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Upcoming Android privacy changes include ability to blank advertising ID, and 'safety section' in Play store

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Zero Tracking

Can I please have an absolute zero tracking button please.

Nuff said.

Er, no, we would like to continue suing Facebook, US state AGs tell courts

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What is a "Lache"

First time ever reading this word..

eBay ex-security boss sent down for 18 months for cyber-stalking, witness tampering

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What about EBAY

Why do I get the feeling that EBAY , as a company, is getting away Scot free from this absolutely wicked situation..

I am sure that most wil agree that this was probably not the only case that existed and that due to the number of people involved it was probably an organised and established practice within the company...

It's almost impossible that top management did not know about these procedures.. Decisions come from the top.....

Biden warns 'real shooting war' will be sparked by severe cyber attack

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Wholeheartedly agree with Potemkine.

And never forget that the bad guys are not the coders but those that are doing the attacking. And the attackers are no longer script kiddies, it is at the governmental level and they have the budgets and capabilites to do far more than one might imagine..

And don't forget the real issue here, Joe Biden is preparing for whatever war the USA had decided to start within the next 2 years.... Which undoubtedly they will....

Activision Blizzard accused by California watchdog of fostering 'frat boy' culture, fatally toxic atmosphere

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Re: Stop the pandering!

"Start from that we will automatically "breed" in a more aware and caring society and workforce who will not even consider gender or race to be important, it becomes just an attribute of a person, from there we get more people into jobs they want to do without fear or persecution."

I would go as far as stating that the overwhelming majority of people are already like that..

Troll jailed for 5 years after swatting of Twitter handle owner ends in death

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Re: Cancel Culture and Doxxing..

One of the techniques used by the Cancel Culture fanatics is harcelling people online. Which is part of what went on here...

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Cancel Culture and Doxxing..

Some people refuse to believe that they actually exist or that they cause any harm.....mmmmhhhhh

Apple delays recalling staff to offices until October as Delta variant romps across US

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Re: Who Knew?

Not really as no formal scientific proof has ever been released proving that masks actually prevent anything.

From, what I have see or read the majority of doctors believe that they serve no purpose, especially when you realise how they are used. Taking your masks on and off multiple times a day is an absolute no no. Using home made masks, a no no.

And before any starts anti vaxxers theories I have both jabs and am happy to do so...

US Surgeon General doubles down on Facebook-bashing amid vaccination information blame game

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Re: "Needle Nazis"

When I read the above comments I understand only one thing, that the world has gone crazy..

What kind of lives do you lead that you feel that it is necessary to reduce everything to Republican or Democrat...

Do you actually wake up in the morning and bow down and pray to your Republican/Democrat overlords thanking them for the bread that you about to eat..

Stop reading the nonsense social media websites, your neighbors are actually nice people and you can collectively can make the world a better place.. You can't do it alone..

The current political division using either class, race, colour or whatever flavor of the day is creating the potential for a very serious situation in the near future.... It's looking damned bleak because you are following the rhetoric...

Politicians don't care about you, they just want the perks of their positions/jobs.. Any and all of them would change sides at the drop of a hat in order to remain in power. They know how to play you and by playing their game you are encouraging them to continue...

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Re: "Needle Nazis"

There's no point in saying that only the Republicans are using it as a political playground.

ALL politicians and parties are using/abusing social media as their latest propaganda toy.

What's actually happening is that the government are trying to gain control over Social Media. Trump started to do it , Biden is continuing the same game but just waving a different flag.. The end goal is the same for both parties..

The government has become scared of what Social media is capable of controlling... and rightly so..

Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Brin are not politicians, and yet they now have more power in the fingertips than any politician ever had...

Teen turned away from roller rink after AI wrongly identifies her as banned troublemaker

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Re: exhibit ingrained racist assumptions in the design

That's just an excuse. If the system cannot treat different races with equal quality of results, then by definition it is racist."

That's a seriously tainted point of view to hold.... ? It very sad.

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Re: Using it wrongly

"It also relies on cameras, that have also been shown to exhibit ingrained racist assumptions in the "


That's an extremely serious assumption to make, can you please provide evidence of what you state ?

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Re: Using it wrongly

I understand what you are trying to say but have to disagree as this what exactly what happened here.

An individual was identified by the AI system as a potential known forbidden character, the person responsible that day took the decision to accept the AI detection status and forbade entry. The human element was definitely there, the computer system did not stop the person coming in, a human meatbag did.

The AI System night have a problem distinguishing objects that have specific colors, or lack of contrasts etc but shouldn't that be considered as an algorithmic problem rather than a racial problem ?

Report: 83% of UK software engineers suffer burnout, COVID-19 made it worse

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What about the admins

If the devs think COVID has changed their lives, what about us in the admin corner.....

COVID presented a whole shebang of challenges that required huge amounts of effort in order to "keep" things running.... And now that we are moving towards Back to the Office we are now in the position of dealing with WFH and In the Office simultaneously....

Grrrrrr, when I were a lad........

Google killed desktop Drive and replaced it with two apps. Now it’s killing those, and Drive for desktop is returning

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"It's just another reminder that The Cloud is just someone else's computer."

I quite like that interpretation, I will jot it down into my little black book of justifications for not pushing everything over to the cloud.. As funny as it is , it is 100% correct.

Uncle Sam sanctions Chinese AI outfits for links to Xinjiang Uyghur human-rights abuses

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I seem to remember that a very powerful person in China took offense to having been likened to a certain yellow bear?


Linux Foundation celebrates 30 years of Torvalds' kernel with a dry T-shirt contest

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Tongue in cheek

"Year of the Linux, coming soon to a desktop near you.". In a nice Times New Roman or Calibri font.

Not sure that it would do to well at a penguinista venue but might just work in an El Reg event..

Tencent uses facial recognition to enforce China’s curfew on gaming kids

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In by the back door

We know that their is a huge outdoor coverage of Cameras in China, now that are starting to include them indoors.... Starting with the children...

If your a crim don't play games....

Hoe yes he did: IT pro record-botherer balances garden tool on his head for 2.5 hours

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Re: Master of Balancing Acts

MBA : My Balancing Acts

Google to bake COVID-19 vaccine passport support into Android with Passes API update

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Re: Idiocracy, by mandate

"To be fair a lot of them are conspiracy nutters claiming Billy Gates is putting 5G in vaccines as implants, etc, etc."

Nope, only a tiny, tiny minority are nutters but the media love to exaggerate everything because it favours extra likes...

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What's the need

We already have an App for that, so what's the point, this is just Google searching to gain your medical data.....

This is evil, from the evil company run by the evil people.

Android devs prepare to hand over app-signing keys to Google from August

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Re: End of privacy

Google also has an optional feature intended to reassure developers, called Code transparency for app bundles. This uses a second signing key, held only by the developer, and can be used to verify that the APK delivered by the Play Store matches what the developer built, subject to some limitations.

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Re: End of privacy

One key for the Application.

One key for the Encryption.

It's only the application key that they are asking for.....;-).

New Yorkers react to strikingly indifferent statue of Elon Musk with cheerful hostility

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Re: It's deffo a winner on Twitter

After reading the first 50 or so comments in the above link I am saddened to see the level by which Twitter communicate with the world.. It's as though the thread was infested by 8 years old that had just learned to use swear words ..

Truly saddening to think that these people will become the future adults of society..

Wish you could play tabletop Dungeons & Dragons but have no friends? Solasta: Crown of the Magister offers a solution

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Re: Play By Email.

Chess also exists by PBE and even snailmail...

Amazon says it's all social media's fault for letting fake review schemes thrive

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Re: Fake reviews?

Exactly and, when you try and write an honest review about the extremely poor quality of the product your review gets refused...

Now that Trump is useless to Zuckerberg, ex-president is exiled from Facebook for two years, possibly indefinitely

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Re: Co-Conspirator #1

Biden's son Hunter ?

Flying dildo poses a slap in the face for serious political debate

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Is it just me or have the American youth decided that the attitude of extremely spoiled children is a good thing?

Ganja believe it? Police make hash of suspected weed farm raid, pot Bitcoin mine instead

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Re: Top marks for lateral thinking

“Keep on knockin, but you can't come in!”

Man found dead inside model dinosaur after climbing in to retrieve phone

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Re: First kill

That could have a serious impact on a certain Mr Darwin's theories...

Twitter: Our AI image-cropping algorithm is biased toward White people, women

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Re: Subject vs Artificial Idiocy

The algorithms are based upon narcissism; they presume that if you use Twitter in the first place then automatically they know that all you want to see is yourself in the spotlight..

I would pretty much bet that that is not too far from the truth. It would be interesting too see how many of those pics were selfies...

Activist millionaires protest outside Jeff Bezos' homes to support tax rises for the rich

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Tax avoidance costs

I wonder how much each off these billionaires pay each year in order to avoid paying taxes?

Guy who wrote women are 'soft, weak, cosseted, naive' lasted about a month at Apple until internal revolt

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Re: Tolerance

The problem lies in the fact that the lambs have become keyboard warriors and feel that the ability to tweet is enough to destroy the wolves...

Little do they know... It's the wolves that give them Twitter...

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Re: Smart people ...

I am not sure that they have much choice...

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Re: Unfair dismissal

That depends on how much he can afford one of those clever lawyer chaps....

An actress, an internet billionaire, and Tom Cruise walk into a space station ... not necessarily at the same time

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With no gravity to provide resistance it must be a really interesting experience..

Pentagon backs away from labeling smartphone maker Xiaomi a military org run by China's communist elite

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They gave them the keys

Xiaomi shared the backdoor key with a TLA and now everyone's a winner..

Not only were half of an AI text adventure generator's sessions NSFW but some involved depictions of sex with children

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Internet Access

Does that same imaginary 11 year also have access to the Interwebs... If so, then that AI Dungeon engine NSFW content is minor in comparison to what google is capable of rapidly feeding him with.

UK government gives Automated Lane Keeping Systems the green light for use on motorways

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That's twice as fast as the M25..... Cool

First Coinbase, now Basecamp: Should workplaces ban political talk on internal corporate platforms?

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Re: Well done Basecamp

That should read psychological not physiological ..

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Well done Basecamp

This is exactly how things should be.

Why should the company get dragged through the mud of their employees personal opinions.

Today's Left Wing have become yesterday's Right Wing and they are terrible people. With their Silence is Violence leitmotif they are accusing everyone who does not stand with their opinions as a Right Wing Bigot...

This is simply physiological violence. And it is very easy to understand why companies do not want to become embroiled.

Banks across America test facial recognition cameras 'to spy on staff, customers'

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Communist Party of America

America the New China.

China has a satellite with an arm – and America worries it could be used to snatch other spacecraft

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Re: Quick idea of the back of my head

I hope that most people understood that I meant China...

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Quick idea of the back of my head

Maybe we should stop sending them all our money ?

We seem to have materialized in a universe in which Barney the Purple Dinosaur is designing iPhones for Apple

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Re: Ooh, Shiny

They already do, no need to upgrade

Microsoft realises constant meetings stress people out, adds Office 365 settings to cut them short or start them late

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Would be better if the meeting lasted 15 minutes and a decision is made, rather than anything longer where no decision is arrived at.

If after the 15 minutes a decision is not made then it means that those present were either not prepared or that the decision maker needs time to digest the information..

In any event a secondary meeting would be required, but again only 15 minutes... Keep it simple, keep it quick , keep it moving.

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Question : Why do we have constant meetings

Answer : Bad management..

Why propose a solution for a completely different problem without proposing a means for improving the actual cause ?

Harassers and bullies succeed in tech because silence is encouraged

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Re: "non-disparagement clauses in many employment contracts"?

I do not believe that I have ever agreed with Jake on many subjects, but I will stand with him on this one.

Will the author kindly explain just how much is "many" ?

I have worked in 5 different countries; I have signed contracts in 3 different languages, and I have worked for many differing kinds of companies and never have I seen such a clause. I am not saying that they don’t exist, just that I have never seen such a clause nor every heard anyone speak about such a thing.....

Why would someone agree to sign for such a company in the first place as it is obvious where you stand in case the shit hits the fan... You read the contract, you do not like it, you either renegotiate or you do not sign. Neither party has any obligation to the other before that signature.

Huawei could have snooped on the Dutch prime minister's phone calls thanks to KPN network core access

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Lawful ?

"no access to lawful interception data"

Does this mean that they didn't have the keys to the backdoor used by our governements or that they only had acces to unlawful interception data ?

Debian devs decide best response to Richard Stallman controversy is … nothing

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Everyone expected to have an opinion

I congratulate Debian for not becoming involved.

Some opinions are personal and don't need to be shared with all and sundry, if everyone afforded this same respect to others the world might be a little bit better?

We really don't need to share every personal thought with everyone on the planet all of the time.. Only those that benefit from the social media platforms want you to behave in this manner..


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