they shouldn’t do apparently. So I would agree that this security bunkum is all about little men swinging their weight around, looking like they’re doing something when in fact, they don’t know their @ss from their elbow.

Cambridge congestion charge plans shelved

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CC = another protection racket from local gangsters, sorry, government.

The major Stagecoach-operated 'Citi' bus routes in Cambridge are frequent. However, due to Stagecoach's near-monopoly, tickets appear expensive. I pay £20 for a seven day ticket that gives me unlimited use of all Stagecoach's buses. Is that unreasonable? It may seem the better option if petrol prices continue to rise.

Interestingly, the Newmarket Road park n ride site was inside the perimeter of the congestion charge scheme. Talk about running a racket. That would've meant you had to pay, regardless of whether you were p n r'ing or going into town.

Let's face it, Cambridge is an old town that was never designed for horseless carriages, let alone the volumes the narrow roads carry today.

Think tank slams paedophile paranoia culture

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Operation Ore/Social Engineering

Remember the Operation Ore investigations into paedo rings in the UK that snared Townsend? Rumour at the time had it that several member's of the Blair government were implicated.

Sometimes, those who point and shout the loudest are guilty of 'protesting too much'. And given that most child abuse is done within a family setting, you wonder if investigations are looking in the wrong places.

re Social Engineering: following the endless policies, initiatives and awful legislation of the last decade, it would seem that 'the plan' is to deconstruct and then reconstruct British society along some totalitarian line. That's what 'modernisation' means in neo labs lexicon. Total, permanent war is also their other great love.

At the very least, you can make sure that you vote against any sitting Labour MP at the next opportunity.

Pentagon hacker vows to take extradition fight to Europe

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Sorry but he hasn't "done what he was accused of"

Presumably the USA's legal system still operates under the archaic principle of innocent until proven guilty? Let me say that I unequivocally reject the sham treaty under which this extradition attempt is being pursued. It makes a hollow mockery of our democratic traditions.

Please can someone specifically state the nature of the damage he is alleged to have caused? Of course, in McKinnon's case, I suspect that the US authorities may have exaggerated the "damage" in order to justify his extradition.

There are interviews with McKinnon in which he claims to have viewed hi-res satellite pix of large, copper-coloured, cigar-shaped craft. I think he found what he was looking for. That could be the reason the damages have been inflated.

An interview with Gary McKinnon is available here http://www.projectcamelot.org/gary_mckinnon.html

Day dawns for Pentagon hacker Lords appeal

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Good luck Gary McKinnon

Let's hope the final court of appeal sees the gross injustice in a treaty which permits British citizens to be extradited to the USA with no evidence required. What kind of sham democracy permits such a mechanism? The second rate pseudo democracy that is the UK. Shame on all the MPs who approved of such a despicable treaty.

And shame on the US DoD and NASA for preaching a mantra of 'national security' when you can't even be bothered to establish the most basic of network security procedures. You only have yourselves to blame for that one. You're just lucky it was Gary McKinnon who exposed your unbelievable security lapses and not an unfriendly foreign power.

Or am I being naive here and the US DoD and NASA were entrapping would-be hackers by not using passwords et al? Hmmmm.

PS: wouldn't mind seeing those great big UAP pix that McKinnon apparently saw at Building 8 of the JPL..

Ex-Sun chief to fight Davis in '42 days' by-election

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To show my support from freedom and so forth

I propose we burn The Sun's offices to the ground.

UK culture sec wants a public service web

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Tediously irrelevant BS from a politician.

One question: whose standards are we talking about here? They're correct about one thing tho: unless TV adapts to the times instead of continuing down its old school path of Eastenders, The News and saw-it-years ago films, advertisers won't bother with TV in 20 years time.

Nuts to TV!

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

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Your papers please sir

The UK has rapidly become a paranoid police state. You can safely assume that powers "requested" via various bills merely legalise activities that have been going below the public's radar for years.

So how does anyone propose we halt and reverse this beast? I don't think checks and balances are sufficient anymore. We need wholesale rollback of technology to stop this in its tracks.

Ofcom slaps MTV with £255k fine

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MTV should be sued

...as they haven't played any music in years.

World realizes Google home page is 'illegal'

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Is there really a privacy issue here?

What would Google do with millions of IP addresses it collects every day? Can an IP address be connected to a specific person, in households where several people are using the same computer?

The same privacy arguments have been raised against GCHQ/NSA collections. Yes they do indeed have the ample capability to collect the data but do they have the time/resources to analyse it all?

UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders

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The Boro

Altho The Boro, if memory serves, is awash with filthy drugs and criminal gangs which must of greater concern to the police and public, the record companies, no matter how large they are, are entitled to have their intellectual rights defended. I cannot see how anyone can justify bittorrents etc as they are overwhelmingly used for the unauthorised distribution of someone else's property.

So does anyone know the arrested parties and what their operation consisted of?

Apple store detains teens for installing iPhone game

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Kick 'em out I say!

Good to read of a store manager who has contrived a flimsy excuse to eject some non-spending teens hogging the hardware. Don't see a problem with downloading altho it might give less intelligent customers ideas about installing their own apps, thereby causing the sky to fall in over Apple HQ.

Further transgressions should be punished with a moderate beating with an Apple issue 'ibaton'.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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Broadband speeds. Who cares, really?

I "downgraded" from Virgin's 4MB to 2MB package recently. The speed difference is barely noticeable. Broadband speed is not something I get worked up about. 50MB, 100MB...so what? You're just gonna pay more cash for a service that will be no better than my 2mB.

I'd really like to know just what the hogs are downloading. Fricken DVD pirates and 13 yr old youtube obsessives spoiling everyones fun no doubt. Maybe a little move away from net neutrality would not be a bad idea..charge the parents more to have fast access to these sites and I reckon you'd see a marked decrease in bandwith hoggery.

European manned spaceship design unveiled in Berlin

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Don't put people into low Earth orbit; use robots instead.

Shoot me down if I'm wrong but aren't all these expensive "manned missions" really about nationalistic ego battles rather than anything of real, lasting benefit to ordinary people? All this renewed interest in space is more likely to do with putting more weapon systems in orbit than anything that benefits the sane majority of humans.

Robots can do most "space jobs" people can and at a fraction of the price and with zero risk to human life.

Wii still king in US

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Breaking news: Sony to stop production of PS3

is not a headline I'm expecting to see but the top brass at Sony must think they've spooged $Bns on a turkey.

The Wii continues to outsell its rivals on a 3:1 ratio. Now let's hear some 'splainin' by the Sony faithful 'bout how their beloved device is going to be Console King "any day now".

Perhaps European gamers have had enough of subsidising the north America market by buying this overpriced toy-box.

MoD begins full UFO-files public release

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Classification of released docs?

Anyone know what the highest level of classification of these docs is? If previous releases are anything to go by, there ain't nothing released beyond the category formerly known as Secret. Everyone knows that the real goodies are at Super Duper Double Quadtuple Secret Level.

BTW, Rendlesham happened on a USAF base. We've all seen the UK MoD docs pertaining to that case but what happened to the USG's docs?

Home Secretary goes crazy on drugs... policy

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Motivation for keeping drugs illegal

"Could it be that there is too much money being made out of keeping cannabis and other drugs illegal? And some of that money is finding its way to those in power.

That's the only explanation I can think of for the current status quo.

Nothing else makes sense"

Yes that is one major factor. People tend to forget and politicians tend to ignore that since OTC drug sales of Diamorphine, Cocaine, Cannabis et al became progressively more illegal since the 1920s in the UK, a vast octupus-like global drug network has emerged. I've noticed that the 'Mr Big' element is rarely discussed in the media while politicians generally only talk about penalising the user and dealer. Someone don't want independent dealers siphoning off drug profits.

Several journalists have tried to investigate and expose govt-sponsored drug trafficking and met with dubious ends. See Gary Webb's Dark Alliance book for example and Barry Seal's connections to the Bush family. A certain well-known US politician, WJC, has been alleged to be deeply connected to the Cocaine business. His brother said as much in an interview with Sunday Telegraph years ago. The reaction from the media? Not a peep. They know what's going on but are afraid to investigate and expose because of the power of the gangsters.

There does appear to be some media disinformation on the subject. Are we really meant to believe that a few poor and desperate women from Colombia with a gut full of condoms are responsible for supplying the UK's coke habit for example?

On the contrary, the drug business, apparently the biggest industry on the planet, must have an extensive and robust distribution network to import sufficient amounts of 'product' to the market. I suspect but cannot prove that this would involve the complicity of cells within govt agencies e.g. Customs for one. One just cannot keep importing kilo and kilo of coke walking thru customs at Heathrow without someone on the inside ensuring you don't get checked. Periodically you could expose a few kilos and some dupe to the authorities as a diversion.

Celeb flights into the UK are, I understand, rarely if ever subject to passport/customs inspections so that would be another great way to bring it. But about the most secure way would be to use military bases. Land, taxi to a remote hangar, unload to fedex whatever and off to the 'distribution center' you go.

A retired Detective admitted to me that he was aware that cops were confiscating drugs then selling them on out the back door. And that's just low-level scumbaggery but still an abuse of power and massively corrupt.

Next time you hear a dumb MP standing up to denounce drugs, ask yourself - are they saying they prefer the vast web of narco gangsters who don't give a rats ass about quality control to a peacefulish coffee shop style culture? I/D which politicians and officials are sleeping with the enemy while publicly denouncing drugs and the whole house of cards would start to collapse. I cannot see how you stop people using drugs but you can mitigate the worst problems by converting a corrupt black network to a transparent legal retail market with competent manufacture, QA and retail in 'off-licenses' to O18s only.

Aron A Aardvark

The govt does not care about you or your health..

The govt is only concerned with making itself look good. Moving drugs in and out of various slightly arbitrary categories does absolutely nothing to solve any of the problems alleged to stem from Cannabis use. More to the point, most, if not all of the problems arise because Cannabis is illegal but these politicians don't get it. i.e. kids getting hold of the stuff and the lack of QA on the 'product'.

You know, there is some research that concludes that the mental health problems are not caused by the plant itself but the heavy metals contained in the fast-grow hydroponic kits used by most domestic 'cannabis farms'. Has Smith and rest of these moralising idiots ever looked into that? No way. This whole process is about getting The Facts to fit the conclusion. Screw data that might upset the apple cart.


Did I hear Smith say that Cannabis is bad cos nasty people are involved in its cultivation and distribution. D'uh Jackie, could it possibly be because decades ago, one of your predecessors decided, without any evidence, to make a friken plant illegal and create all the necesary conditions for a vast organised crime network to take root. But thats good huh Home Sec? Don't hear you talking about them those top level mafia types? Or the massive and sanctioned network that can only exist with tacit official consent to keep the habit well fed. Don't see you hitting out at official corruption Smith. Like I said, it's all about the govt making itself look good.

If you wanted to stop kids getting it, you'd make it legal. Would anyone seriously suggest we stop kids getting hold of vodka by making it illegal?