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Pre-orders open for the Mini PET 40/80, the closest thing to Commodore's classic around

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I wonder if the new keyboard is authentic in missing the debounce that occasionally use to lead to ddoouubblle characters when typing.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean Google isn't listening to everything you say

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Re: Not Okay Google

Hallo Google,

Bonjour Google,

G'day Google

You are right.

It is a minefield, although the tech is amazing.

For a while I strongly suspected that the mics were pumping my in home data away to a dark place without the use of a key word.

Without the use of the OK/Hey google trigger word, I have not given permission/consent for my data to go anywhere!

Thus GDPR is clearly breached. This is a crime and for this there is a cost.

Google broke the law.

Pucker up Alphabet - think of it in lieu for the taxes you avoided.

Scrapping UK visa cap on nurses, doctors opened Britain's doors to IT workers

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Not a government problem

If industry is running out of trained staff, why didn't it train more people. I'm not talking about now, but 15 years ago when the problem started to emerge. Business has relied heavily on 'the market' providing staff trained in the skills it requires. The pool of people dried up and instead of pushing full steam with training, it became a long running issue for immigration and the government to sort. The issue belongs to industry and it's time that it took ownership of the problem rather than lobbying to scoop more from overseas.

3 to start shaping traffic on Monday

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Thumb Up

God given right to demand infinate bandwidth 24/7!

Intelligent sharing between customers of available bandwidth will bring speeds down only to 400kbps? O2 customers would love to ever see this rate!

UK.gov denies innocent will be hit by filesharing regime

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IT Angle

Language usage to communicate or separate?

"egregious recidivistic" - If Sion SImon is reintroduced to the modern world please let him know? If this is the language used, are they the right person to represent us on the usage of modern technologies?

Skype comes to mobile (almost)

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How curious...

Aha! Reading the title, I was slightly hoping that this would be full video conferencing Skype, in other words something new. I guess the news-worthiness of this is spectacular level of "late" and "nothing new" from a company who had once operated in leap and bounds. Skype must be under huge pressure to up revenue, if the stories of ebay wanted to cut their losses are true. Folks savvy enough to install skype on their mobile will be also quick to find a more versatile product.

With my three 3.5G phone there's about 1.2 MB down and 80k up, so enough for thumbnail video&speech. Maybe FRING will be the first to find a way to access the front facing camera in symbian phones and bring the IM experience to the handset.


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