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Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing


stealing animals

screw those money grabbers and their misunderstanding of theft. theft is when you take something that 'belongs' to someone else. copying is different to taking, right?

if you clone an animal does that mean you have stolen the first one?


Time for my foreign BT server

looks like i'll be setting up that server at a friends house in holland and do my downloading on that machine. i'd would just take a simple encrypted connection and no one can tell what data i'm downloading - however if everything is 700mb it's pretty easy to tell what it is.

if Holland are inspired by our draconian ways then i always have the option of sweden... germany too.

if you download an album you wouldn't buy, then no one loses out because of that exchange. i'm happy to download most artists, esp dead ones. but do buy the occasional album from small artists

When flash mobs go bad


in favour of a universal application of ASBO's

luckily those fun goers have the rebuttal that at least they weren't responsible for millions of pounds of water damage because of mismanagement of floods. i reckon fun is more justifiable than idiocy.

don't the local council spend about a thousand pounds for each chewing gum on the pavement anyway...

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport


4 years of ken dodd

the prat aint even a Londoner and the majority that voted for him are not even in London... they may be in 'The London Borough of...' but London is a city and the suburbanites from Dagenham, Richmond or Ruislip opinion should not count for other peoples city. notice how ken would have won the real London election.

banning alcohol on public transport will only create the resentment that fuels anti-social behaviour.

in order for balance I demand drug searches for every toff bar and restaurant, as cocaine doesn't just lead to anti-social behaviour but is itself directly responsible for everything from gun running, murders, exploitation etc

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'


Where's the eject button?

the problem with super skunk is not so much the weed itself, but the fucking legal chemicals that are applied whilst growing them. the other issue with super skunk is that it's illegality means no quality control i.e. sand can be added to bulk it up.

Cannabis is NOT lethal and Gordon 'mouth thing' Brown should observe facts (commissioned by his government and funded by us)

lastly, stop calling cannabis a "gateway drug" and blaming it for the consequences of OTHER substances. Your legal and socially acceptable drugs are most definitely the drugs that people start off with before making it up the classification ladder.

With Boris for London and an exciting choice between Brown and Cameron i think i'll have to leave this sweet democracy behind... any suggestions for other countries?