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Intel releases USB 3.0 controller interface spec

Derek Brabrook

USB 3.0 the dawn of something faster

No doubt PC-World will bring out a line of USB 3.0 compatible cables priced at £49.99 only problem being they will only be 4 inches long !!

I think they should call it USB 5.0 (theoretical) if the wind is blowing in the right direction and the moon is rising ;¬)

Japanese military shamed by USB device

Derek Brabrook

in my day

losing ANYTHING of a sensitive nature was considered reckless to the extreme and you would find yourself in the pokey for a few weeks minimum, mind you these days the British Army (I know this is the Japanese Army in question) has the card system..... a bit like football matches with a red card meaning "you're a really really naughty boy".... God you can't cough these days without infringing somebodies human rights, what happened to a good old fashioned beating ? (you didn't do it twice!!!)

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Derek Brabrook

My Gran does run Linux

and she loves it, she says it's nicer looking than XP and simpler to use.... don't diss the silver surfers ;¬)

Petrol stations deploy anti-theft stingers

Derek Brabrook

easy solution ......

People would probably syphon it from their neighbours car first rather than face stingers at the forecourt, mind you at the price it is now and what it's going to be soon we will all be drinking meths from brown paper bags under the railway embankment soon telling stories about the time we had a really nice house and job... and does anybody remember how petrol smelled .......

Hollywood awarded $110m against TorrentSpy

Derek Brabrook

from what I remember

didn't they say they didn't log IP's and all transactions were executed in RAM ? hence why they couldn't produce the logs, or am I getting confused with "another" court case along similar lines ?

Dope-crazed Canadians sledgehammer iPhone

Derek Brabrook

another good reason to keep Cannabis a class C substance

because anybody who is under the influence of drugs AND has the presence of mind to butcher an iphone like that must be fully in control of their faculties....

and there's no point in seal clubbing... they are crap dancers

Ruckus kicks off over directional Wi-Fi

Derek Brabrook

you're right of course

They do, but the early adopters of the technology are now too fat to swing the antenna around ;¬)

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

Derek Brabrook

Death and Taxes I say

if computer modelling/prediction was/is so accurate why haven't they developed a computer program to predict the lottery numbers ? some of you will say "they have !!!" and I'll say "are you rich yet ?"

surely with only 50 balls (ish) and having to only predict 7 of those balls in a known environment using the variables of friction, inertia, initial starting position, speed of rotation, weight, gravity, oh and a bit of chaos theory thrown in for good measure, has it worked ? did it get it right ? are the millionaires lining up outside the software company who wrote it to personally thank them for their riches ? it is after all a tiny problem in comparison to global warming prediction to solve AND with known variables

I don't think so .....

now scale that software problem up to global proportions add a few thousand, possibly a million other variables, throw in sun light, gravitational pull, volcanoes, ozone depletion, forest fires, car exhausts, factories, cows farting... the list is endless

then produce a nice pretty graph showing what will happen in the next 100 years......in the real world you would laughed out of the patent office saying you could accurately predict lottery numbers with a computer model.... so why aren't we laughing at global warming predictions ? should we question their validity ? or will it fade into obscurity as did the scientists of the 1970's, who's prediction of the impending ice age we were plunging into by the year 2010 turned out to be wrong ?

tell you one thing it's warm in here, somebody turn on the air conditioning .....

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

Derek Brabrook

easiest way to slot a hard drive

take it to your local garage, ask to use the 50 ton bearing press ..... over in seconds and afterwards you can take home your ultra thin hard drive.... bearings might be a bit stiff though ;¬)


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