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Virgin Media customers complain of outages across UK


Now unusable

It's now become so bad, it's practically unusable.

Daily cut-offs started back in May, around 10:30 and through to 11:30 in my area (21).

It's now constant. Day or night.

Review: Infiniti M35h hybrid sports saloon


Pretentious brands or not..

When it comes to build quality the Japs have nailed it. For the models that are built on their island at least.

Admittedly, their stylistic approach ranges from silly to disgusting at times, but please do show me some 20+ yo german metal that runs as smooth as the tin boxes of their their ex-allies.

Beer, cause there's always an excuse for one.

Russian iTunes offers smut video links


Which is exactly what happened, accidentally or not.

Apple iOS 6 review


Re: Only for some though .....

The iPad (1) has the same A4 CPU as the iPhone 4, but suffers from having only 256MB of RAM. Running iOS 6 on it would probably render it slower than a drunk slug with a limp. iPhone 3GS on the other hand, has the same 256MB of RAM with a much slower CPU, but drives a much smaller screen.

Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'


Yes we get it! You don't like Apple and they don't like you.

Nice army of anonymous informers and insiders about a company you love to hate. I wonder how much you pay them. What is beyond me, is why you care so much about something you have so vigorously dismissed in the past. Could it be because you didn't buy AAPL in time?

DVLA makes £44m flogging drivers' details

Thumb Down

So much for the DPA 1998

I was under the impression that the first key principle of the Data Protection Act 1998 was:

"Data may only be used for the specific purposes for which it was collected."

How long until we have Acxiom-like cases in Europe?

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?



This article is about data sets and their (possible) manipulation, not an article challenging the existence of a global warming phenomenon. If such manipulation has indeed taken place then perhaps we should be asking why, and look for those who benefit.

As far as the global eco-craze is concerned, I couldn't care less. I have always been consuming resources reasonably and will continue to do so because I see no benefit from pointless waste of any kind. I turn lights and various devices off when they are not needed (most people I know don't), I switch the car engine off when in traffic or waiting longer than 3 mins, I don't leave water taps running just because water supply is unmetered, etc. But that's because it makes sense to do so and not because some eco-terrorist scared the hell out of me and managed to convince me that we will all melt like cheese on toast.

Yes, global temperature is fluctuating and we are certainly not caring about our planet as much as we should (or could). But I do urge all sane El-Reg readers not to buy in to this whole load of crap they're trying to sell us.

I, for one, will carry on polluting as much as I have always done, I will keep my awesome 2.5V6 engine and I'll keep enjoying the sun whilst waiting to die from skin cancer.

And please don't buy a Prius; it's ugly and gay.