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Prof says fatties a bigger menace than bin Laden


Your Mamma's so fat...

Her passport photo is a satellite shot!

See, this is why we need fat people, to poke fun at!!

Go on, give it yer best shot!

Convicted spammer goes AWOL from federal prison


Gold coins

"Federal authorities have already seized gold coins and other property belonging to Davidson."

Gold coins?? Did he pirate in his spare time too?

No chance of catching him now then, he'll be back on the open seas by now.

Mines the one with the parrot glued to the shoulder....Yaharr matey

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins



If you dont like it, dont read it!

Opinions are like ar$eholes...everyone has one, and since we have heard your $hit, here's mine...

I believe that you believe in a being that has no real proof of ever existing, and that the whole system of religion was created to control and extort money from the susceptible masses.

Is your life so void of meaning and purpose that you resort to some preposterous ideology that once you have shuffled off this mortal coil your soul will be welcomed into heaven, and all us heathens will burn in hell?

It is your belief system that invented hell, not mine. If I believe in a flying spaghetti monster would you fear its wrath?

If you are happy to justify to yourself that religion is a worthwhile pursuit, even when looking at the number of deaths that it has caused throughout history, then thats up to you, just dont go expecting the rest of us to follow suit like good little sheeple.

If I want to make light of what is actually a funny article then that's up to me now isn't it.

You say I'll burn in hell, I'll call it a Jesus phone. Deal with it.

Praise Jeebus....and the flying spaghetti monster!

Christian Bale signs for Terminator trilogy

Thumb Up

Thank god George isnt involved

Bale - Awesome

McG - Oh Dear! Why Jeebus Why??

A further 3 movies - Now they can't expect to top the first 3, but as long as there are no Jar Jar esque robots for the kids then it has potential to be pretty good!

Lots of Killbots please.

Give Bale his axe and Huey Lewis album and we're on to a winner!!

Now I'm off....have to return some video tapes.

Police nick 460 a day for using mobiles while driving


The bigger danger

Now I will admit to having taken a call whilst driving before, and not once have I been distracted enough cause an accident, but thats me, and as time goes by I know it may happen. But I think there is a bigger danger to motorists on the road....Passengers!

How many times has the missus been sat next to me having a right old go about something or other, which is really distracting! It takes both hands to give her a proper shaking... What are they planning to do about this? I suggest bubble dome cars...now thats the way of the future.

Lesbians turn on lesbians in battle of Lesbos



This is LESBOS!!!