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Ofcom confirms three Freeview HD channels 'by end of next year'


Have I missed something?

I may be missing something fundamental here but us freeviewers will still be receiving TV through a standard aerial to a receiver that captures the broadcast, decodes and assembles it for viewing (at least I hope that's how it will continue to work for FreeviewHD). Surely the hardware will stay the same - receiving signals on set frequencies, it's only the software that will need to change to accomodate the new standard/encoding?

I don't claim to be a broadcast hardware/software expert but this was my understanding of things, so why can't an OTA update fix the issues with integrated freeview tuners from forethinking manufacturers who allow this? My Samsung TV's integrated tuner has had more than one over the air update in it's life and a guide update to boot.

Can anyone shed light?

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El Reg - Website murderers.

The site linked from this atricle has gone down, however the replacement error message is worth a read. It keeps being added to also.

El Reg - The killer linker

Vendor touts notebook as desktop server replacement


but will it...

..play Crysis.

There's nothing like having a few rounds with a radical faction in the jungle, using your strong suit whilst providing aid to a 3rd world country.

Web cam images undo MacBook thieves


@heystoopid/Webster Phreaky

I'd not worry too much about the comment Phreaky - I would suggest that heystoopid was attempting to spark a Mac/PC flame war. Every time I see an article like this posted on lesser sites it's always just a matter of time. Reg readers tend to be a cut above.

I would never subscribe to such debaucherous endeavours.


Sony details PS3 DVR pricing, launch date


So what are we paying for?

Now I'm sure we'll get some information on the box when the thing is released but what's wrong with some answers to the questions that have been floating around ever since Leipzeig all those months ago? Will the PS3 perform its primary function whilst recording? Will it work from standby? Will it support DVB-T2? Will it upscale SD to HD? Will anyone other than the BBC and Leipzeig patrons ever see this thing?

If I am guilty of ignorant browsing, please enlighten me.

Shape up Sony, you may lose a part-time fanboy!