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EU gifts Ireland €14.8m after Dell Limerick shutdown


Addition t title

perhaps the title should add... "after gifting DELL €50 million to leave ireland" :-)

Plod to get computer forensics 'breathalyser' next year


I have an MSc from 2006 for research in this area.

Its sad to see that 4 years have gone by since I submitted my research in this area and still nothing has changed. The conclusion of my research was that CF solutions at the time were not simple enough for general police use and there was a need to identify a general case/evidence management solution which could be augmented by a modular design (both procedurally and technically) for additional functionality allowing basic users to do the ground work and identify the need for further investigation while still maintaining a clean, unbroken and easily explainable chain of evidence while allowing for a stremlining of basic activities, thus increasing throughput.

Robot airliner anti-missile escorts proposed

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Awful idea

allowing a drone to fly in formation with an airliner introduces two big problems..

A: A hacked drone could do the job of the missile.

B: Drones can crash too and again this can, albeit accidentally, bring down the airliner.

In general it can be said that, for safety at least, simplier is better and in this case... Airliners and drones flying in formation is not a simple thing.

'I've cracked Nokia S40 security', claims researcher

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Limbo of the Lost music not stolen, claims composer

Dead Vulture

It would be unfair to sue them if ..

They included the graphics in ignorance of the plagarism. For now I think its safe to say the only thing to do is wait. Surely the developers would have known they were going to get caught if they did this.. so It seems more likely to me that they just got blindsided by a lazy out sourced contractor. I say wait and see. If it was outsourced then it will be easy to produce contracts to that effect.

Pentagon hacker vows to take extradition fight to Europe


Just think of the UK as Americas pet puppy..

Relatively harmless but finally figuring out that the easiest way to avoid getting a slap on the nose with a rolled up paper is to just do as its master commands.

Sorry to be so .. honest .. but the truth is the UK has long ago lost the will to make its own decisions in its relationship with the US and from all the yanks I have ever met one thing is clear ... they see the UK as their ..<insert derogetory comment here>.. and they would be truely shocked if the UK were ever show some backbone.. After all the UK may as well be the 51st state.

Asus announces 10in, HDD-equipped Eee PC

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I love my IBM x60s

Im going to just stick with my x60s. Its perfect for every thing I do and after sitting with the EEEPc for 30 mins I have to say the size was just annoying. Sure its ultra portable but for my needs so is the x60s. You have to love the prices of these EEEPc's though..

Men could have kids with chimpanzees - gov must act


Wow .. that is one seriously eliteist human being...

Im sorry, but since when have animals been considered lacking in self awareness and conscience ? I pretty certain that most animals would prefer not to die and in terms of conscience I am sure there is a wealth of evidence that supports the existance of conscience in animals even if it is not the same as a human conscience ( which it could easily be argued is severely lacking in some humans anyway).

I would be against the idea of Human/animal hybrids at this time, but only on the grounds that creating life that is bound to suffer immensely due to our own lack of understanding in the field of bio engineering (I would put our level of ability at "inspired 5 year old" at the moment).

Decisions like this and to be honest all other decisions should be made on logical and scientific grounds only. The truth is that morals are only a mix of propaganda and factual evidence.

The core of all human morals is based on factual evidence .. ie : A)Being dead is a real downer, I mean it can really ruin your day. Hence it should be avoided. B) It is likely that a general agreement not to kill one another will not hold with out enforcement. C) There is safety in numbers. D) Agreement among a number of persons not to kill each other and to enforce the rule is likely to succeed if the majority of those persons agree with "A". => therefore the moral implied in "A" (dont kill people) holds and will be enforced. And so on ....

Anyway.. sorry about the rant .. but, even though I dont mind religious folk .. some of them tend to say really silly, really elitist, well beyond borderline stupid, things and I would expect better from some one who trained as a scientist.


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