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Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you

Thomas Contreras

two different techs there

Bussard collectors are on the nacelles, used to collect said hydrogen for the matter-antimatter reaction. Why carry both when matter is so plentiful, even in interstellar space. The deflector dish is a separate array for clearing space in front of the ship. Of course, neither of these are used at warp speeds since space itself is moving with the ship inside the warp bubble(s).

Anatomy of a malware scam

Thomas Contreras
Paris Hilton

@Andrew Hall

"A 2-week trial version of Norton Anti-Virus 2008 can be downloaded for free if necessary"

BWAHAHAHA.... don't know which would be worse to be infested with. At least XPAntivirus wouldn't be quite the memory hog or system crasher that Norton is.

I don't think even Paris would fall for that.

Microsoft walks away from Yahoo!

Thomas Contreras

Better dead than Red (mond)

Like many, Yahoo believe it better to die in dignity than to be taken over by the big purple gorilla. I applaud thier gumption. Long Live Yahoo!!!


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