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Hack suspect challenges privacy of Palin emails


Next he'll claim to have Asberger's Syndrome

The next defense step will be to claim that David Kernell is autistic.

This claim that the contents of the Yahoo! account were not private is simply a diversion. The facts are that he hacked into a private email account and he disseminated the password for that account that he had reset. Both of those actions are crimes.

Airline ticket receipt scam spreads malware


What does the malware do?

So once you've got this malware on your computer what can you expect to see it do? Is it a spam-bot or does it delete files? What does the malware do?

Whenever I disinfect a client's computer of viruses et. al. they invariably ask me why people create viruses. I know that some people are getting rich but when people ask me about the details of the schemes to make money I have to plead ignorance. How exactly do people make money sending email asking if you would like to have some part of your body enlarged? How do the unscrupulous retailers get in touch with the spam-bot operators? How is it possible that the FBI fails to clamp down on these schemes if the bad guys have to use credit card service bureaus to get paid? It would seem to be trivial to track these things to their point of origin.

My clients want to know. Please someone write an article explaining this stuff.

BTW I'm Tux-Safe insofar as few viruses are written for Linux.

Tw*tdangler defends Benito Mussolini stunt


pee bag + catheter, problem solved

Didn't want to pee all over the spectators? Easily solved with pee bag + catheter.

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites


Get rid of .com, .net, .edu, .gov, etc.

This illustrates a problem that I've talked about for years where generic class a domain names are not connected to a particular country. I believe that all class a domains should be country codes. Then those countries can have whatever class b domains that they want such as .co.uk for the United Kingdom and .com.us for the United States. Each country has jurisdiction for its own class b domains.

This is the way it should have been set up when the Internet was made public 13 years ago, roughly. These generic class a domains are idiotic. It is clear to me that each country should have the right to manage their own class b domains using whatever local customs and laws apply in that country.

Sun stretches for Flash dance


margins redux

I can purchase a 16GB USB flash drive for $20 but a 16GB SSD costs $200-$600. I think someone is handing up a load of crap over the real cost to manufacture SSDs.

Gates threatens to buy millions and millions of servers for Microsoft

Thumb Down

because Sun Microsystems has made so much money doing this.

Sun Microsystems has failed to make the idea of software as a service deployed from a huge central server even though they've been trying to do this for years.

Let's see. One huge computer, a data-center-in-a-box so to speak. Hmmm. Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard have been offering computers with hundreds of processors and built in visualized environments for years. They haven't exactly taken over the data center market. Maybe there's a reason for that.

But Bill knows best. I'm sure that Microsoft will succeed where others have failed. No doubt about it.

@What was Microsoft's last original idea? Create an operating system for microcomputers. I have to give Bill credit for that one.

AMD now has 'more than allegations' against Intel


840,000 free processors? NO THANKS!!!

One good reason for refusing a gift of free processors is if the OEM manufacturer (HP) thought that the processors are junk.

Another good reason is if HP didn't expect to sell one million units of the product that incorporates that processor.

It seems to me that this particular argument in AMD's case has no merit. Maybe it is in the briefs simply to add bulk to the filing.

Sun stock goes degenerate dwarf


U.S. economy provides (... smoke screen for incompetence...)

Quote from article:

"The U.S. economy presented Sun with significant challenges in the third quarter, masking our progress in developing nations and economies across the world," said Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

Schwartz should have said:

"The U.S. economy conveniently presented Sun with a smoke screen behind which we plan to hide our own incompetence, which has been destroying Sun Microsystems for a a lot longer than the economy has been in a slump."

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?


Millions of tons of melting ice can't be wrong.

Alleged quote from Mark Twain: "There are liars, there are damned liars, and then there are statisticians."

The fact that glaciers everywhere and the polar ice is melting is the only significant fact in the "debate" about global warming.

This reminds me of college philosophy arguing what is or is not real. Ultimately if you have to deal with it then it is real enough. In global warming if polar ice is melting then global warming is real enough.