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Cocaine now cheaper than lager


Could it be that

cocaine has stayed the same price, or increased, and the stuff sold as cocaine just has less cocaine in it? OFT any comment?

Wakefield does a Brum with possessive apostrophes


Quite right

And some people take maths a little too seriously as well.

Jacqui Smith ecstatically ignores more scientific advice


To be fair to Jacqui...

Would you trust someone with an 18% pass mark?


The message to young people is...

Scientist? Wanker.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users


I wasn't getting any

service calls after improving my application to the point that it practically ran itself and nothing was going wrong.

This led to questions about my service charge. The next upgrade had a couple of 'non-standard' procedures, designed to result in service calls. Our clients were more satisfied with their service charges after that.

Not sure what the lesson is here.

Scotland to battle grey squirrel invaders


They didn't ask to come here

Can't we inject them with a growth-retarding hormone, dye their fur red and retrain them all as red squirrels? I'm sure they could make valuable members of the countryside community, given some state aid.

Brits 'a bunch of yellow bastards', says irate Yank


Yellow? Bastards?

tanning salon orange actually, and as many as 20% of British children are born in wedlock - so there.

Jacqui Smith cracks down on gangs via computers, closets


This should create some interest in gang colours

where there is none at the moment. Way to go. And Jacqui, one spliff can't have caused this level of brain damage...what have you been up to?

One-tonne 40ft snake prowled superhot prehistoric jungles


The last member

of the 'Association of Mega-Snakes Against Global Cooling' .

MP wants Welsh text on ID cards


Use Latin, written in Braille

That way everyone is unhappy, apart from a handful of Finns, and who cares if they are happy.

Experian sends 'cheap' Lord a-leaping


If they are any good at being corrupt

then they should be put to work gaining advantages for Britain within the EU. Our mainstream euro politicians are so incomptetent their corruptness only extends to their immediate families.

5,000-year-old 'ice man' was shot to death


Are they now going to re-name him...

The iced man?

World's smallest working fuel cell developed


I can't see an application for something so tiny...

Mobile phones for mice? jetpacks for bumblebees?

UK citizens' portal exposes edit kit interface


Faux pas

Doesn't that mean 'not fake'?

Welsh Darth Vader dodges jail


The amphetamines

probably took the edge of the drink. Not sure why he didn't mention them.

The cut on his forehead looks fairly fresh, probably from the night before, and I doubt he'd been to bed since.

He may well have been wrongfully sold a 1 litre box with a '0' biro'ed on.


If he'd been seriously

trying to assault them, they'd have both been in hospital.

He was only trying to be friendly and join in the fun, but like an young unsocialised pitbull, he obviously doesn't know how to play along nicely nicely.

I hope he gave his gran her crutch back.

Home Secretary goes crazy on drugs... policy


Age matters

I reckon alot of males experience some degree of mental illness at some stage between the ages of 14-24, regardless of drug intake.

It makes a kind of sense that after you have worked through the physical childhood illnesses, you make a start on one or two of the mental ones for 10 years or so.

Things generally even out after then. The good news is you should be able to get back to a paranoia-free toke by the age of 30 or so.


Sober/straight people don't cause crashes

I worry about the babies run over by people who are neither drunk nor stoned.

Surely the penalty should be far more harsh for sober/straight people, I mean what excuse have they got for their actions?


Weed is addictive

which is why it usefully feeds an addictive personality. If you have an addictive personality, it is one of the better ways of quenching it, especially if you don't fancy becoming a gym-junkie.


If mental illness has increased under this government...

Shouldn't we be locking those bastards up?

Jacqui Smith un-downgrades cannabis


legalise it

then people wouldn't smoke the stuff that makes you ill. It isn't just the strain that alters the effects, it is the way it is grown, cured and processed, and the proportions of the active chemicals.

Having clean, well-labelled weed, and a choice from mild to strong would help.

Banning all weed is like banning shandy because people go blind and die drinking moonshine.


Anon Coward

That would be like waving a red flag at a bull......


Let's hope they don't notice....

that cannabis seeds are freely and legally available in the UK.

We should be safe though - identifying a simple and obvious solution is something our government hasn't got much of a track record in.

And if there's anything 'more lethal' about either skunk or hash, it's the additives like glass, silica and wotnot that have been making their way into the nation's lungs, not the THC.