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Orange mobile broadband takes six-day break


@richard tanswell

"Since the French took over, the company has really gone down in my estimation."

Have you not noticed yet that the crap service you get from companies in England has nothing to do with the French (or other nations, or immigrants) and everything to do with dumb asses not having the balls to take a stand and stop paying for the crap?

Vendor pitches handheld phone-data extractor


I'd think

I'd think it's kinky if my girlfriend was spying on me... especially if she had lots of hi-tech spy gear as well.

Legal experts wary of MySpace hacking charges


@Tom Welsh

This was a middle aged woman who posed as a juvenile in order to cause distress to a child. That's not right and she deserves to be punished.

"Words may be very hurtful, but we all have to learn to put up with criticism, mockery, and even vicious taunts. The alternative would be far worse."

You walk up to my kid and start calling them filth and I think it's you who'll be learning a lesson.

Thus spake the Moderatrix


@Graham Bartlett

They need an extra pair of hands to undo and tie up their corset.

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help



More information might help.

When I lwoke up 7 am today I weighed 13 stone 8 pounds.

Intput/output diary:

7:01 am peepee. volume: 15 seconds worth.

7:15 am approx. 500ml cold water from fridge.

7:40 am Everybody loves Raymond advert break, ate a pear.

8:20 am 1 skimmed milk cappuccino (sp.?) and 3 Marlboro lights outside cafe near work.

9:15 am Pack of M&S chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches (with the healthy eating sunflower on), cup of Earl gray and glass of sparkling water,

9:19 am Burp.

10:48 am Poo.

11:15 am approx 250 ml cold water.

12:00 pm Miso soup and tuna & salmon junior from Itsu.

12:45 pm approx 250ml room temperature water.

2:19 pm Columbian coffee machine coffee.

2:39 pm Peepee.

2:42 pm Marlboro light.

2:51 pm Apple.

4:47 pm aprrox. 250 ml cold water.

5:01 pm Marlboro light.

7.16 pm Peepee.

7:25 pm Lemon sole fillet x 2, mixture of salad leaves, lots of asparagus, 2x bottles of Becks alcohol-free.

7:48 pm Peepee.

8:19 pm Cornetto.

8:43 pm Ejaculation.

9:11 pm cup of chamomile (sp.?) tea.

Now I weigh 13 stone 3 pounds.

Vatican star watcher says aliens may be out there



"Atheists merely apply the same standard of evidence to statements ..."

For a person to do that they must believe in the evidence and either their own or another's ability to correctly deduce a result from that evidence.



"Or are catholics now not to take the bible as literal Truth?"

The official Catholic line on the Bible: "We should not expect to find in Scripture full scientific accuracy or complete historical precision".

Some Christians believe in a literal interpretation. Catholics don't (or shouldn't). Catholic schools teach evolution, they also teach respect for other people's beliefs (which includes atheist beliefs).

I want a baby, coos broody Paris Hilton


Baby name

I think they should call the kid Peters Hilton.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport


Drink driving

"Drunks should be put back where they belong, behind the wheel of a car."

As Dave Allen once said: more car accidents are caused by people who smoked before driving rather than drank alcohol before driving - which means they should get the smokers off the road and make it a safer place for drinkers.


summer on the tube: bring water

They (used to) encourage passengers to carry water when traveling on the antiquated tube during summer. They can't know if your water bottle contains alcohol without detaining you and testing.

Now there's another excuse to detain people without reasonable cause. "They woz on public transport, they looked drunk init, they woz drinking something, so we shot them".

But this is all for our own good, what really gets me annoyed is that I imagine foreigners who don't have to pay the UK TV license might be able to watch the BBC over the internet.

AT&T halts holidays during 3G iPhone launch window


@Chad H

"But how will those of us who need to see the screen do things?"

You lot will have to make do with the touch screen excuse for a keyboard. My solution keeps both camps happy - those that like to look at the screen and those that like physical button press. I reckon the iPhone upgrade will be a revolution that doesn't leave anyone feeling disenfranchised.

Scientists create Chewbotca robot muncher



"Read the bible: Judges, chapter 13 to 16."

That's a good hair cut reference and I can see how, on balance, it might cause someone to call the emergency services rather than sit struggling with the theological interpretation when their daughter's hair's being eaten by a cabbage patch doll.