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Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail

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mismatch error

Yes Ted, we get it - a fish doesn't know what to do with a bicycle. Perhaps someone with legs would have given a more balanced review.

We need people to take risks to progress technology. Even if they fail, it has served progress.

Boffins pump out pop-up touchscreen

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The early adopters?

The pr0n industry of course ;) just a little more air...

Obama releases Dubya's secret anti-terror memos

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I wonder if you were as vociferous about Bush during his heroic attempts to trash the deficit?

How does one fund such a deficit? You can't borrow forever without paying anything back. Yet, you're against raising taxes. So how do you propose to pay it back? Cut government spending?

Bush left government having overseen the biggest federal budget expansion since Franklin Delano Roosevelt seven decades ago. Yet, with low taxes!

Tell me, was it right to run up a deficit funding war? But not on economic recovery?

Big Blue to build DARPA cat-brain machine

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Step 0.1

Before emulating a mouse brain they should try something a little less ambitious, perhaps a brain that starts wars against random countries for randomly generated reasons.

Stick health warnings on gays, says Stock Exchange chaplain

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Sounds like someones a closet queen...

If the internets have taught me one thing it's that those who shout the loudest about how abhorrent homosexuality is are, on balance, most likely to be the ones snorting meth off of rent boys bums or tap dancing in assorted public toilets.

Noel Edmonds defies BBC's jackbooted enforcers

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Paris Hilton

el commentardo

Who cares about the IT angle? I work in IT all day and appreciate distraction from re-arranging electrons in a manner that is, quite frankly, non-essential to the continuance and happiness of life on this ball of polluted mud.

I must say that my IT skills come in handy when it comes to avoiding clicking on links that indicate a topic in which I have no interest. Through the magic of causality, this saves me from having to berate authors who write on topics in which I have no interest.

I am also dissatisfied with today's weather. Please make the weather the way I like it. Goodbye.

Paris, because my electrons love her long time.


Lockheed demos AI-based roboforce command tech

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Regime Change 2.0

Press a button and, voila, unattended upgrade of Troublesome Dictator v1.0 to Brown-nosing Dictator v1.2.

BTW, won't the terrorists just have to wait for the window afforded by Patch Tuesday to make their move?

Mines the tired cliche with the hackneyed chestnut in it's worn out pocket.

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

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It's simple, let Darwin sort it out

Let them go to a Christian University where their high-school courses will be recognized. Then it will be up to future employers to decide if they want to employ someone with a degree founded on critical thinking or wishful thinking. Those with degrees awarded by a religious uni will soon learn they are unfit to be unemployed in the real world, they'll suffer economically, and learn to send their kids (if they can afford it) to a non-religious uni.

Mines the cliche that's so way past it's sell-by date, it's come back into fashion.

'Patricia Hewitt' donates £6m to charity

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Thumb Up

More scam baiter merriment

Check out http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com/

Intel will flush Xeon line with six-core Dunny

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hex me up

'lobbying from the Hex community'

Nice to know the base 16s have finally found their voice.

US declares 1400-mile Pacific sat-shoot exclusion zone

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Why isn't...

...there a self destruct sequence?

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

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Paris chooses fine sushi girls over abandoned bush babes


787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer

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Ye lame olde chestnut

I know! Make them out of the same indestructible material as they make black box flight recorders!

The terrorists I party with

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@Not Needed

You said,

“….miss is how much the media in America, just like yourself, criticizes the Bush administration. Its 99% negative coverage of what happens in Iraq.”

However, this was not always the case was it? In the beginning there was almost unanimous support of all aspects of the war from the press, from the driving ideologies, to the justifications, to the execution and predicted outcome. As time went by, the press started pointing out that it wasn’t going swimmingly, that it was taking slightly longer than the predicted 6 weeks or 6 months. This is what the press is supposed to do. They are supposed to probe and question an issue. Their purpose is not to provide a propaganda arm for the government. This defeats the important role they are supposed to perform in a democracy, which is to be a check and balance for power.

You might feel that everyone should be pulling in the same direction during a time of war, that any deviance from this or questioning of the cause is counterproductive, unpatriotic, and even treasonous. However, a system such as this is not a democracy.

We have and need checks and balances very good reasons, and that is to guard against the enemy within.

If The Reg wants to publish articles such as this one, disagree all you want or don’t click on the link, but do not try to silence it; I quote ‘The Register shouldn't give a forum for people like this”.

Be grateful, because it shows the press are doing their jobs and that we still live in a functioning democratic society.

Can Osama keep Bush afloat?

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Dear Bush supporters,

Please explain your lack of dissappointment in your leaders abilities to deliver the criminal responsible for 9/11.

Bush has failed to deliver and you don't care. Why?

Wanna copy of Windows XP next year? Forget it

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Well I'm not moving ever either!!!

Away from my Vic 20 that is.

Go ahead, scoff your scoffings but I can do everything I need to do on my 3.5Kb beast of a machine. Any piece of software that needs more memory is BLOATWARE!