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Petrol stations deploy anti-theft stingers



Why not just insist on pre-paying for the petrol like they do in the US. I seem to remember it became much more coomon there when gas hit the astronomical $1 / gallon, and is now almost universal there.

MPs say shared service sums 'don't add up'


Of course there are savings!

The article didn't say there weren't savings being made. It said that the joint venture hadn't made a profit, which (unlikely as it seems) may just mean that the contract is a good one for the NHS. Trusts wouldn't use it at all if they weren't making savings, because using it is not mandated.

Personally I'd have thought there are HUGE savings to be made in the NHS, and this should be the tip of the iceberg. Outsource the lot of the back office bureaucracy.

Mag-lev flywheel UPS firm says shipments speeding up


Powering a car

I once designed a (theoretical) car that stored enery in a huge flywheel. Was fine till you tried to turn a corner.....

Homeland Security takes pity on terror list Ted Kennedys


But he IS a terrorist

Didn't he give moral support and raise money for the IRA in the 70/80's ? Isn't that a terrorist offence ? Justice at last ?

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'

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This man has NO IDEA !

As the mother of a 16 year old who was cautioned for posession last week, I was told by the police (confirmed by my son) that 80% of his school smoked cannabis. Do we really want to criminalize something that the vast majority of young kids use safely? This isn't about harming youngsters, it's about Brown adopting a cloak of morality because he thinks it will play well with the floating voters.

He is just completely out of touch. He hasn't made a single good decison since the one he made the day he became chancellor (giving away responsibility to the Bank of England). How anyone thought he could step into Blair's shoes is beyond me.