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BOFH: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back

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Where do I sign up for Rutherford? :)

PAC slams government's 'cosy' relationship with IT suppliers

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So do something.

We see these comments constantly. If it isn't PAC it's NAO, if it isn't NAO it's some other committee. Does anything ever actually get done? Does it hell. EDS gets more contracts, so does Cap Gemini and so do every other parasitic IT supplier in the market. How many cock-ups will it actually take before anything gets done? And if the answer is "it never will" then tell me what use the NAO and PAC actually are.

BOFH: Defiling the profile

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Not funny

Not even a little bit. But then I'm Bristolian with a Welsh grandfather so you obviously don't expect me to find it funny. After all, according to you I'm a loser with a leak fetish. Simon Travaglia: is that some sort of wop name or are we only allowed to insult Bristolians and the Welsh?

MPs bitchslap MoD mega-IT architecture project

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Complete Cockup

2 years late is nearer and still slipping sideways. Since the HP takeover there have been continual and ongoing redundancies so the slippage will only get worse. Many of the applications developed by departments for specific purposes won't run on DII(F) and the MoD is now saying there's no money to fund residual services. EDS is a shambolic joke of a company and the mess they're making is pathetic. Often the service being offered by DII(F) is worse than the service being replaced. Thank the gods I've been made redundant - I can't wait to get out.

US, EU tech trade row gets serious

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3rd World War

Ah well, it'll all be academic soon. Having failed to start an atomic war when the old USSR wanted to put missiles in Cuba the Yanks are going to have another go by planting their missiles in Russia's back yard - Poland. Meanwhile that cretin Busch is banging the war gongs over Georgia while he (with Blair and Brown's complicity) invades Iraq and Afghanistan. Interesting demonstration of doublethink.

BOFH: The Batcave

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You city boys don't even know what cider is - I'd love to have you play one of our Somerset teams ...

Freesat launches in UK

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Wot no ....

Discovery, no History, in fact nothing actually worth watching at all. Never mind: every time it rains hard the signal from the satellite disappears anyway. Fortunately there are always books to fall back on.