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What's the golden age of online services? Well, now doesn't suck

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Not an angry place .

I remember only too well the Grrr, ggrrr,bizzz, bizzz, bra,bra ffooofg sound of the modem connecting. It's a sound that I will never forget

I also remember that the internet was not something that made me angry...... Quite the opposite ...

Today it appears to have attracted a majority of all that is wrong in contemporary society, publicity, spying, social media manipulation, propoganda and hate groups...

Raspberry Pi OS goes goth

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Why dark mode

RPi isn't really well known for it's amazing interface so why would Dark Mode be so demanded ?

For me, personally, the UI interface is kind of secondary, I use PIs because of their physical interfaces, digital or analogical. I would have presumed that most users would be the same.

Are there really that many users running the UI full time ? Obviously usage varies ...

Belgian man charged with smuggling sanctioned military tech to Russia and China

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Re: Lock him up!

It's nothing new for the Belgians


I knew Jacques Monsieur through work, he was very polite, very calm and always very thankful for everything I did for him. I just didn't know at the time that this kind little man was a international arms dealer.

Elon is the bakery owner swearing in the street about Yelp critics canceling him

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Re: Whos free speech was campaigned against precisely?

What the Twitter Files proved more than anything else was the interaction/interference between the Govt and/or 3 letter agencies and Twitter. Due to the bias of the Govt etc this meant that they had control over certain narratives, especially anything concerning anything positive towards Trump, negative towards Biden or against the narrative for Covid.

This as of itself should have scared you, regardless of your political stance.

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"A study found that business increased for establishments labelled as racist on Yelp!"

Another study found that 99.99999% of people are not racist but that didn't interest the media or those desperate for likes.

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Re: Advertising Money

"Musk screaming about advertisers taking their money elsewhere could possibly kill X-Twitter implies he thinks we should care"

Someone posting to a thread stating that they don't care about a subject often leads me to the conclusion that that actually do.

UK immigration rules hit science just as it rejoins €100B Horizon program

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Re: We are overdue an adult conversation about immigration

"Nursing and social care are amongst the hardest hit, but we are hundreds of thousands of people short across the whole of our society. "

Do you believe that that information was only known last week. Why has the Government not been actively pushing for it's own citizens to become better educated.. No one needs foreign nationals more than they need their own unless it is a far more sinister reasoning - ie cheap labour..

You don't suddenly need hundreds of thousands of people, it's something that can be managed well in advance.

I was in hospital last week and the nurses explained to me that the average length of stay is around five years, due to poor wages and difficult working conditions, many then leave or join the private sector. I don't see how bringing in immigrants changes that situation.

It's ba-ack... UK watchdog publishes age verification proposals

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You honestly believe that this has anything to do with a particular party and not the Government in general ?

You can't deepfake diversity, and that's a good thing

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"We in technology were diverse long before it became fashionable."

Have a quick google search limiting the results just to the The Register and I am sure that it will quickly confirm that many of the Register's articles show quite the contrary. It's a subject that has been debated many times..

The Register.com Diversity

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Would adding a family of South Korean people to a group of North American indigenous people considered as being diverse ?

Eventually this would thin out the indigenous people and we would be risk of losing their culture.

Where do you put the bar between Diversity and Culture ?

Share your 2024 tech forecasts (wrong answers only) to win a terrible sweater

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In 2024 I predict that the AI will be made illegal due to the fact that it's going to become too honest/factual.

IBM pauses advertising on X after ads show up next to antisemitic content

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Re: Hamas

"You're always welcome to start a "non-left wing" kind of tech site and see how well that goes."

Case in point : proved...

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Re: Hamas

Also: as I've said before, we're not particularly left or right, this way or that on Trump or Musk, etc. We're just anti-dumb. If you're in a position of power or responsibility, and you're an idiot, we'll call you a moron.

I beg to differ : I've been on El Reg since 2008 and I truly don't remember reading many, if any , articles with such political bias.

El Reg knows which articles will bring out the "Orange Man Bad" crowd who seem to delight it reminding us constantly about their ideologies .. It appears as this is done intentionally on El Reg's behalf.. It's all about them clicks, n'est-ce pas.

You want to pull in the Left Wing everything is Hate Speech crowd: Just write anything with Musk's name in it, regardless of the content , it will instantly attract the children as if you were handing out free candy.

In the good ol days El Reg would write equally sarcastic articles about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs , so their was plenty for everyone to debate upon, it wasn't really political. Now it appears that the sarcasm is only about those that the Left Wingers don't agree with..

I would rather that the politics and ideological side of things was completely ignored. We have enough politics elsewhere. I come to El Reg for "IT News", yes there definitely is a lot to learn and also for the banter. I don't come to be educated about the correct way of thinking...

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They might also define what "hate speech" actually means.. It's an extremely vague term that appears to have no other objective other than to avoid having to answer question in an adult manner.

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Re: maybe he is a genius

"The people he drives off Twitter will end up going somewhere else"

In the pre-musk days the zeitgeist was always based around the catch-phrase "If you don't like it you are free to go elsewhere". Why are those same people not practicing what they preached ?.

The ideologists always end up biting their own tails. Kinda ironic huh..

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Agreed, The Register has lots any sense of courage and prefers to cow-tow to various ideologies.. I can't even imagine what Mike Magee thinks of what is has now become...

Microsoft's Swiss army knife app hopes to cut through cloud clutter

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Even as we speak just saw this on our tenant today.

"Azure Active Directory is now Microsoft Entra ID."

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And don't forget , that like Azure, the interfaces will change on a weekly basis ensuring that you will never master control of anything.

Vote now on who should take the lead in Musk: The Movie

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Re: Whoever wrote this article

"I'm pretty sure a British reporter wrote this one"

Surprising as the rhetoric has much the same bias as is typical of the SF office..

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Whoever wrote this article

It would be much funnier if the El Reg author of the article played the role.. Since we all know how much the San Francisco staff absolutely loves E. Musk.

Canonical reveals more details about Ubuntu Core Desktop

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Moving towards an Apple methodology..

It feels as though they are making a move to Apple's one system to rule them all approach rather than the every-man for himself approach.

Not a very "linuxy" way of doing things but on the other hand it appears to be a kind of guarantee that everything will just work and just keep working.

Probably not likely to be used by the typical nerd but I can see that it has it's uses elsewhere.

Meta's ad-free scheme dares you to buy your privacy back, one euro at a time

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Re: I thought this was an Onion article

"I'm happy that my entire social media presence is on mastodon"

Does "The Register" not count as social media ?

Yeah, that oughta do the trick, Joe... Biden hopes to tackle AI safety with exec order

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Re: exec order

Any system that opposes the current narrative will be considered a Security Risk.

First Brexit, now X-it: Musk 'considering' pulling platform from EU over probe

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Re: Best argument for rejoining EU

"Why should the rights of those who want to parrot racism, homophobia and transphobia while helping Russia spread misinformation be respected?"

Do you know anyone on this planet that does not fit into one of those phobias ? Can you prove to the rest of the world, and everyone that has differing viewpoints from your own, that you are neither racist, homophobic or transphobic ?

I would be that you can't because the very definitions vary depending on who you discuss with.

Australia threatens X with fine, warns Google, for failure to comply with child abuse handling report regs

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Re: re: I am quite sure that he will have the figures to back it up

Because it's not in his interest if he doesn't have them..

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And you know this how ?

I saw a recent interview where Elon Musk stated the percentages of which the "extremely naughty/bad" content had been reduced. Ok it was E Musk himself that stated this but it was on a public interview and I am quite sure that he will have the figures to back it up otherwise he had to reason to state them as any falsification would obviously be fact checked...

EU threatens X with DSA penalties over spread of Israel-Hamas disinformation

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Only X ?

Are we to believe that the European Commission has regarded content on all major social media platforms and that X was the only one with false information..

That would be very, very surprising.

New information physics theory is evidence 'we're living in a simulation,' says author

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We are probably the simulation of some kind of nasty virus attacking an astral body. IN the end the astral body will just shrug us off, sneeze or fart, and we will be no more.

Musk's first year as Twitter's Dear Leader is nigh

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Re: Social media is overrated

The problem came about when the media, Newspapers, TV etc decided that Twitter was a viable source for everything and anything. Probably due to graduates that grew up with Social Media, for them it truly is a viable source of news, since that's where they learn about the world, they then left college and got jobs within the media companies.

Those in power realised that this was the case, so they started "nudging" what was being Tweeted, this in turn help to further skew what was being reported by the Media.

Elon Musk knew this too and realised that it had gone too far, it had become to powerful, so he threw a spanner in the works..

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Re: Social media is overrated

"Musk has turned Twatter into a home for Right Wing Despots, Conspiracy Theorists and White Nationalists."

If that's what you believe then Mastadon probably offers you a safer place to be amongst like minded people.

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" throwing the brand away and calling it X seems like the weirdest "

It's been in the pipeline from the beginning.


China's national security minister rates fake news among most pressing cyber threats

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Coming from the top

And what's most worrying of all is when the Government itself is the provider of the fake news.

Here in the west it's no better.

Starlink speeds ahead in the satellite race but rivals aren't starstruck just yet

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I can only dream of these speeds.

My last Ookla Speed test gave me 12Mb download and 0.8Mb Upload...

Yes you read that correctly....12 / 0.8 Megabits. Bits not Bytes.

Our building is fibre ready but because of work on the Tram lignes nearby we won't get the fibre before 2026....

I really don't like working from home...

And 4G is no better because I live at the extremity of the cell towers range. And Starlink is not possible because of poor sky visibility...

It goes to show that even in the 1st world we don't always get the best of everything.

California passes bill to set up one-stop data deletion shop

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1 US state down, 49 to go?

1 US state down, the rest of the world to go....

Dutch consumer groups sue Google over its entire business model

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Attack the advertisers to get results

Google only makes its revenue through the advertisers that pay for the platform. They are the ones actively encouraging Google et al to go further into the privacy of everyone's personal info.

The advertisers and marketeers are the true scum l, they are the bottom feeding parasites that will do anything to sell their wares. They don't truly care whether it's Google or Microsoft , just as long as they get into the first page of results..

CrowView: A clamp-on, portable second laptop display

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Re: "Portable Display" means what?

Surprising to see how close that second link ( to the side) looks like the CrowView version ;-)

Pokémon Go was a 'success disaster' and Niantic is still chasing another hit

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Re: The buzz has worn off

"A lot of them really hammered battery when in AR mode, which is not conducive to people playing the game for long.."

Ingress was the reason for which I bought my 1st ever external power pack for a Smartphone... you couldn't expect to attend any events without at least one of them.

Niantic did quite a good job of the AR side of things but as mentioned above it was more of a gadget than anything else as the battery was very, very quickly the limiting factor..

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The buzz has worn off

Niantic have created several AR games, I didn't play Pokemon Go but I did play Ingress. I loved playing Ingress in the sense that it made you want to go out and capture the portals etc... Pokemon Go is just the same game with Monsters( Pokemons) instead of portals.

Niantic's success was without doubt due to the uniqueness of the experience but we have now mostly outlived and gone through that period.. On top of that their games become hyper-repetitive after a period of time and one completely loses interest, regardless of how much spicing up they try and do..

I highly doubt that they will ever achieve the same achievements as they did with PG unless of course that design something breathtakingly new ( which is extremely difficult to do).

OpenAI's ChatGPT has a left wing bias – at times

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"Wealth accumulation"

This is exactly the reason that people on the left swing to the right when they become successful or wealthy. Because even the hardcore leftists don't want to give up their comforts, which is understandable, if you have worked hard to achieve what you have earned.

The term "wealth" is also a relative word as it always depends on whom or to what you are comparing something. A better term might be "material comforts".

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An ideologists wet dream

Yes, it has a left leaning bias at the moment, but regardless of whether it swings to the left or the right it will eventually be used against you.

AI will ultimately replace the media and will be used wholly as a political tool that will be controlled by the government/Big Pharma, Big Business in power at any given time.

If you can't trust politicians, or the GAFAs, then you certainly can't trust AI.

The internet went form a Geeks paradise to a marketing masturbation tool. But AI has far more potential than the web as it will become the "sole" source of truth, that's what you will be told and that's what you will believe.. You will be given no other choice, it's already starting to happen.

Florida man accused of hoarding America's secrets faces fresh charges

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Re: You sure are preoccupied by Trump and Musk!

The El Reg office has decided that only left wingers get a positive review, regarsless of how bad they are doing their job..

I don't care about Trump but I do care about how politicised El Reg has become.

It's like the old Twiiter user's have moved into El Regs San Fran office and started bullying everyone about what is acceptable...

What I truly don't like is how rabid many of the commentards have now become, it's no longer funny. It's almoat as if they don't realise that they are the tiniest pawns in a very large game of chess and that they will be the 1st to get sacrificed

What does Twitter's new logo really represent?

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Re: Let's hope it stops the hate comments

"If you want go drink Musks piss, that's fine, but don't for a moment pretend that it's out of some egalitarian desire for 'constructive criticism' - if you knew of Musks history, as many of us here do, then you'd know that the negative feelings towards him are entirely justified and watching him crash and burn publicly is hilarious.""

This is a perfect example of what I commented about... It's truly sad.

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Let's hope it stops the hate comments

I for one hope it stops the "hate" ( I'll use the wokesters favourite word here) comments that have become so prevalent with anything to do with Musk..

I don't care about Twitter etc but I do care about the level of comments en El Reg. It's become just another echo chamber for those that have no actual opinions on the subject at hand but rather a place where they spout out some nonsense about a man that they do not know, will probably never meet, and if they did they most certainly would not have the courage to use their infantile remarks to his face.

How about we get back to actually making constructive comments rather the childish ideological nonsense.

US adds Euro spyware makers to export naughty list

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Indian developer fired 90 percent of tech support team, outsourced the job to AI

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Re: Hope MS are listening

The actual question, and it was real was as follows ..

The latest update on Win 11 has broken automatic machine Wifi authentification with our radius server.. User are now obliged to manually accept the connection whereas before it was automatic, everything was running fine before the latest update. Where should we look in order to debug this problem. We currently push the parameters via GPO.

The actual problem was due to the fact that a certificate should have been pushed through a GPO but was not.. Windows 10, and Win11 before the update, did not suffer as they could fall back to using using user/machine credentials BUT the latest update forbid this method of authentication, CHAPV2, so broke the radius authentication for W11 which did not have the appropriate certificate installed.. After pushing the correct certificate everything was back to order.

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Re: Hope MS are listening

You have to love MS's definition especially the words "expert" and "deep knowledge".

"Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the "bleeding edge" and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services"

Expert = I know how to perform a basic search on the interweb..

Deep Knowledge = I repeat in parrot fashion that which I have managed to glean from Google, Reddit or some other source which goes way above my actual knowledge/experience.

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Hope MS are listening

Maybe replacing the "MVP"s on MS forums would greatly increase the level of usefull replies.

Question : I have a problem with our radius authentication and 22H2.

Answer : Hiy name is Chukka I am a MVP. have you performed a SFC /scannow. Have you tried reinstalling Windows. Or, sorry that Is a question for another forum.

Nothing is more frustrating the sifting through this endless drivel.

Tech execs turn to drink and drugs as job losses mount

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Re: To quote Hunter S Thompson

“We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.

Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.”

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Re: Why does this sound...

It's getting to the stage where it's hard to find any survey that is not heavily pre-loaded with propaganda, poor attempts at marketing or simply some form of nudging.

Nudging :

Governments are increasingly adopting behavioral science techniques for changing individual behavior in pursuit of policy objectives. The types of "nudge" interventions that governments are now adopting alter people's decisions without coercion or significant changes to economic incentives