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iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

Mark Grady

I still want to know ...

... how will they know whether your data use is stand-alone or tethered? Will the new OS monitor data pass through and lock it down if there's an ACK/NAK fail from the carrier network over whether you've paid your bill?

This would explain how comes AT&T are taking the same stance in the US over using the iPhone 3G/3GS as a modem. Bend over and spread 'em ...

I was willing to put with no tethering knowing it would be coming in an OS release, but these charges for tethered data are now making me reconsider my iPhone and think about the Palm Pre or a Nokia.

Bad O2, bad.

Google 'GDrive' revisits tech-pundit G-spot

Mark Grady

Isn't this the same as LiveDrive

Their ssytem is in Beta ... will it turn into a Google acquisition to bring the project to market faster?

Who cares...

iPhone gets virtual Windows desktop

Mark Grady

Why bother

Mocha's VNC client's (both the free and paid for versions) are more than up to the job, allowing you to run a dektop remotely for a very low price.

Mocha even have a Remote Desktop client (free and paid for again).

Citrix are late to the party again - let's face it they bought GoToMyPC because they couldn't get their shit together with cheap PC based desktop remoting that didn't need a hugely expensive app behind it.

Penis pill botnet awakens after McColo shutdown

Mark Grady

Thanks God!

I thought my ISP had cut my email off ...

DARPA orders 'fridge-sized' laser energy cannon

Mark Grady

Pseronally I'd want ...

... a laser sized fridge.

Mmmmm - beer ...

MacBook Air owners get laid

Mark Grady


I was just about to buy a MacBook when until I read the rest of the article ...

iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

Mark Grady

I mean, really, does it matter?

If you're not an Apple fan and you don't want an iPhone why do you care if its performance is poor? It doesn't affect you, so be happy that you're getting the service you want.

The only people it seems should be upset by any of this would be iPhone users who aren't getting the speeds they expect. Although some people have complained about this it seems the majority of the iPhone 3G owners are happy. The guys with the problems should, surely, be reporting their problems as a warranty issue and asking for a swap out?

I've been a 3G user since the networks rolled it out in the UK using Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola devices quite happily. I am now an iPhone 3G user and in all honesty have not noticed any difference between the iPhones 3G performance and any of my other phones. Maybe I'm lucky - maybe I use my iPhone, by chance, in a way or places that mean I don't experience any problems. All I know is it works fine for me.

If I have any gripes about the iPhone it's that the Bluetooth profiles aren't comprehensive so I can't link it to my laptop (which is a Tosh - I'm not a Apple fanatic) and that even over the USB cable you can't use the iPhone as a modem device, something I've always used my other 3G phones for. Seems to me that a judicioius OS upgrade could sort both of those - I'd even pay a little extra to buy a patch/upgrade for those (you listening Steve?)

At the end of the day the iPhone is a good phone, but maybe ot the best or most advanced out there, and service issues seem not to be widespread, although for those experiencing them no doubt a real pain in the behind. No-one is making you buy one if you don't want one/don't like them/don't ike Apple (delete as appropriate) and generally speaking Apple's reutrn poloicies are quite accomodating if you have got one and are having problems.

"Stop", because I really think it should ...

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away

Mark Grady

16GB sold out, but 8GB still available

Site still experiencing problems but there are still phones left if you don't mind having the smaller storage ...

How to beat AVG's fake traffic spew

Mark Grady

@Anonymous Coward

ANY bot causes traffic, costs bandwidth and creates a visible hit in a site's logs. OK if you use a good stats package you can filter their noise but most people running cheap sites, and I exclude the readers of this august organ explicitly here, almost definitely don't, not even Google Analytics. Do you think hosting providers give discounts on bandwidth charges because Google, Yahoo or MSN's bots have crawled a site? If you do you're more dimwitted than you think I am.

I'm with Miguel on this one - survival of the fittest. If your margins are that narrow that extra bandwidth is going to nail you to the wall WTF would you do if people really were interested in your site? Ask them not to visit?

Mark Grady


"Elitist prick" ... first time I've ever been called that - thanks! I'm really proud of that.

BTW, notice you were to shy to put your full name against your comments.

I agree, Amazon, et al, wouldn't post their comments here but you would have heard about it somewhere if it was causing them problems. Luckily I don't just read El Reg but cast my net much wider whn I qualify my comments.

I'm not saying people with less money are less important (in fact I challenge you to find anywhere in my comment where I did) but if they're paying scalar bandwidth usage charges they're with hosts that are less than suitable for them. I went on to say that much in the next paragraph.

As for "arrogant, ignorant twat" - I'm really careful not to be arrogant, for example I didn't put down anyone else's point of view out of hand because most of the comments made so far had been valid, to the point, sensible or just enquiring. I'm definitely not ignorant - my clients include micro businesses all the way up to multinationals so I have to be very aware of lots of different needs and budgets. As for twat, yes I am, but not on this.

Mark Grady

AVG is not a webmasters worst enemy ...

AVG has an installed user bas of 70 million, but not all of these are Internet Security v8 users, which is the package that has LinkScanner in it - that's less than half of the user base.

If you then take into account the global number of web users there are AVG LinkScanner users make up a miniscule fraction of all the web traffic in the world.

So far the only complaints I've heard are from low traffic sites (probably people not willing to spend much on their sites in the first place) and none of the big sites have come out complaining, probably because they're not bothered about the background "noise" LinkScanner creates in their stats (maybe rightly so?).

Considering the number of hosts who allow unlimited or at least high levels of bandwidth for low cost there's a case for those sites experiencing bandwidth issues to insist their host providers up their limits or they move their sites to friendlier providers.

When it comes to stats, most of the reason stats are important these days is in selling ad space - in which case a higher number of visits is a good thing, not bad. if you're trying to measure conversion rates then there's a problem, as your percentages will fall. For companies who use cross media advertising (traditional as well as online) to drive trafic to their sites, this should pose little problem. For those who rely entirely on their search engine listing to drive traffic then you're going to get hammerd if (and only if) your keywords and phrases are popular.

The obvious solution for low traffic, "low cost" websites is to diversify their marketing so they're not reliant on search engines only - this is basic marketing practice and anyone serious about their business would be doing this anyway.

All of this is a storm in a tea cup - it's not a big issue and it doesn't affect websites in general in a detrimental way. In general I agree with the principal of LinkScanner, although I think that maybe the implementation is something that should be (as some have already said) be more tightly integrated with the user's web browser itself, making the stats and bandwidth issues less of an issue as the LinkScanner would more closely represent the user agent, but there will still be some overhead.

One final point - the only people sho should be worried by the LinkScanner activity are people trying to amnipulate the user journey or infect users with malware. Considering none of them are complaining about this "problem" you can be pretty sure they've already found a way around LinkScanner anyway.

FYI - I am not just some numpty spouting off, before the flaming starts. I'm Head of Online for a marcomms agency and I've been in the industry since '96.

Oh yeah - I choose "Stop". Beacuse I want it to.

Microsoft walks away from Yahoo!

Mark Grady
Gates Horns

@ Laxman

Yahoo! shares are now trading roughly at the same price as before Micro$oft's unwanted advances - meaning the only people to make money from this debacle are the speculators who drove up Yahoo! share prices in the first place Long term share holders are no worse off now than before and their faith in the board of Yahoo! has been borne out.

Now, let's get back to the real business of search engines - advertising!!

Evil Bill - because he is ...


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