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AVG slaps Trojan label on Adobe Flash

Paris Hilton

Say it ain't so, AVG

Man, they're really winning the race to the bottom this year. Look out Norton!

Klunky, unstable out of the gate AVG 8loat, Link Scanner, the falsies this week... I've tried to stay true, but I am rethinking whose enterprise AV I will be running on a new network build(small<20 t's) in the coming week. I'm 100% it won't be Nort, McLaffy , maybe TrendMicro, but I'm not 100% it will be AVG now.

PH, cuz she's probably wondering where the Google Home Page is right now, too...

Hotmail holdouts grumble about 'pathetic' new interface

Dead Vulture

The Newest T'bird/Webmail Patch Works...

with the new Luke-Warm Mail.

TGFT, cuz I had hundreds of mails to download/backup(25@ a time?). I'll continue to inform my correspondents of the move away from my long-standing('98) HM account.

Hello darkness, my old friend...

Martial law planned for Craigslist's red-light district

Paris Hilton


Considering ~90% of posters/repliers are scamerms, spammers or bottom-feeders(not just in the red-light district), this should really polish up that turd nicely.

Paris, she wants to meet you tonight. Check out her ad in CL personals today!

Michael Crichton dead at 66

Dead Vulture


I always thought he was a Brit, great writer nonetheless.

Well, time to unplug and reread The Terminal Man. It's been a couple decades, and yet it's so much more pertinent today.

RIP, Chictonosaurus.

Barack Obama will be president



Never thought I'd see it in my time, an African-American President. I didn't vote for him b/c of his skin color, however, I voted for him in the hope that the neo-con, totalitarian mentality will be reversed and we can stop "fearing" all the evil-doers in the world; ie: stop starting wars, get back my right to privacy, perhaps a couple war-crime trials(riiiight), reign in the Corporate Cleansing of my wallet, clean up the international messes Butch has made. Maybe just 1 or two would be good.

Keep in mind, kids, hold onto those tinfoil hats. Butch still has 76 days to set his very own "Reichstag Fire".


Bono bikini babe party pictures loose on Facebook

Paris Hilton

Bono's Lost The Edge?

Maybe Edge is the hottie magnet, or maybe Bono needs new glasses, but those little darlings aren't worth a multi-million $ divorce. Sure they're cute, they're all cute when they're pups, but if I'm going to risk a fortune I want to be proud when I point across the courtroom and say, "She's why I'm losing XX million pounds and I regret it not."

Paris, cuz I'd divorce her in a NY minute.

TSA vows relaxation of carry-on liquid limits

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But I'm So Thirsty...

I sure hope the $3 waters and $5 cokes will still available in the terminals.

Now, what about the pay-to-fast-track at the security screening? Is that for our own good, too?

Microsoft sales tumble from quarterly high

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Robust demand for Vista?

"Kevin Johnson, president of the platform and services division at the time, cited robust demand for <i>'upgrade' rights to XP only found in</i> premium editions of Windows Vista."

There ya go, KJ, I fixed that for ya. Don't mention it.

McAfee update classifies Vista component as a Trojan


Wait...what's the problem?

Your trusting McAfee or you're getting a thinner Vista?

Either way, if you spent big on a computer capable of running Vista AND McAfee simultaneously, then you went ahead and ran Vista and McAfee, you probably have more money than sense. I hear Geek Squad can fix it for you, give 'em a call.

Boy band sings praises of Windows 7

Paris Hilton


@ AC: "Good to know that you have such smart, intelligent readers who really understand the whole concept of parody........"

Parody != a free pass on any lame content, especially lame content that MAY have worked 15 years ago. You know, back when dinosaurs roamed and fagboy bands were "popular".

Missed it by ...that much.

Nasty web bug descends on world's most popular sites

Paris Hilton

Why Don't They...

...just pull the plug on this whole intertubes abortion? Nowhere is safe, we are all going to die and, yes indeed, the sky is falling. If US Congress had approved a web-bubble-bailout back in '99 we could have avoided this whole mess and lived happily ever after.

Paris, cuz when they said NoScript, she thought they said NoSkirt=FTW!

Washington and Microsoft declare war on scareware

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Bring On The Champions Of Security & Warfare

MS and DC, no two are more reliable and competent to ensure online safety and rounding up evil-doers.

88% of IT admins would steal data if fired


Remove Culpability

When I left my last net, that I built from the ground up, I was disgruntled as hell. So, I insisted the owners join me in the "closet" and I instructed them on how to change all admin account passwords in the AD... following secure criterion I drilled into them from Day 1. I made it very clear that I didn't want to know the new p/w's and I stood away where I couldn't see the screen nor keyboard.

Sure I could crack it, but then who would hire me to build/admin another net? Plus, if I need them for a reference, I know I can still list them.

Emails allege ATI-Nvidia price fixing conspiracy

Dead Vulture

1 Player Away From Monopoly

Figures, only two players in the market makes it sooo much easier to collude.

Look at the memory price fixing players that busted a year+ ago, with all those manu's now that was a feat to pull off.

I love it when people say "capitalism" and the "free market" are alive and well, when in fact, globalization, mergers & takeovers create more oligopolies that dictate their market prices.

I'm looking at you Big Oil!

Intel adds cheap dual-core, quad-core chips

Paris Hilton

"Waiting for that first quad core Celeron D!"

4x's crappier than a single Celeron for twice the price! Oh joy.

Paris, cuz she knows Celerons blow, too.

MS beefs up WinXP Pro's anti-piracy nagware


Vista "Upgrade" to XP

Hey Anon, you must have Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate to exercise the "upgrade" to XP PRO option.

PS: Don't be fooled, "Premium" is not not premium enough to be eligible. That's why all the low end 'puters have Premium stuck on them, so you can buy a second license. ;-)

Gates Horns

"Vista Home Basic/Premium can be downgraded to XP Home"

Since when? Could you provide a link to an updated Microsoft EULA page stating this, please? While this would be great and fair, MS is not.

PDF: http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/f/4/5f4c83d3-833e-4f11-8cbd-699b0c164182/royaltyoemreferencesheet.pdf


SQL Server 2008 moves on, wants to stay friends

Paris Hilton

MS's New Motto: If It Ain't Broke...

Break it!

Paris: cuz she doesn't think of LAMP as a single unit in the way the acronym suggests: she embraces the fact it comprises four components, which work great sans MS.

Free Wi-Fi still a goer in San Fran'

Paris Hilton

If it's FREE...

I'll take three for me!

I hope someday the people of the world come to grips with the reality, "free" does not necessarily = "good". You get what you pay for.

Paris, cuz she will mine your data to deliver a more personal Tabloid Hijinx.

Drugs, hookers and cranked customers: Ex-Broadcom boss indicted

Paris Hilton

Shock & Awe, Cowboy!

What a proud day for corporate cowboys everywhere. I wonder if they were flying w/ Kenny and GW when the pilots flew too high.

Paris, cuz she's a Corporate Cowgrrrl.

HP begs AMD PC owners to put XP SP3 on ice

Paris Hilton

Open Box...CLEAN Install...Make Image

Title says it all. No OEM bloatware and apparently no Intel driver on AMD chipset...the Pro's just keep coming!

Paris, cuz she made a clean image of her install.

Israeli spyware-for-hire PIs jailed

Paris Hilton

Matt, Justice for all!

Just hire a PI and a lawyer, justice is available for all who can afford it. But please, don't bother the coppers with such trivialities. If it isn't a fine-able offense OR cannot be fixed by writing a citation, they just can't be bothered with it.

Paris loves justice, the really expensive kind.


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