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SIM modding kit offered to Brits


Swap from phone to phone - nah!

Someone said you could move the SIMable about from phone to phone, intimating that you could continue to use it for ever.

However, if you have a phone where you are required to make a cut out and this isn't so for another phone, I assume that it wouldn't work in that other phone. If it would then logic would have it that they would supply the SIMable with all the necessary cut outs in situ.

Skype comes to mobile (almost)

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Skype is just a toy!

I've never taken Skype seriously. If you want VoIP go for SIP and get some proper gear for it. Skype is for those who are not sufficiently technically apt to use SIP, or are ignorant of what is available.

Hear the noise now from the Skype fanboys ! :-)

The latest Skype call packages are for one country's landlines - want to dial a mobile or call another country then pay through the nose for it. On the world package try calling countries outside the list and pay a premium. With Skype you have to use proprietry equipment and be locked into one operator's call charges. With SIP you can choose from hundreds of providers and the hardware works, likewise with hundreds of providers. You can also route calls via a number of providers - not just one.

OK, I admit it, I am a SIP fanboy!


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