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Microsoft: 'Prepare for 15 billion more clients'

simon barfield

out of touch with reality

heh.. quality.. like we can get 2 gig of ram on an embedded device.. look redmond.. we don't use os'es half the time we use state machines.. in the event of needing an rtos we usually write our own.. fancy that!

Brit space agency to probe 'crackpot' antigravity device

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thank goodness for heretics

(nice post jas!)

i've got two words for the rest of you .. barry .. marshall.

Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof

simon barfield

democracy in engineering

ooh another attack on democracy..these bl88dy engineers eh..

look.. mate.. . you can't design/invent by comittee.. sorry .. perhaps this is discrimination against dim wit fluffy sociology types (who spent most of their time in the bar or handing out radical anarchist pamphlets at Uni if memory serves me correctly)it involves constant decision making and that 'vision thing'..

here's a typical randd conversation..

accounts/ penpusher/ whatever..'how long will it take to program (invent).. such and such' ..

engineer.. 'i don't know i haven't invented it yet'

100,000 sign for BT Fon wi-fi love-in

simon barfield

fon business

why don't they just stick wireless routers in existing telephone boxes.. ten minutes to wire up..built in country wide coverage.. i'm missing something aren't i?

Why have Radiohead broken copyright activists' hearts?

simon barfield
IT Angle


heh.. gimmicks.. gimmicks maaan..

wars.. napalm bombs, people get burned up on tv every day and its just a gimmick..

umm yes.. we do .. <laughs>

jimi hendrix 1967


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