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Gov demand for Governator to terminate PunterNet

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Not in my back yard

Harriet Harman is another one of those goody two-shoes namby-pamby not-in-my-back-yard toss-pots by semi-democratic election. She does my swede, and would make a far more effective and useful contribution to the world if she'd left school at 17 and become one of punternet's reviews.

UK, France mull Photoshop fakery laws

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Go Fascism!

Is it just me, or does having common sense seem to be illegal in this country?

Apple's move to kill Hackintosher suit denied

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Can't wait

Can't wait to see Psystar and his shonky 'Hackintosh' get royally fisted by Apple.

Hackintosher aims 'blazin' guns' at Apple

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Mac Cracking FAIL

As both a Mac and Windows, and when I need to, Linux user, I do believe Psystar should fail miserably.

Psystar have taken it up on themselves to deliberately 'bodge' a perfectly good, well established product for their own financial gain, and expect the creator (Apple) to sit back and do nothing. Or do I misunderstand?

What say, some numbskull buys one of these pieces of less than second-rate Psystar junk, with a hacked version of Apple's fantastic OS X. (Linux lovers and other Apple haters should read the first line of my post again, right now, before entering Keyboard Warrior mode). It then fails miserably, because Apple poured millions of $ into making OS X work perfectly on their own (equally well-developed) hardware, and Psystar just spent months simply cracking it to work on anything with an Intel processor.

Said numbskull then discovers that the Frankenstein's Monster of his wannabe Mac takes exception to some of the simple instructions he passes to it, because the OS is operating outside of its natural environment. He then flames Apple, and the Mac, saying it's useless to all his friends, who were maybe thinking of moving to Apple, away from the Dark Side. What he doesn't tell them is that he was a tight-ass who couldn't afford (nor wished to pay for) a real Mac, and wondered why his POS (not Point Of Sale) didn't work.

It's like buying a BMW 3 series - to all intents and purposes, a well designed, and well built car, which BMW poured millions into developing and building. Some guy then says "I know, I can make a BMW! All I need is some pieces of metal, some seats and a PC motherboard!"

Should one then take this 'ultimate driving machine' to a BMW dealership and say "I bought one of your cars last week and It's not running or handling right - can you fix it?"

What should the nice man in the workshop say to the customer his Bob's Motor Wagon 3.5 Series GTI rolls onto the ramps?

FAIL - Because it should be Psystar's corporate slogan.

Man punts 'prototype' iPhones on eBay

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@ Wade

But you didn't answer the question Wade, when did you last think outside of the box? And you retaliated...which by your assertion makes the rest of us right.

Chris P

Linux-'tards need not apply

Wade, go back to tinkering with your Linux kernel, and stop moaning about how you can't afford anything made by Apple. Staying in the past and moaning about the present doesn't help you move forward into the future - Apple at least push the boundaries to see what is actually possible. When was the last time YOU thought outside of the box?

Surviving prototypes of ANYTHING are always collectable in somebody's eyes. Personally I wouldn't mind an IBM AT prototype because I've still got a 'real' one.

At time of writing, the ebay link is dead.

Besides, iDirt and iCrap aren't white, so no self respecting Mac owner would tarnish their desk with them.

UMD-free PSP coming this autumn?

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Paris Hilton

100% digital?

"...the ultimate goal is for the PSP to go 100 per cent digital..."

What does he mean 100% digital? The only analogue component of any PSP (including my 'fat' one) is the analogue side of the DAC for audio output...

Presumably this statement is supposed to read "the ultimate goal is for the PSP to have no expensive moving parts like the Nintendo DS".

Paris because even she know that sentence doesn't make sence.

Apple laptop ignites marketing department

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I wonder if it was one of the free replacements that exploded?

They will keep having things made in China though. Oh well.

M&S pimps school uniform for iPod era

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When I were a lad....

When I was at school, which was a mere 10 years ago, we weren't allowed anything like an ipod at school, and I believe that the rule in general still applies.

So here comes my question...yes, you guessed it....What's the point?

Sony downgrades PS3 PlayTV functionality

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HD? Who cares?

Who gives a flying f*** about HD? HD's a sideline that the PSP can't exactly benefit from.

The point is surely that PlayTV is now unable to provide offline viewing of the programmes that you can record! That would've been the killer app to give me a reason to shell out several hundred pounds on a PS3, so that I can watch recorded TV programs on my PSP, without turning the PS3 on. Hey ho - I'll just spend 500 quid on my car instead.

Gov pulls plug on prison PlayStations

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I want a PS3

Should I go mug someone so I can play GTA IV?

Few gamers claim Grand Theft Auto 'hot coffee' cash

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At the risk of point out the obvious

For the hard of understanding, ie, anyone who's made a claim for being 'upset' by the 'mod':

"...the scenes - which were not enabled by default, but required a special hack to activate."

So basically, the people who took their time to go and FIND this forgotten part of the program are being compensated for their own effort? Surely the gimp who hacked GTA should be the one up in front of the judge for hacking the program, and subsequently posting it publicly? Anyone think of that? Or even that the people who claimed compensation can't genuinely have been upset, because they knew what they were going to find and thought it would be a bit of a laugh?

Or does common sense fail to work in court nowadays?

UK appeal court dismisses mod chip conviction

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@ Mark Berry, re consumer rights

You're absolutely spot on.

In the UK, you're permitted to make ONE backup copy of any copyrighted title that you purchase, for your own personal use.

Copy protection came about because rules like this were flouted and abused.

And in response to the genius above that said 'killing the copy protection will kill the mod-chip/disc market' - you're right. Mod-chip development and retail has been caused by the very people who are trying to stamp it out. Common sense is one of those optional extras that gets binned these days, usually because it costs too much money.

SanDisk forecasts memory-less MP3 player future

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I never understood the concept of MP3 players with fixed inbuilt memory.

You and me both, Andy.

Pong, the dining table

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re: level 3

'Breakout' stylee....

Moving forward, multiple players on each side of the table....

Id Dooms gamers to new shoot-'em-up sequel

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Re: And for completeness...

Red Bren said: Will there be a linux version?

There is, kind of - the Mac was already mentioned........

LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray HD DVD combo drive

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Eject buttons

Looks nice, but the eject button IS in the wrong place. Many years ago I had a two speed Creative Labs E2550UA drive, which had the eject button mounted ABOVE the tray - I never had to fiddle about reaching under the tray in any of the several machines I had it installed in.