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Air France offers two-seat deal for fatties

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Taxing the Diseased

What about people who are overweight because of glandular conditions, or something like that? This could then become a surcharge for people who suffer from particular illnesses.

'Do You Want To See My C*ck?' asks budding author

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he must have taken his proposal to Bantam?

Scotch lovers asked to cough up £10,000 per bottle

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Now I feel better

Wow, this makes me feel so much better about that $80 bottle of Lagavulin I just sprang for.

Wolverine leak claims first victim?

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Ever heard of editors?

Does Fox News let their writers simply publish their articles on the website all by themselves? Don't they have editors deciding what pieces should run and which shouldn't? If they don't they should be blaming themselves, not the writer. And if they do, they should blame the editor for deciding to run the piece.

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FOX is to blame

If there was any wrong doing here (dubious, IMO), then why the heck did FOX run the guy's review in the first place? Wasn't there an editor who said "No, we can't run this piece. You obtained the movie illegally?" Or did an editor approve it, and FOX is only now hanging the reviewer out to dry now that some people have freaked out?

Personally, I'm hoping the guy told whoever that he viewed the movie by Googling it and simply clicking on one of the results, which is certainly possible to do.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

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So true.

Paul Buxton wrote:

> Isn't this obvious? You've only got to look at the slogan on a US dollar > to prove this.

Yeah. And at the saying "God save the Queen."

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Doesn't surprise me, but...

...wouldn't it make more sense that it's a greater level of education that results in one being less likely to be religious, rather than in higher IQ? And in this case I think it would be education in the sciences, the scientific method, critical thinking. I'm an atheist, but if I was never educated at all, it seems quite possible that I wouldn't be. That would have nothing to do with IQ, just education.

UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders

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Is this where Anne of Cleves was from?

I wonder if the people who've been arrested have been informed of what they've been charged with yet?

The Reg surfs for porn with a San Jose councilman

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Fight for your right to traumatize!

This isn't about what information people are allowed to access, it's about when people have a right to display pornographic material to the public.

I was once on the subway, and a guy was watching a hardcore porno movie on his laptop PC. There were children within view of it and all the parents had to try to cover this guy's PC up so the kids couldn't see it.

It's one thing to say people shouldn't be able to read certain information in a public library, but it's totally different when people want to display porno for passersby. I don't think those filtering programs are any good either. I think they should have some kind of serious fine they can slap on people if they're caught viewing pornographic images on these public computers, or even on their own computer if it's where the public can view it. If somebody ran up to a group of school children and held up some hardcore picture, I don't think a judge would be trying to decide if it was pornographic or not. I don't really think people have some inalienable right to view pornography on the tax payer's dime. If there was a way they could do it so no one else could possible see it, I'd have much less of a problem with it.

But I really don't think making the internet accessible to the public for free is such a priority, while a lot of people seem to think it's vital.

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If it were only a nipple...

Chris C., I don't this is about the user possibly seeing a nipple, it's about kids walking buy and seeing serious pumpage going on.

I don't have a problem with adults viewing all the porn they want, I just don't think tax dollars should go to funding people potentially running their own little pornographic movie theaters which anyone can walk past and see.

The New Order: When reading is a crime

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How do they know?

I wonder if anyone actually read the manual to see if it contains information that really couldn't be obtained on any "legal" site.

9/11 an inside job, says Irish pop folkster

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Damn, do The Corrs still exist?

Don't they each get replaced when they reach 17?

Anyway, I blame the magazine for thinking there was some reason to interview him. Was every other musican in the world unavailable?

International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws

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A bit tangential and theoretical...

This is really related to the issue of simple P2P file sharing, but couldn't someone release a virus that sets a particular, common folder to be shared if someone has one of a list of file-sharing apps installed. Then, if some one gets caught sharing files they just claim they were affected by that virus?

Or someone just anonymously spread a version of said apps where the default configuration is the shared folder, and everyone just say they must have installed that version?

Japanese children warned off mobiles

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What the...?

I've had a cell phone since about 1998 or so, and I've never used it to do anything other than make phone calls and occasionally take a picture. I tried texting once - it was such a pain that it seemed easier to just make a call.

I don't really see why ANYONE needs a cellphone other than to make calls and use it for a camera sometimes. I sit in front of a computer all day, so I can send as much email as I want that way. To me a mobile phone is really just a mobile phone, and there's no reason my son needs to walk around carrying a phone. Unless he wants to start taking the grocery orders from my wife instead of me. But he can't even leave school on his own yet.

I say go, Japan!

Lords linger over extreme porn definition

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Lord Hunt?

That wouldn't be MIke Hunt by any chance, would it?