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Twitter overrun by weekend of powerful worm attacks

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I have a friend who...

... actively updates TV programmes on his Twitter account. I am convinced no-one gives a shit but I don't really have the urge to go and find out. It sounds really pathetic as a website/idea/notion really. I'd sooner pass a note in class behind the teachers bac... Oh, wait I'm a grown man. These twits should realise the same and go get a bloody life.

Forget Google rationing: Only lighting farts can save the planet



...that's bound to put the wind up someone.

Norway's national broadcaster breaks Beatles download deadlock


@niall Campbell

Michael bought all the publishing rights i think, airplay royalties still go to Paul and Ringo as far as i can recall.


(this bird has flown)

Only a Norwegian would think of that.

Mines the one with the bag of walrus treats in the pocket.

Roachzilla menaces Florida



I welcome them with open arms, with my lifestyle I welcome any sort of roach material.

Mines the one with the half used pack of Zig Zags in the pocket.

Bryan Adams pulls a Prince on fan sites


He should be greatful.

I'm surprised he has any fansites to shut down. There must be an awful lot of bored, unimaginative housewives out there.

'Magnetic Death Star' fragments unearthed in New Jersey



Sounds attractive.

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target



If there is no God, I'd hate to be the chef cooking up the humble pie when the world collectively realises who is to blame for all the things done "for the greater good of God."

Penguin, because a true god would've made them in the image of himself.

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash


*tuts loudly*

From playing guitar for 2-4 hours a day for years to none a day in recent weeks due to a broken hand i would gladly PAY someone else to be able to play it at any time of the day at the minute.

Retards complaining about freetards. Some of these hard done by "stars" wanna walk a mile in Joe Public's shoes before they start the comparisons.

Coming soon: Spider-Man - The Musical!

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I'd say it could have promise, if i thought it could have promise. I wonder if they'll do a web-based version.

And Bono?!?!?!?! He should stick to wearing oversized sunglasses and feigning importance.

Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet


Bring it all down i say!!!

Maybe then people will learn how to construct a sentence properly again. Perhaps do their own research.

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs



So what do you do when you buy a pint of milk? Ask for a complete transcript of where your 60-70p is going after it has left your pocket?

I'm also pretty sure that me not caring what supermarkets give out for advertising isn't going to cause me to lose my job. Where I work don't have shares in retail. Or Channel 4. A few too many presumptions there, or one too many at least.

So a bit of TV is funded from money used by us to buy stuff, loads of other things are funded by similar means. Its called free enterprise. Where have you been?


@ Stratman

I go shopping for important supplies and stuff. Like food and cleaning products. I don't know what the money I spend in supermarkets or clothes shops or music stores get spent on. Nor do I really care, I have the products I paid for so they can dio whatever like with the money I gave them as it is technically theirs anyway. If they use some of it to pay Channel 4 for advertising space on a show that I don't watch to advertise a product I've already bought then the joke's on them in my book.


It's not that bad really

For the 3 or 4 programmes on BBC that I watch, I think it's good value for money. If I was paying for any of the other channels, like Channel 4 for instance, then I would be aggrieved. Apart from Gordon Ramsay there categorically isn't any other regular programming I deem "worth watching" on 3, 4 or 5. At least we get some sort of variety, but maybe that's where the problem lies. Not everyone will like everything that's on the BBC and we seem to live in a country where a lot of people like to make out how "hard done by" they are. I'd rather pay a tenner a month to watch 2 or 3 decent shows a week and the occasional film that aren't interrupted by some plank telling me how amazing their hairspray, toothpaste, cars etc... are every 15 minutes.

Trust on the slide, Chris Moyles on the up at BBC


I'm with dan from waaaay up there...

Yeah, I had the misfortune of listening to Chris Moyles a few years ago most days for a few months (not by choice, my parents did for some innate reason.) Anyone who thinks he doesn't take himself seriously either a) hasn't heard enough yet or b) is as bad as he is.

Absolute tosser.

Winehouse cans Bond theme project

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@Steven Burn

Opine - to pass opinion on. v. Opining. ;)