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Anti-Eurofighter Downing Street e-petition started

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Paris Hilton

Bring back the Ark Royal.

It would have saved a lot of Welsh lives if it had been parked in the south Atlantic a few years back. Going further back at some 1/4 or 1/2 million each the MoD should have had more than 4 Spitfires on the order books the day war broke out.

If the Ark Royal had been parked in the Falklands and loaded with ex WW 2 aircraft there wouldn't have been a Falklands war.

I am all for nice new things but lets finish with the real good stuff first eh? BEFORE we throw it all away next time. I'm all for digging up Mz Handbag and hanging her, drawing her and quartering her. Blue handbag and all.

School worker's Facebook post prompts suspension

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Whatever happened to the Nu labour ideals?

I can remember long after they had real bread that the government were very keen on us helping them catch crooks by snitching to them.

Now it appears telling the truth and shaming the government, school broads and who the hell else, isn't flavour of the month no longer.


and name em.

Netizens tell court NebuAd's not dead

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Black Helicopters

I hope the judge isn't a Bushite.

It would be a shame if the criminals that had taken over the prison were still in office.

I noticed the campaign to snitch on dole claimants has been dropped while events unfurl this side of the pond.

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

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Paris Hilton


What a stupid clip. It doesn't even explain what freedom is and if it did, it wouldn't be an advert for Leenux, whatever that is.

What were the images supposed to represent? OXO? Beef gravy or a laptop for children? And that was the contest winner. Or was that a fake site?

Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima

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If only they had said it was just a natural earth quake. Everyone would have been happy.

Looks like an earthquake sequence to me:

24May2009 06:49:25.9 42.1S 88.2E 33 mb=5.0 A*EMS SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE

24May2009 06:49:20.9 42.1S 88.4E 10 mb=5.3 M*GSR SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE

25May2009 00:54:40.9 41.3N 129.1E 0 mb=5.0 M*GSR NORTH KOREA

25May2009 00:54:42.4 41.3N 129.1E 10 mb=5.1 M*GSR NORTH KOREA

25May2009 19:59:31.5 52.8N 159.2E 80 mb=4.8 A*EMS OFF EAST COAST OF Kamchatka

25May2009 19:59:24.7 52.8N 159.9E 50 mb=5.0 M*GSR OFF EAST COAST OF Kamchatka

Lots more pairings on here:


Something for the weakened:



Who wants a giant poster of the history of Unix?

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Dead Vulture

In English please

"I can think of far more entertaining ways to initiate a divorce than bringing home a $300 "

40-foot poster"

300 and something dollars is like something like 1200 two and sixes like.

And 1200 half crowns is like 150 quid like. Well you could like put it up like in a garage like and she'd never like know.


You could distract her by arguing the relative measures taken to devalue the pound from the good old days. When did pot noodle cost half a crown? like.

Scientists: Tasers work, but we don't know how

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"Despite the Taser being one of the most heavily researched less-lethal weapons in the world, its operational mechanism remains a mystery"

If you work for police of a certain US rail transport authority, you can have utter confidence in the mystery becoming even more mysterious when your victim, face down on the station concrete and not capable of resistance, suddenly shows everyone what his insides look like and you notice your supernanocomicelectro gun has reverted to one that uses lead and magic smoke.

Not that all rail cops are stupid. Just unaware of the photographers occasionally.

If they can break the law, why can't we?

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IT Angle

Who will police the unpoliceable?

I have visions of parole officers being recruited to jam the masses. Fancy being interrogated by some idiot savant refused promotion from the Job Centre?

What will happen when readers of computer magazines realise they are being recruited for the BNP not the IT?

BT rejects wholesale price changes

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Hot Potatoes in Jacquettes?

"In the UK, you can't have ADSL without also renting the phone service. Whether you make calls or not, you still have to pay £11 or so per month for voice service rental. There's no choice."


The powers that be don't have a clue and unless it involves lots of spying, money changing and spin, nobody is going to get cluebyfoured up about it too neither.

Hulu's web TV coming to the UK

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Paris Hilton

Goodnight. And I love you all. MWAAhhh...

Apart from the massive waste of money on the M.$.-up the BBC took their time hastily lashing together for everyone on the board issued with etchasketches by their IT subordinates, what else went wrong with the BBC cobblers?

Hack suspect challenges privacy of Palin emails

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They setting the bar really low for Septic lawyers nowadays, too

I'd have thought a Republican with the possibility of getting to be second in command to the man going to be responsible for reading all the email and pwned other stuff including illicit undersea cable re-jointed international communications around the middle east recently; fairly recently that is, would know that the security of any electronic communications was non existent.

Unless it was a neo-Alaskan with the word sucker stamped on it. If it was printed in the headlines of every national US newspaper, such a dummy would not know of that.

Charges against London tube tourist snapper thrown out

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No evidence?

Why was the CCTV not offered to the defendant in advance of the case? Or was it? And was it rather too lewd following too many well endowed nymphettes or something, for the police to want it shown in public?

"One should also understand that the Greek authorities are very sensitive on matters of security for a variety of reasons."

One of them being the use of Greek airports for renditions by CIA subcontractors/torturers.

Add you twohaporth here:


Downing Street on Phorm: 'Meh'

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Paris Hilton

It wasn't me Gov, OHMSt!

Why all the fuss. We managed to take on Iraq despite their secret weapons of mass destruction and Afghanistan despite the way it broke Russia when they tried it on.

Oh wait. America is broke now too so are er... we.

Anyway that's got nothing to do with it. The thing is that if it is all done in secret then when it all blows up in our faces then... ermm... well at least nobody can say they were ever told anything.

Maybe Nanci Pelosi might but who is going to believe her.... ermm... er.. wait a m...

No I'm sure that has nothing to do errr.. well probably hasn't...

Deleted Tweets found living in the hereafter

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Paris Hilton

Flail and me.

I have the pleasure of the BBC following my every post, so am hampered forevermore from ever using another account and name.

What can I do? I don't want to lose them.

Court upholds 'hacking' charge against smut-surfing worker

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Black Helicopters

Ohio PCs


US states mulling Google book-scan pact

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Most importantly, copyright protection should not be given automatically beyond the first year. If the author wishes to extend the protection beyond the first year, he/she must register the work with the US Copyright Office (in the case of the US) with a small annual fee (say, $10 for a book, $1.00 for an article).

So you must pay a writing fee tax or whatever for free speech in the USA?

What a place!

US braces for 'bio-Katrina'

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Paris Hilton

Exeunt soldiers and townspeople.

"By Steve Evans Posted Thursday 7th May 2009 19:29 GMT

Does that mean they are going to abandon half a southern state to it?"

Nope, it just means they are going to lock down news access to the catastrophe that will be FED by FEMA:


Microsoft blocks dirty dozen apps from mobile store

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How long before it is cracked wider than a window in a kettle at a G20 conference?

Pilots plot air raid on Jacqui over ID cards

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Paris Hilton

CSCS cards

You think that's funny?

Building workers have had to take silly tests in order to show they know how to use a ladder* and then pay for their pass cards and have been asked involuntarily or else you don't get a job for a few years now.

And with the work climate hitting that particular industry firstest and hardest you can see the pointed side to all this. As it involves self employed people (the section of the construction industry least likely to club together to complain) it went through force majeure.

So now we have self employed unemployed forking out most of a week's dole for the annual card subscription just in case.


Something almost identical happened to my dad, a sailor in the depression of the 1930's. Join the union or you won't get a job. And so he parted with a fiver -in those days a fair wad. And still no ship.

Same bloody party too. Ostensibly.

*Still with me?

When you get to the top, STOP!

Man survives death march to display-on-a-chip

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Paris Hilton

Name and shame

What is the point of this sort of article with its non news innuendos? We all want to know the names of the pr*cks who worked at that duffers incorpulant. Get some serious research in will you!

If anyone wants to know who invented what, they can look it up on the computer; it's what the Internet is for.

NetBSD, Mandriva get shiny new releases

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Paris Hilton

Be Happy

At least the small things can achieve what the behemoths can't and a minor branch of the free sourcery tree can do what Microsoft has had trouble doing for all its onme potenence.

The thing is does ay of it have mass appeal? Otherwise I am going to stick with my Windows SP 0, ta vm.

I'm going to try them whatever the cost. Will they work on home PCs?

Liquid crystals - Display genius no match for petty politics

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Tomorrow's world.

Divits like me are still panning away at wierd ideas that are kookfests to most Usenet inhabitants.

But to us our little insights are golden.

Next time someone is belittling somebody on the Net, try and remember who is full of fat and fries, playing games and winning the real game of Loser.

One up for the management of monopolies. Nice to think that although Britain once lead the world in fatheads with large bases, the US have had their fair share of them too.

If any hardnosed cleverdicks on here read this, if you learn anything from it it should be:

Be Nice.

Police detain Craigslist masseuse murder suspect

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Knocking prostitution.

Would legalising prostitution make sex with such species safe?

I got the impression people capable of sinking that low do it for drug money and psychological problems.

It's nice to be in a position where bawdy jokes can be made at their expense. And wasting time policing their desperation as crime is not the answer. But it is a sadly perverted skew on their lives, isnt it?

The Pirate Bay loads cannon with official appeal

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Sir Paul's 2 rechoirmens

"Who is this fella Paul McCartney that people are commenting on and what has he go to do with the 21st Century?"

He is a songsmith who was so badly duped by the Music Mafia that he didn't want to work for the SOBs anymore. This put the Beatles out of business. And so ladies and gents, you can blame the greedy Bs in the Mafia for the demise of a great little rock and roll band.

Had there been an internet at the time I like to think John Lenon would still be part of the band and playing live gigs online. Still, we don't know who else would have hopped it from the maestro's multiverses, legit or not.

Microsoft targets Barmy Army with Silverlight

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So now we know what Ossama bin hiding

Did you know that if you lifted Sweden up on its southern edge and dropped it over, Lap'd Land in Saudi Arabia? Well, Naples, but whose counting?

Where is the bush icon for smart bombs?

Oh dear. Time for bed.

Pirate Bay guilty verdict: Now what?

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I love Paris in the springtime

"I find myself somewhat in the middle over this case. On the one hand I agree with the record industry, in that copyrighted content should be paid for, as it pays the salaries of the artists concerned."

First cuckoo of the spring. Well done that man!

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Paris Hilton

natives in the Amazon for canabalism

You want us to sue fish for eating fish?


I think this reading the comments section has gone too far.

Night all.

Verizon to prosecute anons for communications sabotage

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Be a pet and wake someone up will you?

I think all someone need do is send a detective out to interview some unhappy bunnies who used to work for AT and T.

Can we have a Bush avatar for oh wait. Paris because it's springtime.

Brutish SSH attacks continue to bear fruit

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@ Richard Stubbs. Fail

If you are so far gone you have to add this for a comment:

"Paris because her box has been compromised loads of times!"

You are pouring good money after bad. Drink little and often and don't use your connection in a pub.

Reggies Law:

Rule one:

Don't explain the reason you posted an avatar that explains the reasoning of your comment.

Rule two.

When in a pub beware of beer goggles. See rule one.

Jedi officers enlist with Scottish police

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Don't luke!

Light baton waivering jediboys everywhere will want to know how the office of random factoids not to be left on trains anywhere honest guv is permitted to decide what is or is not a religion, since the peace with Ireland depends on a law written during the Restoration that guarantees freedom of worship in the unknighted kindom.

BCS accuses UK.gov of grabbing 'draconian' data powers

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Paris Hilton


How did Tory B Liar imagine we controlled things in Northern Ireland without such totalitarianism? What is the one eyed Scottish idiot not seeing that we can all too clearly?

Or did Mugrat Thrachet know more about secrecy than this bunch of muppets?

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Paris Hilton

benevolent government?????

"The organisation also said the law would be unlikely to pass muster under the Human Rights Act, could increase citizens' distrust of government and "could have disastrous consequences in the hands of a less benevolent government"

A less benevolent government than one with this one's track record?

What stone have you been asleep under for the last ten years?

The only examples of less benevolent governments I can think of would have their own laws to deal with whom they wished however they liked, from Poland to France or China.

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

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In the dockettes.

"Can we now get the price fixing cartels and blockers of free trade (RIAA, Sony BMG etc al) in the dock?"

Sony are in the dock by extension if making illegal activity available counts. Or doesn't kiting rootkits without the user's knowledge so that the pwned computer becomes a bot for anyone who knows how how latch onto it, fit the description?

Firefox 3.1 release date hampered by cheeky monkey

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Thumb Up

> You cannot go back after updating to 3.0

You can use a different account. A lot of work I admit for the sake of using a browser when other options include very good alternatives such as Opera and K-Melleon.

However I have been so annoyed at the recent versions of Firefox leaving the imprint of drop down menu boxes on my screen long after I opened aothe graphic or browser. The only way to cure it is to close Firefox.

So thanks for the heads up Reginel, I have just had to open a different user account but I already had Firefox on it. I'll check the version and put a stop on any updates it might impose. Despite its faults I still love it for the spell-check alone.

Google mistakes entire web for malware

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Guess who just happened to be looking up bacteria and viruses at the time. I thought it was adequate warning if a little OTT.


Mayor Boris backs McKinnon in extradition fight

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Yo Bo" You go!

I agree wholeheartedly. In fact I wouldn't even send him for trial. Anyone who has open servers is fair game.

If anyone should be sorted out in a US court it should be the Windozing IT buffoons of the Unsafe Stupids of America.

As for comparative terrrrst values. The kidnapping Victims now being held in a Cuban coaling station are more dangerous to the US for being held in a Cuban coaling station than anything else. Even the one they call Ossama's right hand man was tortured into admitting everything.

The records have all been hidden/removed/destroyed and their suspected activities must therefore be regarded as zero thus a multi-dudes of such people will have, as Boris indicates, as much value as the Brit in fomenting terrorism.

Google and the Great Wikipedia Feedback Loop

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Paris Hilton

> It isn't just Google's fault

It isn't anyone's fault. Enc Brit is a pile of dog crap giving one line or at most a paragraph if you go there. I have two versions of their CD, both out of the Ark.

Nah! I won't be using them. Better the Devil you don't trust than the Devil you can't use.

BOFH-loving botmaster wants life as security consultant

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Going through the motions.

"2 days presumably at a rougher prison and had to kick the crap out of someone on day one, they tried to "take it from him".."

It takes longer than two days to get processed. You won't get to see anyone in that time. While they don't know who you are you get locked up 23/7. If he kicked the crap out of anyone he'd be in a lot longer than 2 days. Was in for telling fibs?

He could do that standing on his head. Take what from him? They wouldn't put a violent or an aggressive man in with someone till he'd been sorted.

"people had no problem as long as they treated each other with respect, the ones who were not respectful had problems."

A bit like real life that isn't it?

"So I'm guessing he'll almost immediately try to defraud his fellow inmates"

Of what? There is nothing to steal. You sit around doing what you like, smoking and chatting mostly and if you don't want to work you don't work. What are they going to do? Put you in gaol?

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Paris Hilton

Rot rot rot

"Let him sit and stew in prison and think about this crimes."

He won't be thinking about his crimes, he'll be thinking of the abuse and how he will do things differently next time and do it harder just to get even.

Prison is a boys club. All that talk about abuse there is stupidly ill informed. The worst that will happen is he can't talk to women and go out for a pint with his mates.

No difference there then.

OcUK puts £10K bounty on the heads of DDoS varmints

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Crime or punishment

Criminal gangs will always have the jump on law and order as criminals will kill any suspects when the police can only ask them questions.

Or to put it another way if presidunce Bush was allowed to carry on regardless regardlessly, someone would have had to do for him. You can call it terrrrism if you like.

Or if you are a USAn on July 4th, victory.

Boffins monitor strato-weather from half-mile underground

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To many kooks...

"Is there something they are not telling us?"

There is a lot they don't know they can't tell us.

I collect such ideas and run them against my own concepts and some of them are very good indeed. The team are limited in what they can speculate on until they come to conclusions so they didn't mention microwaves -or at least I didn't see it in your article.


Sound is made when different layers of air slide over each other. There is no way that one stream can stir another. Try getting a tea leaf to move around in a cup of tea. That's with a relatively sticky perfect liquid. Gas is less viscous and more easily compressed.

Once you realise that, then conventional understanding is stood on its head and bumped loudly.

First-ever pics of lunar polar crater interiors released

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Paris Hilton

You missed something more exciting.

"Can't miss it, straight lines and everything!"

There are more than 180 angles in any direction that a meteorite can hit the moon as it has a curved surface.

Of all the angles it can be hit at, there is only one 90 degree one. There are three hundred and sixty directions for every other angle.

So why are the majority of craters symmetrical? That can only happen if they are hit at 90 degrees.

And there are considerably more than 360 angles in a circle. 21,240 minutes for a start. Still only one perpendicular though.

That is proof there is either water or life on the moon. The trick is to make sure the British don't get there and start managing it.

Child porn in the age of teenage 'sexting'

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Paris Hilton

Young and innocent. Not.

A culture of sending proof of one's sexual maturity and availability at an aged deemed below the socially acceptable limit?

Some of those states hold the threshold as no sex until you are 21 do they not?

It is a very sad situation. But I have no sympathy. At 14, people who don't know what they are doing should be under constant supervision. The morons.

Email snafu gifts federal informants' names to press

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Paris Hilton

Bush's handlers haven't been so stupid have they?

Have they done one with a list of Dumbass' sock puppets?

I'd really like to know how the governments of Europe were suborned.

Pro-Palestine vandals deface Army, NATO sites

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Thumb Down

> Fair enough

Over the Holy days the BBC was letting their PR get away with murder literally. I'd have thought they might have trained some of their interviewers since Yugoslavia. But no. Same bluster and question avoidance.

As if whoever whispers in the shells of the shills is Jewish and has been given the red light.

Patent troll sues Oprah, Sony over online book viewing

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Takin care o bidness

Makes sense to get as many of the family that can read into the friendly chairs in the courthouses of the world's most leading nation.

'Sonic boom' golf club may 'damage hearing'

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects


There is no limit to what can be done with the clubs themselves to limit the damage. The frequency could be changed as could the period of the stick -which could also incorporate the Helmholtz principle for creating anti-noise. Or just incorporate a sandwich of less transmittable material.

I await developments with baited..

..no I don't.

I couldn't give a toss. (What is the stickie part of a club called?)

Nature moves into 3D publishing

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Spare me a thought someone.

Is it worth changing from Foxit Reader for something I am never going to pay Nature to read?

Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

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Is the Wikedeepia solely responsible for the naked short selling fiasco that brought the western world to its knees?

Microsoft heralds 'record' prison terms for Chinese pirates

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Don't they mean: "Alledged"?

“Unfortunately, software counterfeiting is a global, illegal business without borders," said MS anti-piracy associate general counsel David Finn. "Criminals may be on the other side of the globe and may not even speak the same language, but they prey upon customers and partners all over the world.”

Like the poor teacher they shot last time, this gang of crooks might be innocent. How will Microsoft in all its largesse of cleaning house on our behalf, stand up straight when it turns out that this batch of disappeared turn out to be innocent too.

The price of doing business with the worst criminals since Stalin and Hitler got together, can't be too off putting for such nice people, it would seem.