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Win 95 code gaffe nearly made Stuxnet Suxnet, say infosec blokes

Stefan Smietanowski

Re: Luck, or Unicode? Neither - just accurate coding to the API.

Small clarification however:

Windows 8.1 is still major version 6, so even the "fixed" code would run on it, ie if the code was "&& (OsVersion.dwMajorVersion >=5 && OsVersion.dwMajorVersion <= 6))" (which I'm sure was the intended code) would have run on anything from 2000 to 8.1. Only NT3.1-NT4.0 and Windows 10 would have been spared had the code not been buggy.

Windows 2000-2003 r2 = Major Version 5.

Windows Vista - Windows 8.1 = Major Version 6.

Windows 10 = Major Version 10.

Stefan Smietanowski

Re: Luck, or Unicode? Neither - just accurate coding to the API.

I actually took it one step further and looked at the assembly itself, thinking it was their translation from assembly to C that was the culprit but no, the assembly says the same as the screenshot.

I had already mailed about this correction, but thought I'd post it here as well.

And yes, I have better things to do as well :)

LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray HD DVD combo drive

Stefan Smietanowski

Re: not supported??? (Chris McFaul)

You use dual layer BD-R and/or BD-RE media all the time? Either you do that at work or you're rich.

If you meant DVD+-R / DVD+-RW then of course it's supported but that's not what he was talking about.

quote from article:

Dual-layer BD-Rs and BR-REs that weigh in at 50GB are tempting but, at £25, expensiv for a single disc. However, they aren't supported by the LG so we can put that particular idea to one side.

Stefan Smietanowski

Dual Layer BD-R and BD-RE are supported

This drive can burn in 2x speed to BD-R and BD-RE DL discs, that's one of the massive advantages over other drives out there!

At least reading the official specs on lge.com ...


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