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NASA's Spirit rover stuck for good

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Improving by degrees

Yes -- you're absolutely right. I'll change it proper.

Google spins Docs preview into Gmail

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Editable?

It doesn't appear so.

In order to make changes, you need to select the "Open in new window" option.

IBM out-cheaps Google with web-based business email

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Also

You are confused by IBM's naming scheme. LotusLive Notes is a service that uses Lotus Notes to access a server with Lotus Domino e-mail. It's a re-branding of the service, Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging.

There's water on the Moon, scientists confirm

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Alternative headline:

The moon is a hydrated mistress

Wolfram Alpha to venture beyond boron nucleus

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Tsk, it's "How is babBy formed?"

Yeah, my editor actually "corrected" the spelling there. I'll change that right back.

Judge orders Echostar to disable set-top DVR

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Not required last time I checked

The patent is question is # 6,233,389 (http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=6,233,389.PN.&OS=PN)

It describes a system that "allows the user to store selected television broadcast programs while the user is simultaneously watching or reviewing another program."

Amazon patents hideous Kindle 1 design

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Erm...

Hey, at least they didn't choose Comic Sans.

Facebook in Pirate Bay block Fail

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: @ Austin Modine

Alas, my questions weren't answered by Facebook, as their only response was the cut-and-paste statement reported in the story. The obvious PB blockage work-around appeared to get their attention though. I'll be sure to update the piece with any additional details/developments.

Microsoft killing free XP support next week

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: No Exchange

Thank you kindly, anon. You're right. I've added the upcoming Exchange Server 2003 killdate to the story.

Amazon does video game trade-ins

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)



True, but since Amazon is choosing which titles you can send in, it could simply steer away from PC games with troublesome DRM and verification systems.

Which is...by last count, all of them.

OK, you make a good point.

Besides, selectively opting out DRM-laden PC titles from the program could only encourage game publishers to add more hoops since don't like game trade-ins in the first place.


I'm not entirely convinced digital downloads befit the consumer in the end. I'm all for giving game makers their proper due, but as my library of downloaded games grows, I become increasingly concerned I won't be able to play these games purchased online in -- say -- five years time. But that particular problem goes much further than just the video game industry.

Developers more 'satisfied' with PHP than other codes

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


Figured I'd get heat for the headline. OK, I submit to you my inner turmoil: "...other languages" works, but then I thought it would be confused with "languages" in general, like English, French, etc.

I could add "other programming languages," but that's not exactly an attractive headline. (The column widths on the front page are tiny too.)

So I fudged it a little and wrote "codes." Am I ashamed about it? Not at all.

Well maybe... deep down. A little.

Intel ships updated Atom chips six months early

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: So this GN40...


The N280 has a TDP of 2W, down from the N270's 2.5W.

Will update with the info.

5,000-year-old 'ice man' was shot to death

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Re: Copper Age ???

The Copper Age was basically a beta version of the Bronze Age.

(Forgive me for using a Wikipedia link, but): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_Age

It's used to label more of a evolutionary period of cultural development where both stone and metal tools were used, rather than the revolutionary leap of the Bronze Age.

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

@ Peyton

Fine then, griefing it is! At least you didn't call me a n00b.

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Gigabytes and me

Thank you to the many, many, many people who pointed out the typo. I'm rejecting those comments, but will dedicate the tears falling into my beer glass this evening to each of you.

Amazon's cloud spreads into content delivery

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


Don't tread on me!

YouTube offers full-length shows

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


If UK users were allowed to watch MacGyver, they'd learn to get around YouTube's region lock with a half book of matches and a bit of string. It's a slippery slope my friend.

EA Europe struggles squeezing out Spore

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

no u spel bad



Although I meant [sic] in the kindest way. A brotherly [sic]. A gentleman's [sic]. A [sic] between two people bonded by misused homophones.

NetApp thin provisions income in Q1

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Not a mistake

A company's fiscal year often doesn't match the actual calendar year so that its year-end accounting work won't occur during the holidays or times of high activity.

Delta aims Wi-Fi at American planes

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


Nah, voice services aren't allowed due to federal regulations. It will likely be the same deal for any US airline that picks up in-flight Wi-Fi.

Site guesses your sex via age-old web flaw

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Manly man

Enterprise hardware reporting combined with a soft spot for video games results in a whopping 100% chance of being male.

Perhaps Dan should lay off the Cat Fancy online during work hours?

CherryPal launches $249 mini PC into ad-backed cloud

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


What you get is just the box. No monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc included.

CherryPal CEO Max Seybold's justification is that most people already have those kinds of peripherals laying around. Obviously if you don't, that's something you need to factor into the price.

Hackintosh maker gets legal greeting from Apple

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

@ Franklin

Psystar states they don't support the installation of Leopard outside their facility, so obviously getting an off-the-shelf copy to run isn't the easiest thing in the world. However, they need to get the OS somewhere — and I doubt Apple is supplying OEM versions here.

But seeing as you can't get a box running Leopard without the OS pre-installed in the first place (and I don't get paid by the word), I'll strike the off-the-shelf reference from the story.

Dell thinks small with 2.5-inch SAS storage sidecar

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


What do you expect during NA hours, Canadianisms?

Western Digital uncages ferocious VelociRaptor data hunting drive

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Dinosaur pendantry

The velociraptors in Jurassic Park are inaccurately depicted as about the size of their close cousin, Deinonychus.

To be fair to Spielberg, the name velociraptor is way more menacing. Deinonychus sounds more like an intestinal disease.

Vyatta blows out Cisco routers with study

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)


@Chris Gray

That does not appear to be addressed in the white paper. I'll see if Vyatta has anything to say about it.

You should be able to download the white paper here: http://www.vyatta.com/documentation/whitepaperdl.php?q=VSCISCO

without registering.

Brocade's Backbone wants control of the data center

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)
Gates Halo

Can't we all just get along?

In an effort to promote international peace and understanding, El Reg will henceforth compromise by calling it a data centere.

Brazil bans the evil sold in EverQuest and Counter-Strike

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Game publisher


EA does distribution for Valve in Brazil.


Quad-core Xeons use small power plant to maul Opterons

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Chip wars and world peace

@Paul — I'm not Neil Nelson. His quote. Good spot though! You win 5 Register points, redeemable as 1 (one) issuance of respect knucks from any Reg Hack you should see sidling down the street.

@Ben and Nick — Oh yes, I do recommend a peek at that story. If only for the shouting match between George and Neal in the comments.

Intel v. AMD stories always bring out the best in people.

Dell punts $4450 World of Warcraft notebook

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)
Dead Vulture


Ah damn. No, that's not Dell — that's me.

Looks like I forgot an "I" on Warcraft III.

I would normally blame my editors, but frankly their eyes go glassy whenever I talk about video games, so it's entirely up to me on that front.

Kim Jong Il: dictator, gnome, and now 'internet expert'

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)
Dead Vulture

Not impressed

Only one?

Bush doesn't claim to be an expert, but at least he's got an ear on all the internets.

Second Life turns on screams of horror tool

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Voice chatting

I predict a massive exodus from Second Life's red light districts.

You can only convince someone your voice is deep and husky because you have a cold for so long...

High level Night Elf druid saves PC gaming

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

One of us

For those who took offense to the "unwashed nerds" comment; I'd just like the record to show that I am a huge nerd myself. I'm a console and PC gamer, and an avid WoW player.

TLA: Five points for catching that.

Kepler telescope primed to search for earth-like planets

Austin Modine (Written by Reg staff)

Radial velocity surveys

John Carney — Duly noted and clarified. Thanks.