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BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome

Paris Hilton

God this makes me feel old....

First interaction with the new and wonderful world of computing was with a CTL Modular 1 connected to a teletype over a 300baud acoustic coupler. And an ICL 1904 to which we posted punched cards - no syntax errors in our programs in those days.

Then in 1978 a PDP 11/05 (IPL from front panel switches) and a PDP 11/34 running Unix. We were so proud that our little box occupying 10 feet square in the corner of the machine room could support 25+ simultaneous users while the B6700 occupying the rest of the room could support about 10 and the cafe batch system.

Anyone remember the Burroughs memory units that displayed a Burroughs 'B' on the status lights while they were idling? I never worked out how they did that.

I can't believe there are people I look up to now who have never heard of this stuff!

Paris, because she wouldn't remember either...