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Kindle fails to set light to unsold e-book pile


iPod all the way

I have my iPod touch loaded with the freeware program "Stanza" on it. Stanza has 32 full length (copyright free classics) on it. I read them. When I want more, I'll open Stanza and download them. The whole "Kindle" thing makes me laugh.

US man saved by bulletproof DVD


It takes guts

Anyone at waffle hut at 6am probably has enough surplus flesh that they can be shot often without damage.

Burned by a MacBook


If this is journalism, I am Santa Claus.

The Register seems to be sinking into a swamp of writing the most shocking article possible in order to generate comments and doing this at the expense of anything even hinting at balance, and increasingly, at the expense of journalistic ethics.

The author (whom I have never heard of before) has a litany of complaints against Apple for a faulty laptop. These are aired at great length. She is compensated. "While I have got a £1,200 machine instead of a £700 laptop" she goes on... "it is little compensation" ... what were Apple supposed to do? Seriously. What were they supposed to do? Give her an around the world holiday sitting on Prince William's lap?

What a bunch of wankers you lot have become. I think I will remove the "Register" bookmark from my browser and see if my quality of life improves. Goodbye.

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar



"Carry an iPhone, and you're just one of the lemmings...."

"If you value your sense of self..."

Trust me, you will find embarrassment far less worrying when you leave adolescence.

SanDisk Cruzer Pro, Enterprise secure USB Flash drives


Operating system silliness

"Only works with Windows" ... how idiotic. Does anything more need to be said? I have a LEXAR JumpDrive that has encryption software for the Mac. It cost $28 Australian. I primarily use Macs, have friends that use Linux, and keep meeting people who still use WIndows. I think that SanDisk must have hired the pointy haired boss from Dilbert and let him set this one up.

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her


23 days without email would KILL me.

Its good to see the Reg following the tried and true media track of a stroy about Paris Hilton immediately followed by some dweeb banging on about how they are sick of reading about her. I for one, can't read enough about her. I think she is really hot, sounds quite bright and I really like her album. I'd be happy if there were a great many more girls around the place who were just like her.

Then again, I am not a sexually repressed virgin, so I am not afraid to say that.

Yahoo!'s pink liberation army a threat to America's youth


You know...

... if I wanted to read phuquit level anne coulter rantings I could go to fox"news" or stormfront. This article wasn't funny and it is such a transparent attempt at trolling for clicks that I feel ripped off complaining about it. Then again, having read it, I would be a subhuman if I *didn't* complain about it. I don't much like being manipulated in this way.

There are other sites on the internet for IT related news.

Why Apple won't sell 10 million iPhones in 2008



A month of two before the PS3 was released the worlds media was falling over itself trumpeting that it would be a crazy success. (At least the bits of it I read did.) It failed. Same with the wonder of the PSP. The Nintendo DS and Wii are, on the other hand, big successes, despite the fact that the media did their level best to kill them at birth by belittling their graphics capabilities and saying things like "the fun factor may well be overrated." The "fun factor" is the whole point of a game console. The public voted.

Now the media is (to my eye) trying to kill off the iPhone, using the same techniques. Its not surprising. Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Motorola buy a lot of ads and have some heavy muscle. The problem is, of course, that the media is making the same mistake as it made with Nintendo vs Sony. Once a consumer encounters a product which actually *works* and works properly, no consumer ever goes back to the old paradigm.

Cat owner protests against privacy-invading Google



I think that the only really amazing thing about this story is that the cat didn't sense the camera and do a back flip and start industriously washing its arse. In fact, I consider this to be a horrible lapse on the cats part.

World fails to implode during Gates-Jobs gagfest



Its amazing how a couple of billion dollars and world domination can mellow a guy out, isn't it?

MySpace to turn over sex-offender data after all



Why does this story not contain the word "witchhunt" ?

I am no fan of kiddie fiddlers but the direct combination of Rupert Murdoch and local US law enforcement in no way matches up wih the concepts of either "law" or "commonsense." Ruperts ethos is best described as "right-wing psycho" and the average US local cop is an ardent consumer of said Rupert "content" the net result cannot fail to be anything other than a Hitlerite wet dream.

One in 10 webpages scrutinized by Google were laced with malware



I agree with Joe K! When viruses and malware are 99.9999% Windows/Internet Explorer related security issues, why are they not called as such? Why tie the whole industry to the appalling security reputation of Microsoft? Neither Linux nor OSX nor any browser apart from Explorer have problems, (or anything like the number of problems) ... so why is a generic term like "malware" misapplied in this case? Windows is garbage, the use of the word "malware" simply covers this fact up.

George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3



The only thing sillier than the creator of "Star Wars" calling "Spiderman 3" vaccuous is the consumers of *both* brands of brainless crap arguing over which is worse. Its rather like sheep comparing castration scars, or rubes arguing that Starbucks is better than Dog Urine... meaning that it is only funny if you aren't a cretin, but it palls rather quickly.

Seriously, if you take any aspect of either the Star Wars or Spiderman franchises seriously it is time to extract your head from your bottom and try reading a book. Either that, or apply for a job as a farm animal.

Woman claims Geek Squader tried to film her in the shower


Good Lord!

Gee. A kinky computer nerd. I am now looking forward to worldwide coverage of the latest parking lot bingle, and minute by minute coverage of drunk football arguments in pubs. It all just makes me wonder which competitor it is who has decided to use the media to "get" the Geek Squad. As far as CBS goes, their anchor starts the story alleging that the guy tried to "video a 13 year old girl" ... who according to the story, wasn't in the apartment at the time. In short... a 100% media crock.