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'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity


Why did they put the button there?

Tech going into one of our client's computer rooms saw it was dark, put his hand around the door to find the light switch, found a switch and pushed it ...

I wasn't there, but I imagine the silence emanating from a previously humming server / comms room when you hit the Master UPS Shutdown button would be deafening ...

Canuck faces life sentence for nude girl webcam scheme


@Christopher Martin and others

No, no, no. Don't you DARE try to minimise this.

This is nasty stuff, and it wasn't just spur of the moment, it was pre-meditated - the guy created a fictitios profile, befriended the girls, persuaded them to send him photos (and yes I do agree, that was a pretty dumb thing for the girls to do), THEN says, "Send me more or I'll post what I already have". AT LEAST 12 victims, as young as 14.

There has been a hell of a lot of damage done, potential for a lot more if this scumbag was allowed to continue, and your answer is ban the guy from computing for a little while?

There's a REASON that crimes like this disturb most people, and if you can't understand that then you need to start thinking about your own values.

And your last comment - "A life sentence is not necessary just because the many fathers in the world think that their little girls are the most important humans to walk this earth, and are freaked out to think about anything sexual that relates to them". SOMEONE has to think these girls are important enough to look after and protect from morons like this guy, so yeah, as a father of an 11 year old girl you bet like hell I'll protect her.