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iPod Nano in airport trouser conflagration horror

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Quick action!

Looks like he was saved by beating about the bush.

The taxi has been called, and I'll just get my coat.

Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush

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Presidential portrait constructed from Reg hack grumblings

Using MacOSaiX, here's Dubya constructed using Google Images and Flickr... and "Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush" terms


I'm only slightly worried at the Tony Blair pimple on his forehead.

Its art Daaaaaaahling!

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Try it yourself

You can make up your own mosaics in a similar fashion by using MacOSaiX and putting in some choice terms in to Google Images.


Try it with a photo of a colleague and your favourite adjectives for them.

Thieves swipe biker's prosthetic hand

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The pain, the screaming... it never ends...

And Area Police later reported to have fingered the crim.

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt

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All speeder's cars should be crushed

I think its disgusting that people who intentionally speed are let off so lightly. For every 5mph over the speed limit you should be fined one month's salary. If your skidding distance is in excess of the distance to the next corner then your car should be crushed. If you crash into anyone then you should be automatically guilty, and have to prove your innocence, first penalty being car crushing followed by months of salary payments. Before the charge of attempted murder.

The people that say they are good drivers are usually the ones with points on their licence in my experience - mostly for "victimless" speeding offences. Pathetic.

Why are all cars not fitted with a small black box to record the last 30 minutes of instrumentation? This can be downloaded ready for court. Might make people think, before charging off down the foggy dual carriageway at 90+ mph!

Google invades Outer Space

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Sat on Heavens Above!

If you want satellite info best be off to http://www.heavens-above.com/

Clear Dark and Steady Skies


Aberdeen Astronomical Society


'Mystery ailment' smites Saudi camels

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If I were a Camel

...I'd take the hump!

Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

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Obligatory Python...

'tis but a scratch!

Orange dismantles Bristol Tower of Doom

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Get the Carlops Witches to Take the Masts down


In Carlops some witches dismantled the cell phone masts over health concerns. Maybe they simply need to ask them nicely?

Council worker develops PC energy-saving program

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How to switch off the monitor/lamp/printer/mobile charger by your PC

I've been using the Intelliplug(tm) for some time, it senses when your PC shuts down and disconnects power to the other connected items. When you switch your computer back on again, all your other devices follow suit.


It costs about 15quid, remember that a 10W device uses about 10quid of 'lecky every year. This should pay for itself in a couple of months.

tread lightly


NASA snaps mysterious night-shining clouds

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Much prettier pictures


Photos taken by my mate Phil Hart, whilst he was in the UK.

Aberdeen (and in fact any place along 57N) is actually at a sweet spot for NLC's and the Aberdeen Astronomical Society www.aberdeenastro.org.uk is currently observing to assist ongoing research. Any visitor to Aberdeen will soon become familiar with why it is such a hotbed of cloud research.

Clear Dark and Steady Skies


ESA spies space tsunami

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More pretty Aurora pictures

My mate Phil Hart has some spectacular photos in:


Some of which I had a hand in taking - he hopes to get some Auorora Australis shots eventually.

Clear Dark and Steady Skies