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Dell servers block un-Dell HDDs

Dean Westall

Time limit on upgrades

The problem with Dell blocking non-certified drives is that they cease to make drive kits available long before people typically want them - in EMEA at least. Typically a kit for any given piece of kit will cease to be available 3-6 months after the platform itself EOL.s. So you could buy a system close to EOL Dell won't be in a position to sell you an extra drive for in a year's time. I work for a company that makes its living out of supplying tier one retail drive upgrades to Dell customers. Dell use exactly the same suppliers - Fujitsu, Seagate for example - that we do and often the only difference between the two is firmware. Dell's move threatens not only our business but will alienate customers previously on their side.

Dell swings axe at five per cent of EMEA staff

Dean Westall

Dell Offshoring?

" I'm not going to say 'offshoring by stealth' but someone might......"

Hmmmm.. I worked for Dell for 16 years in UK Bracknell office. I got "redeployed" when production went to Limerick and again when the bulk of Tech Support went to Bray. I finally got made redundant 2 years ago when the choice was to go to Glasgow or leave. Dell is no respector of reputation, loyalty or personal value, the only thing that is important is the minimistaion of cost and the movement of staff from one lapsed government-funded freebie opration to a new one is nothing new.

This time I think you'll find it's a bit different - Dell are under pressure to cut costs globally and all operations are likely to face cuts. So the service you can expect just got that bit poorer.