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British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it



He should make Apple use Flash as well :-)

Bitcoin exchange shuts after heist


I wonder who indeed...

Just a guess, perhaps Shtylman's in a country with no extradition treaty with the States.

“I still have all of the logs for accounts, trades, transfers. I know exactly how much each user currently has in their account for both USD and BTC. No records were lost in this attack.”

I'm sure he knows exactly the amounts, so did all the other bankers, virtual or not, didn't stop them running off with a bucket load of (our) money...

Microsoft says tablets will trump PCs in 2013


It is a bad analogy...

...though with a little tweaking holds true.

Moving around the accelerator, brake and clutch pedal (steering well whilst we're at it!) is akin to changing the primary input devices - rather like the keyboard, mouse and screen on a computer. That hasn't changed in years, how you turn the stereo on, put the headlights on and what they look like, has...

NAO: British bobbies wasting £80m BlackBerry stash


I have an idea of how gov procurement works (through a friend of mine) it doesn't sound efficient. However, if the NAO has found these issues (obviously don't know what the KPIs, requirements initially or even if this stuff was needed) wouldn't the logical thing be to 'send them in' as consultants to work out the best way forward. You'll have to excuse me if I'm bringing in too much logic to the situation!!!

Of course, I dunno if the vendor(s) were schmoozing the people who hold the purse strings... Or am I being too cynical?

Chrome is the most secured browser - new study


Study sponsered by?

Nothing against Chrome, I use it and IE a lot - but I always get suspicous with one browser having 80-odd% more ticks than the others. Of course, it could be that Google have damn fine programmers!

'Angry Bird' netflinger projectile brings down drug ultralights


I can see Rovio's patent lawyers gearing up for this one!

Samsung demands iPhone 4S source code in Aussie row


But who is best...

You see, the thing is, I like iOS and I like Android, but which one is best? There's only one way to find out, FIGHT!!!

Honestly, it's all getting a bit boring - I know any company that has a good product/idea wants to protect it's IP, but it's just a bit silly now.

TouchPad sales doubled after it was discontinued


Price vs. performance?

Surely it's all about meeting users' expectations i.e. working well as designed/intended. The iPad has done it, sold millions, even at a premimum price point. I guess it's like the old adage, 'You get what you pay for...'

Boffins tail bees with tiny radio tags



If stray mobile phone signals upset bees (apparently kill them as well), what's it going to do to them having that strapped to their back when they go in/out of their hive?

Amazon and PSN outages won't halt cloud revolution



"Frankly, most of us are more routinely incompetent than Amazon, so that those "good old days" were fraught with even more risk of downtime and security breaches."

Really??? I know I take care of systems. It's called 'due diligence', using the right tools for the right tasks, introducing a mix of vendors (where possible) to mitigate the risk of one being compromised, and not being a div for not changing default settings (I'm alluding to the recent Reg article where a vendor was blamed for a hack, when it was the idiot who put it in who was to blame).

I don't care what the pre-sales goons say, I still don't know what security measures are in place. But cloud computing or not, too many people seem to want to move there eggs from one basket to another - I appreciate it's the work, often, of CTOs and CEOs, but cripes, perspective here. What happened to reasoned DR/BCP? "Oh, it's the cloud, how ever could it go wrong?"

Control, something oft underrated!

Apple to sell 107m iPads in 2016



Apple will have done for the tablet market what they did for the MP3 market, make it mass market and still sell shed loads themselves?!?!

Not a bad deal if you can get it I say. Apple may be expensive, spin doctors etc... but at least you'll have choice of a nice range of devices where everyone failed before to get the right form factor - anyone still use an MS tablet? Thought not! ;-p

Apple refuses frozen iPhone repair


1 year warranty illegal...

Since 2002, an EU directive came into force that means you have a 2 year warranty.

"So from what I understand, if something breaks within 2 years and the retailer or manufacturer claim that there is only a 1 year warranty, you just need to quote Article 5 of the EU Product Warranty Directive (1999):"

There is also the Sales of Goods act, but it's a little vague to quote since reasonable use could be 5 years, and what defines reasonable.

Are you near an Apple shop? I've always had great service when going in. I broke my 3GS on New Years day, went to the Apple shop to see how much to repair. Even though my phone was out of warranty (only a week though), as a goodwill gesture they replaced it for free :-)

Final mission of shuttle Discovery postponed until February


April 1st for the final launch...

...Really? Don't they remember Apollo 13, lifting off at 13:13....

Oz docs prescribed iPads by Premier


Web Apps

“The iPads will allow doctors and nurses to access any web-enabled application run by their hospital ..."

Let's hope they're not flash based...

Projector-phones due by Christmas?

Paris Hilton

Oh good, another thing to drain my battery...

I like the idea, but, as with my iPhone, because I have more things I can do on it, the more I have to charge. Battery technology needs to do some catch up. And before I get flammed for having an iPhone, I'd rather have it as slim as it is that a fat brick.

@Simon, sadly we are that slow. I was in Japan a while ago and when almost everyone there had colour phones, we, the UK (and I guess a lot of Europe) were oooing and aaahing about being able to have them. C'est la vie - but you need to remember people have to be prepared to pay for these things. I've been in Germany a lot and the last time I checked, most mobile phone contracts were a minimum of two years, hence the technology lag.... (dunno what it's like in Japan for contracts)

Paris, cus she's not fat...

McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide


Is McAfee that bad?

I've read through the comments, and I don't actually see many (any?) incidents of people actually being affected.

I've used most of the major A/V brands and the only one's I'd use in an Enterprise are Trend and McAfee. Symantec is toilet, in my experience and AVG didn't do it's job - after removing it on one site, I put on McAfee and it found a whole bunch of crap (AVG was fully up-to-date)

As for 'lets just put Linux on', I don't think that's a particularly valid argument. I use Mac OS, Windows and Linux and think that they all have their place. On one site I run an NMS system (Nagios) on RedHat, MS Exchange, Terminal Server and some Macs for DTP/Web editing. Anyone who says that anything other than Windows is invincible is dreaming (wait until Linux has a majority share and the virus writers will be changing their focus). I haven't checked the Sendmail bug list for a while, but it wasn't short... The free bit of Linux doesn't include user re-training, deployment, support etc...

Linux maybe free, but, at the moment, I don't believe it's a viable desktop alternative (the only linuxish one is Mac OS - okay it's BSD, but near enough :-). There are just too many flavours knocking around for any consistency. That's why, partly, that the MS Windows/Office setup is often used. I also haven't got time as a sysadmin to check where Apache is putting it's files now, is it /var/www or /www or /var/html/www for server things, for example.

Apple massages iPhone code



I think it's about time that phone makers released updates for phones (not sure we needed a whole page!). None of my previous phones got bug fixes or feature releases. To be fair, it shouldn't have taken 2 major and 1 minor release to get here, but it's their first attempt at a phone - well, okay, 2ndish :-)

Though I think the screenshottastic page was a bit much. I mean, I think we all know what an install progress bar is!

Here's waiting for TomTom GPS S/W, wireless synchronisation with iTunes (seriously, how hard can that be!!!!) I can't say I'm bothered about MMS, I've sent 3 in the last 12 years - I can email!

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

Thumb Up

Pick your store

I got to the Farringdon branch of CPW, it's off a quiet street so I knew not many people would be there. I was 6th in line. I got there at 8:15 was done, credit check and all, by 8:45. Sadly they had no phones in the branch, but they had been allocated a load being delivered on Monday. Suits me. The branch manager was quite concerned to process as many people as possible, so they didn't run out of their allocation.

Quite a pleasant experience. Even gave out some chocolates for us waiting.

Carphone Warehouse now taking iPhone 3G orders


CPW just a little bit Phoney now

Right, well after being stitched up with my online order (see earlier comment), I found a little CPW away from the main shops with only 10 people queueing. I was 6th in line and got my order through 1st! Sadly, can't pick it up until Monday.

I did find joy walking past 4 other O2 and CPW shops near Liverpool Street, to get to the Farringdon CPW, with about 200odd people waiting, all added up. It took 5 minutes to sort things out, after waiting about 20 minutes. Nothing wrong with a bit of Schadenfreude!!!

Didn't need me coat in the end, putting it away.


CPW a little Phoney

Well, 'ordered' my iPhone from the CPW as soon as I got the notification. After 8 hours of processing, they cancelled my order! No reason given. I know it's not my credit rating.

I'll need me coat tomorrow morning in case it rains waiting outside.

NASA ditches Itanic for new Xeon-based SGI giant


Now that might be able to run Vista!

Well, may need a bit more memory....